Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Cure For Kidney Failure In 2014?????

That reality is up to us-the millions of dialysis patients who are currently suffering.

Once we stop suffering in silence and make our voices heard, then we can slow down, minimize and eventually Eliminate this Pain and Suffering through Research and Cures which no one in the Dialysis Industry and the related industries' wants to talk about or allow you to think about.

It is up to us!

Free Your Mind And Your Body Will Follow.

Happy New Year!

I hope that whatever your heart desires that is Positive, Good and True will be yours next year.

Wishing you, your families, your friends and the world a Peaceful, Prosperous and Productive New Year.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Feeling Hopless Because Of Your "Incurable Disease"?

Then start thinking outside the box;

This has been available for 19 days now, and I apologize for not sharing it with you all sooner

I have just been so busy fighting for my cure as well as yours, while also trying to maintain and sustain my health and my life, (which you all know is a difficult challenge for a dialysis patient who is hoping for a cure).

And by that I mean: A Dialysis Patient who is either wishing, hoping or working towards a cure in their lifetimes.

I just want you to know that if you fit into the first 2 categories of wishing and hoping, then I must be frank with you and let you know that in addition to those 2 elements; that 3rd. element of working is absolutely required if you hope to swim against the tide of Corporate Greed and Carelessness.

A system with billions of dollars flowing into it as a result of our sickness, and those of others who are facing "Incurable Diseases".

So I am offering you a chance to do some work on your own behalf and on behalf of your belief systems and your desire for a cure.

No I am not asking you for any money...... Neither am I asking you to go and stand with me and thousands of other dialysis patients up on Capitol Hill demanding that all Potential Cures for End Stage Renal Failure be released for immediate Human Clinical Trials.

I'm not asking for either one of these things-at least not today.

All I am asking you to do is watch this movie now, or at least before an unspecified time tomorrow.

So please jump on this opportunity to do something for yourself, your health and your state of mind.

Here's The Link To The Movie


And if I don't get to talk to you before all of the upcoming holidays are in full swing:

I just want to wish each and everyone of you and yours a very happy, safe, pleasant and healthy holiday.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nelson Mandela

July 18, 1918 -December 5, 2013

The fight he fought on behalf of his native land transformed the world into a better place for all people.

This is a legacy that we cannot afford to let anyone destroy.

Behold the power of one who dares to dream of positive change in the midst of those who doubt that positive change is possible.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mind Over Medicine-Please Check Your Local Listings.....

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably notice that I always speak of "Paradigm Changes".

The reason that I do so, is because I am a dialysis patient who has suffered for 11 years now with this very painful and debilitating disease known as "End Stage Renal Failure".

The very first word in the name of this disease is very disempowering and discouraging for anyone who is suffering from this disease or anyone who loves someone who is suffering from this disease.

This is one of many devices used by the industry that profits from our pain; and they have absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose by not continuing the paradigm of the "Incurable Disease".

You see! The only reason that these people will continue to insist that their is no cure for End Stage Renal Failure is because of the fact that if a cure becomes available, then they would be "Out Of Business".

However, I refuse to accept this hyperbolized claim because I want my life back.

And I hope that the people that I am currently reaching out to want the same things: freedom from drugs, no more repetitive access surgeries, no more passing out due to overtreatment, no more pain and no more premature death, along with what seems like millions of other adverse affects as a result of not just the disease, but because of the way that this industry views and treats it's patients and the treachery, deceit and greed that is prevalent throughout it.

So once again, I am asking all dialysis patients who want a cure who are currently reading this blog, to consider a "Paradigm Shift", that benefits them as patients and human beings and not for the Corporations who are getting extremely rich as a result of our pain and suffering by not just treating the disease with that which is require to sustain life, but also with uniformity and systematic processes that create significant profits at the expense of human beings who are already afraid, already in pain and already living in a very real nightmare as a result of it all.

To inspire you to dare to dream of the day that you are cured through the collective efforts of all dialysis patients who want a cure and who are willing to work, fight and advocate for one.

I ask that you tune in to the PBS Special entitled "Mind Over Medicine", which offers powerful scientific evidence that humans can indeed heal themselves.

This PBS Special is based on the book by NY Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Lissa Rankin, "Mind Over Medicine".

This is indeed a very important and much needed Paradigm Shift for Dialysis Patients and anyone else suffering from an "Incurable Disease".

So please tune in for knowledge, hope and inspiration for a brighter day for your life and the lives of millions of other who are suffering as a result of End Stage Renal Failure.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all those you love.

Give thanks for your life and the lives of everyone who loves and supports you.

Hoping that this time next year or sooner, you, me and every other dialysis patient that dares to dream of a cure will live to experience one.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Friday, November 22, 2013

Honoring A True American Hero Today

Today I participated in a National Moment of Silence in memory and honor of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th. President of the United States of America, who was shot and killed 50 years ago today, on November 22, 1962.

