Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dialysis Patient Thought Of The Day

As always, these thoughts are for Independent Thinking Dialysis Patients, who refuse to let such a Greedy, Hateful & Evil Industry continue to profit off of their pain and suffering.

In other words, you are willing to search, advocate and fight for your freedom through a CURE.

Don't let all of the Handshakes, Fake Ass Smiles and Fake Ass Hugs fool you.

They will make watch you Pass Out, Vomit, get Diarrhea, Poison you with Excessive Amounts of Pharmaceuticals or Kill You to maintain the Profit Levels that the Investors want that is generated by the Lab Results that the Federal Government, (Medicare/Medicaid) want.

Don't believe me?

Watch how much of the Unnecessary Bullshit that they are selling you to "Keep you alive", they will stop selling you if Orange Julius and Republicans succeed in their Secret Closed Door Efforts to cut 1 Trillion Dollars from Medicare & Medicaid.

And then you will see that all of that shit that they have been fooling you into believing is necessary to keep you alive isn't.

It's all just to maximize their Profits.

They will kill you to get the numbers-both in Labs & in Money.

Pay close attention to what is going on around you.


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