I was amazed how during this brief moment of silence, I was transported back to the exact time and place where I was when this American Tragedy occurred.

I could actually hear the announcement come over the PA System approximately 1:00PM stating that President Kennedy had been shot and killed at 12:30PM in Dallas, Texas.

Immediately I was 7 years old again in Ms. Richardson's 2nd.grade classroom, where all around me on the 3rd. floor of my elementary school, I heard screams, whimpering and uncontrollable crying from adults that I had only witnessed at funerals of close loved ones.

Shortly thereafter, they announced that school was being closed early and that all students were being sent home.

When I and the other classes on the 3rd. floor were lined up single file outside of our respective classrooms, I noticed that not only was my teacher crying uncontrollably, but so were the other teachers on the 3rd. floor including the men.

As we made our way out of the building down the stairs, I heard and saw other adults on the 2nd. and 1st. floors also showing deep sorrow over the event.

Of course, I did not really comprehend what this was all about when my grandmother and other parents were lined up at the exit to meet their kids, to take them home, but I noticed that my grandmother was also crying along with other parents and teachers.

It wasn't until I began to listen intently to my grandparents talk about what had happened and the significance of it to the majority of Americans, especially those who had not even gained their rights and freedom, and not even their identification as being worthy of called "Human Beings".

For days, I listened and learned about my history, the history of my race and the history of the Kennedys in addition to the impact that they had on American Society, and what I now refer to as the Progressive Movement in America, (which only means that people who are fortunate care for and help others who are not), and that we strive to make America align more closely with its sacred documents which some "False Patriots" are currently bending and twisting to meant the opposite of what they clearly were intended to mean: Truth, Justice, Freedom & Equality for all.

The older I got, the more I began to understand how losing President Kennedy negatively impacted the progress of all Americans.

I also began to understand that President Kennedy's assassination was implemented by some of the same dark and powerful forces that were awaken and activated by the election of President Obama in 2008, and then again in 2012.

I say all of that to say this: I thank GOD for President Kennedy and his contribution to America's Progress in Social Issues, International issues and Science and Technology, including putting the first man on the moon.

And I am so blessed to have had parents who were politically knowledgeable and active to the point where I now consider myself to be a watchman on alert for any and every enemy of all the things that America was truly meant to be based on its so called "Sacred Documents".

That is the side I'm on, and that is the side that I will continue to be on-The side of Progressive Politics and not Regressive Politics.

Just to illustrate the difference, I challenge you to pay attention to the negative changes that are being imposed upon us by these same dark forces as we continue to struggle through the Legal and Successful Election and Reelection of our First African American President, Barack Obama, and all of the things that he is trying to do to benefit the majority of Americans who are not millionaires, billionaires or well connected to the "American Power Structure".

When I was growing up, we were the country of Positive Hopes, Dreams and Accomplishments like putting a man on the moon and curing illnesses that were considered incurable.

Now you don't even hear the word "CURE" mentioned in commercials or on the news.

All you hear now is: "There is no cure for this or that disease, but if you continue to pay us forever for these pharmaceuticals, you can live a full and productive life".

And as far as science and progress are concerned; these people don't believe in Global Warming in spite of all the severe and devastating weather events that are taking place around the globe that pretty much prove it, but they do not even want to fix our highways, bridges, schools, libraries, fire houses or law enforcement facilities.

In my youth, I seen disease cured, science advanced and medicine working towards cures for diseases that causes millions of people to suffer.

But now, (due to greed), "Cures" is not even a part of the American Vocabulary any more-only never ending, painful and profitable "Treatments".

See the difference?

Want to return to progress?

Then we all must participate in the battle to fight against regress; because POWER concedes nothing without a fight.

Study your history and relate those studies to current events.

And then act accordingly to protect one another.

The Assassination of JFK


Friday, October 25, 2013

Profit Motives And Politics Destroy The Middle Ground For Dialysis Patients

For people suffering as a result of Kidney Failure It's One Extreme to Another, with only one way out-A Cure.......

Many people ask me why I decided to embark on this journey of discovery about the dialysis industry and why I continue to insist on looking for a cure that this industry insist does not exist.

I do it for 3, (what I consider to be very important, logical and ethical reasons):

1. I am tired of all the pain and suffering that I experience on a daily basis as a result of this disease (in and of itself), and the pain and suffering that an industry unnecessarily inflicts upon me and others simply for the sake of PROFITS.

2. Because Survival is a very Natural and Strong Instinct built into each and every Human Being who is normal,(even dialysis patients).

3. Because any industry that systematically robs sick people, (who are already suffering as a result of a very painful and debilitating disease), of any hope for a healthy and happy tomorrow through a cure just so they continue to keep them enslaved using their illnesses as leverage and power over them, needs to be under constant and intensive scrutiny, in an attempt to keep them as honest as possible; because they literally have thousands of patient's lives in their hands.

Dialysis Patients are at the mercy of "For Profit Corporations" that could care less about how much pain and suffering they inflict upon patients as long as they continue to increase their bottom lines and pass along these profits to their stock holders in the form of dividends.

This is what most Major Corporations in America and around the globe do.

They are not concerned with the consequences of their actions to individuals.

They are mainly, (and in far too many cases, only), concerned with how much money they can make from the sale of their products and or services.

This is why the dialysis industry HATES patients who display any sign of hope for a cure, asks questions or challenges their medical assumptions in reference to their bodies which the creator gave them.

The fact of the matter is they are terrified by the positive effects that Pro-Active Patients may have on other patients.

As a result, they consider this type of patient to be dangerous because they might give other patients hope for a life without the need for dialysis or a transplant.

And why are pro-active patients such a pain in the ass for this industry? Because if enough patients get the same kind of hope at the same time, that would cause a Paradigm Shift that would expedite a cure for kidney failure which would make their products and services obsolete.

This is why the dialysis industry has a Systematic Indoctrination Process built into each and every employee's training program, so that their employees will not allow patients to have any hope for a life without dialysis or a transplant as the result of a cure.

Recently, I reaffirmed my commitment to find a cure for kidney failure and to put forth even more effort to reform the dialysis industry in a way that forces them to focus on patients and not just profits.

This was never more clearer for me when as a result of Political Ideology, the United States Government was shut down for 16 days, causing billons of dollars in losses and thousands of jobs.

One of the potentially disastrous effects of this shutdown and the shutdowns that are being planned for the very near future, (like approximately 3 months from now) would be the complete termination of dialysis treatments for thousands of dialysis patients.

And in this Political Environment of hatred and carelessness under which we are all living now in the U.S., the possibility of dialysis patients not getting any treatment at all is a very real possibility.

So as dialysis patients, (because of our illness), we are living a life that has no middle ground.

we are either over treated for profit or in danger of not receiving any treatment at all.

And this is just not the result of the Government Shutdown, because these are the same types of conditions that we as dialysis patient face all the time If and when we decide to refuse a particular Pharmaceutical, Surgery or Procedure that we consider to be Too Painful, Unsafe or unnecessary for the sustainment of life.

The Dialysis Industry has a legal right to sentence a patient to death by refusing to treat them at all, because they simply make a decision about what they want or do not want to be done to their bodies.

Now that is a real "Death Panel".

My whole point here is that being on and remaining on dialysis is far too dangerous and painful to not consider the possibility of advocating for Dialysis Industry Reform that is Patient Centered instead of Profit Centered and for the release of all Potential Cures for Human Trials.

For all who agree, please become an Activist for the Cause to Find a Cure for Kidney Failure.

These 2 steps are the only hope that we have for a chance to be free.

Because, until these 2 goals become a reality through the Combined Efforts of Patients, there will continue to be no middle ground for dialysis patients in America and around the world.

We are either going to have to accept everything or nothing to sustain our lives; and I find something very troubling about this.

If you see something wrong with this, then please come and join our cause by first signing the petition below, and then educating yourself and others to the dark realities that we face as a result of our illnesse and the industry that has replaced Compassionate Medical Treatment with Corporate Enslavement.

Attention Dialysis Patients: If you don't like what you see, feel or are experiencing at the hands of this Greedy Corporate Entity, please do your part to alert the "Powers That Be" to the fact that there is a serious problem with this industry, and how it treats its Cattle, (Patients). If you are a dialysis patient or the loved one of a dialysis patient, you are part of one of the most profitable rackets in the U.S. Only thing is, you don't profit or benefit.....They do!

Please Sign Our Petition To Stop These Injustices To Dialysis Patients.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Inspiration To Fight For A Cure For Kidney Failure; Compliments Of Valarie Harper, Actress &Terminal Cancer Patient

Inspiration to join the fight to Reform the Dialysis Industry in favor of Patients instead of Profits, while simultaneously fighting for a cure

compliments of the Today Show and Valarie Harper, Cancer Patient who doctors gave (only 3 months to live) over 6 months ago.

I don't know about anyone else who is a dialysis patient who is reading this blog; but Valarie Harper is truly an inspiration for me to not give up and give in to End Stage Renal Failure and what "Medical Experts", (whose profits are dependent upon me remaining sick) say.

How bout you?

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Creating The Movement To Cure Kidney Failure.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The FDA Is Trying To Restrict Medical Foods

If you are a dialysis patient who is seriously devoted to regaining your life by Fighting, Researching and Advocating for a cure; I am presenting you with the following information to encourage you and make you want to fight that much harder for a Cure for Kidney Failure by recognizing and appreciating the many Dark and Evil Forces that are working against you.

This should be a sign to you that YOU Alone can do nothing to fight these forces because they are determined to take away your Ambition, Hope, Dreams and Desire to be Free from Illness for the rest of your life, because your Freedom is their Decline in Profits.

That is what this blog is all about.

Dialysis Patients putting forth a portion of their Time, Energy and Money according to their personal means to effectively change the dialysis industry so that it treats the patients as thinking, feeling human beings and not just as Human Slaves or Inventory whose only purpose is to generate profits no matter how much pain and death that they inflict upon us.

The other reason that we gather here together periodically is to share Information, Resources and Inspiration while we Advocate for and Seek Out a Cure for this very painful and deadly disease that the Mainstream Medical Community insist there is no Cure for because it is profitable for them to keep this Paradigm Alive and Well to our Detriment.

So I hope this information will be received in the spirit in which it is intended:

And that is to make you Completely Reject the idea that you are Completely and Totally Hopeless and will Forever be Dependent upon the Dialysis Industry for life.

This will only continue to be true if they can continue to convince you to accept their vision for your life instead of the vision that you have for your life if you want a cure.

Even the Government is protecting these Major Corporations who are selling and maintaining Sickness as a Perpetual Product as opposed to selling and maintaining Wellness.

If you want to be Cured My Fellow Dialysis Patient, your focus must be Wellness.

The FDA Is Trying To Restrict Medical Foods

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another "Conspiracy Theory" Becomes "Conspiracy Fact".

If you are reading this blog then you are probably a Dialysis Patient or the Loved One of a Dialysis Patient, or just a General Conspiracy Theory Fan.

Sometimes, in addition to talking about the Conspiracy behind the Dialysis Industry,(because the things they do or do not do directly affects Kidney Failure Patients in the U.S. and around the world,(many times in some very Painful, Dangerous and or Deadly ways), without Impunity).

We talk about these additional subjects in order to convince Dialysis Patients, (who have everything to lose), of the fact that Conspiracy is not a Theory, it is a fact created by Evil, Greedy and Selfish People who will say or do anything to protect whatever Evil Activities they have going on that benefits them while harming others.

Here's another one to add to your Knowledge Base:

Many employees at this location, (that does not exist), became very sick; and many died as a result of being forced to Illegally Burn Toxic Materials instead of Properly Disposing of them.

The employees and their families fought a very intense legal battle over this issue, but the Government won.

Area 51 Legal Battle.......

No Shit Sherlock! Another Conspiracy Theory Becomes Conspiracy Fact.

Area 51 Revealed as a Real Physical Location, (which most of us with common sense and awareness already knew), and its Highly Suspicious and Guarded Activities are Real.

Area 51 Is Real?

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Monday, August 5, 2013

7 Deadly Drugs The Government Wants You To Swallow

Courtesy of Jenny Thompson, Director of Health Sciences Institute

Click Here For The Full List.

These companies, these corporations and the majority of the people who provide you with medical care do not care about you.

They care about this:$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

This is their goal, objective and life's work.

Your job is to care about yourself by educating yourself and being an advocate for yourself and your loved ones who are on dialysis and other "Mainstream Medical Treatments", which are not "Mainstream" because they are the best possible choice for you as a patient, but because they consistently generate profits for the industries that apply them.

"If it ain't broke-don't fix it!" Well this works for Profits. But does it really work for you? If you are sick from a disease that has been classified as "Incurable", such as Kidney Failure, then you have 2 choices: Accept this industry's proclamation as "Ultimate Truth", or "Think Outside The Box". The analysis of the information contained in this report is designed to allow you to do this for your hope, for your joy and for your life.

Please take in the spirit in which it is intended...... The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Predicted This

I have always said to patient who were uninformed about the true nature of the dialysis industry that the multitude of things that are done for them, or should I say, (to them), is not because the love and care about the patients as Human Beings rather than just Profit Centers or Inventory.

I also have warned patients and anyone who would listen, about the connections between the so called "Dialysis Patient Advocacy Groups" whose profits are tied directly to the profits of the dialysis industry.

I have said time and time again, that people on dialysis will see just how much the dialysis industry loves them when "Obamacare" kicks in and starts trimming the fat from the excesses that do not help patients but that severely damages them for profit-Not just in the dialysis industry but in the new Profit Driven Medical Industry Period!

Well now the time has come and the National Kidney Foundation is looking at the possibility of a sharp drop in profits as a result of a sharp drop of profits of the dialysis industry.

And as a Smoke Screen to get patients upset, afraid and under control, they want patients to partition congress to not cut the Medicare Allocations to the Dialysis Industry.

Please read this "Dialysis Patient Advocacy Group's" Fear Mongering at the prospect of the U.S. Government's reductions in waste and fraud in an industry that is already imposing excesses on patients, not for their wellbeing, Quality of Life and Quantity of Life; but instead, only for the Maximization of Profits for the industry.

And their outrage is simply because as I have said a thousand times before, all of these companies and organizations profits are tied to the profits made by the dialysis industry.

Reduction in profits in the dialysis industry creates a Domino Effect for all of the related industries that profit as a result of our pain and suffering.

National Kidney Foundation Trying To Protect The Profits Of The Dialysis Industry, Instead of Protecting Patients....

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Are You Non-Compliant or Disruptive Part 4 of 4

In our final installment, I would just like to present some information about this final Dialysis Industry Buzz world that is used to denigrate and justify the discontinuance of the lifesaving treatments that people who are suffering from End Stage Renal Failure need to stay alive.


First of all, let me just say, that if a patient or any other person in a facility that provides dialysis treatments ;( or any type of medical treatment for that matter), becomes dangerous to other patients, staff or themselves; they should be legally removed ASAP.

And I say any other persons at the facility because it is not always the patients who are disruptive.

I have seen and personally experienced this problem of disruptive behavior in dialysis staff members from the bottom to the top on several occasions.

So it is not just patients who become disruptive in dialysis centers, although patients always get the blame for it.

As a matter of fact, in mostly every case that I have witnessed in my 11+ years of dealing with the Dialysis Industry at a multitude of facilities owned by a multitude of Major Corporations and or Smaller Independent Companies; I have found that most Disruptive Behavior of patients is a Natural Human Defensive Response to the Hateful Words and Actions of one or more Dialysis Center Staff Members, including the constant threats of termination of treatments and other dreadful threats made by these people simply because they think that they can.

“Justifiable Disruptive Behavior”, which is a concept that the Dialysis Industry will never accept or understand, is the mechanism by which we as patients inform them of the fact that they cannot!

After” Non-Compliance”, this word “Disruptive” is one of the most commonly abused words in Dialysis Vernacular.

It is used to describe people who have a sharp difference of opinion about how they are being treated by this industry as a result of their disease.

It is used to describe people who refuse to allow people to do things to their bodies against their will under threat or duress.

It is also used to describe people who have been involved in an argument or some type of disagreement with a staff member, (no matter who initiated the confrontation).

And worst of all, this world is used to describe people who are forced to assume a posture of Self-Defense in the face of a blatant attacks on a patient’s Human, Patient’s, Civil and Constitutional Rights to Equal Protection of these Rights Under the Law just like a person who is not sick.

The use of this word under these circumstances is the biggest abuse of this word, and one of many Mass Injustices inflicted upon patients by the Dialysis Industry.

And it is up to us as patients and loved ones of patients to stop these heinous acts by bringing this very private pain and suffering into full view for the General Public to see.

I am sick and tired of the fact that no one in any of the areas of Government, Politics and Law, that are supposedly charged with the protection of American Citizens turns a deaf ear to the moaning, cries and screams for help from dialysis patients all over the world.

This is why I am fighting for Legitimate Advocacy for Dialysis Patients, and fighting to stop Pharmaceutical Companies, Medical Supply Companies and every other Corporate Medical Entity that Profits from our pain and suffering to STOP! Deliberately Suppressing cures to maximize their already exuberant profits.

End Stage Renal Failure is becoming an epidemic in this country. And of course this means that before you know it, dialysis centers will be popping up on every corner like nail salons, because Greedy People are always looking for a way to exploit the pain and suffering of others for profit.

Presently, there are so many holes in the laws that supposedly regulate and protect patients from arbitrary abuse at these facilities that they may as well not exist.

This is why no one hears you when you file a complaint, or accuse these people of illegal or immoral behavior, or kills someone.

Not even the Legal Profession will help a dialysis patient until after the fact that he or she is paralyzed or Dead, because there is no such thing as a “Civil Rights Attorney” for people who are on dialysis.

The only reason that we cannot get help from the legal profession until we are dead or paralyzed is because that is the only time that there is a profit for them-Otherwise we ain’t worth SHIT!

And the reason for this is: the low opinion that this industry holds of those who are suffering as a result of this disease, and mainly because dialysis patients are sick and at the mercy of these Greedy Corporations who are Exploiting the fact that we are sick and need (SOME) of their products and services to live.

So their philosophy is: Since you must have our equipment and supplies to survive, if you don’t do everything that we say and accept everything that we order for you, we will not treat you at all.

We’ll Just Let You Die If You Don’t!

Does that sound like a Sufficiently Regulated Industry to you?

Join The Movement to Cure End Stage Renal Failure Today!

And the first step in strengthening this movement towards a Cure for Kidney Failure is to Reform the Dialysis Industry from its current state of Hatred, Indifference, Sabotage and Greed, into an industry that does not Unnecessarily Inflict Excessive Pain, Suffering and Death upon its patients , simply to Maximize its Profits.

That way, you will have enough Health, Strength and Sanity of Mind to take advantage of the cures for Kidney Failure that are definitely on the horizon.

Even though the Dialysis Industry wants you to remain Helpless, Hopeless and Docile.


Because YOU being Healthy, Happy and FREE means a Sharp Drop in Profits for them; or maybe even Eliminating the Need for the Dialysis Industry all together.

If you don't think that this is the Biggest Nightmare for people who PROFIT or receive their Paychecks from this industry; you need to know NOW! that it is..........

With that thought in mind:

The next step is yours.

Attention Dialysis Patients: If you don't like what you see, feel or are experiencing at the hands of this Greedy Corporate Entity, please do your part to alert the "Powers That Be" to the fact that there is a problem with this industry, and how it treats its Cattle, (Patients). If you are a dialysis patient, you are part of one of the most profitable rackets in the U.S. Only thing is, you don't profit or benefit.....They do!

Click Here To Get Involved Now!

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

If You Really Want A Cure........

If you are ready to fight for your life and your freedom from End Stage Renal Failure and Dialysis, then you cannot do it by thinking like your Dialysis Center Staff tell you to.

If you want to have any chance of being cured, you have got to think outside of the box because what you are attempting to achieve is Diametrically Opposed to what they are trying to achieve.

You are trying to Get Well and they are trying to Keep You Sick to make a Profit.

So click the link below and start thinking outside of your Dialysis Center's Box.

There's a New Reality coming to Traditional Mainstream Medicine. And if you want a Permanent Solution to your problem, you have got to be a part of that new reality.

Watch This Video To Think outside Of Your Dialysis Center's Box......

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Are You Non- Compliant Or Disruptive Part 3 Of 4


If you are a dialysis patient who makes decisions for yourself concerning your treatment regimens, surgeries, prescribed pharmaceuticals or what is being done to your body as a result of your illness, then chances are, you have already heard this term used to describe you time and time again; and that you continue to hear this almost derogatory term as it is used by this industry time and time again.

So in addition to the pain, fear, anxiety and depression caused by your disease by itself, you have to also contend with being verbally labeled and branded because you are a Pro-Active Dialysis Patient who asks questions, makes decisions and refuses to accept that which you perceive as not beneficial to you as a human being who is trying to protect the most important Gift from GOD that you have, which is the Gift known as LIFE.

The nature of this gift and your right to control and protect it should not cease to exist because you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness that a greedy and careless industry has systematically developed a program designed to squeeze every penny out of for profit from; even if what they are doing is not what you desire or what is best for you.

It shouldn’t be-But it is!

Noncompliance is a word used to describe Dialysis Patients who refuse to turn over all of their Human, Civil, Patient’s and Constitutional Rights to a Mega Corporation who is trying to use sick people’s illness to take total control over their bodies, minds, souls and their lives.

It is a false buzz word created by an industry to harass people who are using their GOD Given Right to think for themselves and choose for themselves.

It is also used as an excuse for murdering patients by discontinuing every facet of their treatments, because they will not mindlessly accept everything that is ordered for them by “Experts”; and I do quote. Before we go any further, here are some periods in Human History that were created by evil men and woman that went against the natural grain of human nature, and ended in tragedy for the victims as well as many of the perpetrators, eventually.

The Dark Ages

5th to 15th centuries AD

American Slavery

1790 to 1850 - ‎1850s

The Indian Removal Act of 1830


The Japanese Interment

1942 - 1946

The Holocaust

May/June 1944.

Why am I mentioning these events in an article that is discussing dialysis and the industry that provides it?

Well! If you study some of the methods and tactics used to implement these evil deeds in your spare time, you might just begin to see the connection.

You see! All of these events involved cruel and inhumane treatment of human beings for purposes of Greed, Domination, Control and Annihilation of those who could not be controlled.

And it appears that many of our American Corporate Entities are implementing the same kinds of Systematic Programs with the blessings of institutions that we have previously been taught that we could depend on for defending and protecting our life, liberty and happiness.

However, if this Artificial American Ideal was truly in effect,-then dialysis patients would get a response and an offer of protection from these institutions when they cry out for help- but they never do.

Why? -Because, these institutions no longer work for “The People”.

They have been bought and paid for by Corporate America-And will remain that way until this generation, (which I heard referred to today on the news as “The most Spineless Generation in History”, when it comes to fighting back to protect our Privacy, Rights and Freedoms, stands up and fights back before this situation becomes so deeply entrenched in our country and in the world that it becomes irreversible.

I’d like to share this one important fact with you based on my personal experiences and observations of other patient’s.-These institutions are never going to defend our rights as sick people as long as we do not defend our own rights as sick people.

One person cannot do it alone, because this industry is very cunning, shrewd and deceptive in their practices.

And let’s face it-they are surrounded by the finest lawyers that money can buy.

So if only one voice is being heard, they will simply paint that person as Angry, Crazy, Non-Compliant or Disruptive; which for some reason that I will never understand or accept, gives them the absolute power to terminate these patients treatments so they can die, and get out of their way.

And there are very few if any, methods for recourse for the patients that they do this to.

So consider this: There are certain Human Traits that is programed into our DNA.

One of them is FREEDOM as opposed to SLAVERY.

This is why if someone snatches your body towards them, you immediately pull your body away from them.

Or if someone tries to force you to do something that you do not want to do, or stop you from doing something that you want to do-In all probability, you are going to try even harder to make them wrong.

These are the Survival Instincts that our Creator programmed into our DNA.

So if you are a Pro-Active Dialysis Patient, who asks questions, makes decisions and wants to be personally involved in every aspect of your treatments by not accepting each and everything that is ordered, recommended or forced on you-my friend you are not “Non-Compliant”.

You are a Human Being dealing with a very Traumatic, Frightening, and Painful Disease that has robbed you of your quality and quantity of life; and has forced you to deal with an industry that will do the same to Maximize its Profits.

And these practices will not change until we as patients speak with one voice.

You can start speaking today if you desire to do so by clicking the link below and signing our petition.

Attention Dialysis Patients: If you don't like what you see, feel or are experiencing at the hands of this Greedy Corporate Entity, please do your part to alert the "Powers That Be" to the fact that there is a problem with this industry, and how it treats its Cattle, (Patients). If you are a dialysis patient, you are part of one of the most profitable rackets in the U.S. Only thing is, you don't profit or benefit....They do!

Please Sign Our Petition Today!

Thank you,

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Saturday, June 8, 2013


We interrupt this program to bring you an Earth Shattering Revelation that only serves to prove just how asleep at the wheel American Society truly is when it comes to things that should be common knowledge to them because of their importance, and the dramatic impact that these events in the U.S and around the world can have on their lives, their family’s lives and the conditions of their communities.


Where you been?

This is something that so called “Crazy Conspiracy Theorists” like me and others, (who those in power want the General Population to believe are crazy), because we report on things that the Government Controlled Media does not); have been trying to tell you this and other things for a very long time.

But because you didn’t see it on the evening news; you refused to believe that it was true-And now that you have, you are outraged.

Massive Outrage of the kind that is being witnessed around the U.S. now in reference to this “Earth Shattering Revelation” is Proof Positive that the majority of Americans are asleep at the wheel.

You See! A major portion of the Government’s Job is to protect itself from being overthrown by Domestic or Foreign Enemies.

As a natural result of this Self-Protection; it is necessary that the Government keep files, records, photos, recordings and journals on you, me, each other and everybody else.

This is a fact of life for anyone living under the rule of a Technically Proficient Government, which is pretty much most of the world now.

Note: And let’s not pretend that “The Black Guy” started it all, and is the only one who is doing this.

At least; the “Black Guy” got a Court Order to continue these Standard Government Practices.

But of course, there are those who have been completely aware of these practices all the while, but they are now going to make pretend, (for Political Showmanship), to be shocked and appalled by these new revelations.

It’s been a fact of life in this country ever since the Technology has been available to the Government.

Wake Up America!

Our survival depend on it……..

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Conspiracy Is Not A Theory-It Is A Fact......

Monday, May 27, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Evil Nature Of The Dialysis Industry

What view of the dialysis industry do you hold?

Do you think that this industry’s Primary Purpose for existing is to provide “Compassionate Individualized Medical Treatments” to people who have kidney failure?

If so, then you are wrong.

Just because you may not reach into your pockets and pay these centers directly for the products and services that you need to keep you alive, trust me!

Every time you receive a treatment, a surgery, a pharmaceutical or a consultation, or even if you wind up in the hospital and you contact your dialysis center to let them know that you are there; money changes hands mostly electronically, and less frequently as hard currencies.

This is the reason that they are so insistent, (with the assistance and blessings of your government)-CMMS; or your private insurer (if you are fortunate enough to have those kinds of resources), that you contact them immediately upon entering the hospital, a dentist’s office or even if you are having a surgery or procedure that has absolutely nothing to do with dialysis. It’s because once you contact them the meter starts running.

The dialysis industry is comprised of corporations with board members and stock holders whose Primary Purpose for being involved in this business, (yes this is a business-A BIG BUSINESS),is to create profits and distribute the dividends to the shareholders.

So in essence, the primary purpose of a dialysis company is to “Maximize” its Profits.

Since profit is the main purpose for the dialysis industry’s existence, sometimes Patient Safety, Patient Comfort and Patient Quality Of Life are just not that important in the scheme of things; which in far too many cases leads to detrimental or tragic results for patients.

Your illness is just a means to an end, (that end being profit).

And your health safety, comfort and victory over End Stage Renal Failure as a result of a cure, is not the reason these people do what they do.

Later in part 3, I will prove this point to you.

Another fallacy that many patients believe-is the fallacy that this industry is generally kind in nature. Once again, this fallacy is generated as a result of MASSIVE PR Campaigns, Fear, and Ignorance or of being hyper sensitive to this industry’s Indoctrination Process.

Yes! There are some very nice people who work in this industry; (I’ve met about 8 in a span of 11 years), but many of them get terminated for not keeping within the spirit of the corporation that runs the dialysis center where they work.

In other words, they are just not greedy or heartless enough to keep the profits up at any and all costs to the patients.

And due to Compartmentalization and Intensive Training by the Corporations that own these centers, some very nice people falsely believe that everything that their superiors tell them to do to their patients is what is absolutely best for them.

Those of us who are involved in the fight to reform the dialysis industry know that this is not true.

The dialysis industry uses certain formulas to Maximize Profits-sometimes to the detriment of their patients.

You see!

The bottom line for this industry is PROFIT.

Your health and wellbeing are just a small part of the Big Picture.

And because there are very few, (if any), Political, Social or Legal Organizations advocating for Stricter Regulations and Penalties for this industry’s abuses of patient’s rights; the dialysis industry is free to continue to put profits before patients.

In addition to Excessive Profits; this industry is also fueled by a deep dark intense desire for control and dominance over human beings who are already being controlled and dominated by their illness.

And they take full advantage of us because we are sick and because “There is no cure for kidney failure”, which gives them the leverage they need to mistreat, abuse, mutilate and kill people who they cannot control, (Non-Compliant), with impunity.

This Dark Reality within the dialysis industry makes it a breeding ground for Sick, Sadistic and Power Hungry Individuals who take pleasure in abusing human beings who are already sick just because they can.

Of course there is also an element of GREED at play here, which contributes to the sadistic behaviors of far too many people who own control and work in this industry, since very little of what this industry does is about what is best for the patient based on his own personal standards preferences and needs.

Their actions are based on their own set of rules, regulations policies and procedures that have nothing to do with your quantity, (and more importantly), your quality of life.

And with this industry enticing its employees with vacations, gifts and other incentives for forcing or manipulating patients into doing what the corporation wants them to do, (many times against the patient’s will), in addition to the incentives that the Centers For Medicare and Medicaid offers these companies for obtaining Unobtainable Perfect Lab Numbers all the time by any means necessary, even if it hurts the patient or makes them sick, then you may be beginning to see what you are up against if you are a dialysis patient who refuses to blindly accept any and everything that the people who control this industry wants to impose upon you.

Not because it is what you want or do not want for your body, or because it is better for you, but because it generates bigger profits for them.

This is not Compassionate, Individualized Medical Treatment…….

This is Evil!

In the next installment we will discuss the definition of “Non-Compliance” from a Clinical Perspective and then from a Human Patient’s perspective.

Attention Dialysis Patients: If you don't like what you see, feel or are experiencing at the hands of this Greedy Corporate Entity, please do your part to alert the "Powers That Be" to the fact that there is a serious problem with this industry, and how it treats its Cattle, (Patients). If you are a dialysis patient or the loved one of a dialysis patient, you are part of one of the most profitable rackets in the U.S. Only thing is, you don't profit or benefit.....They do!

Please Sign The Petition So We Can Start To Make Things Better For Dialysis Patients.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Are You Non-Compliant Or Disruptive? Part 1 Of 4



These are 2 words that are highly popular within the dialysis industry, because it’s these 2 words that they use as Methods of Enslavement and the basis for the Death Panels formed against patients who can think for themselves, make decisions for themselves and demand that the people who work in this industry respect the very personal decisions that they make regarding what they want and do not want done to their bodies; in other words: They listen for the “Dialysis Industry Experts” to give their opinions, analysis and suggestions, and then these patients demand that they be given the final word on how they want to deal with their health, life and their death.

These 2 very vague and very broad terms are used to justify harassment, threats, abuse, (sometimes physical), using the very apparatus that they are supposed to be using to help people)-yes! the dialysis machine; against the people who refuse to allow this industry to assume total control over their bodies, minds and spirits.

These desires to control one’s own destiny as far as their life and health is concerned is also used by an industry that claims it is in business to save lives, to terminate those lifesaving treatments because a patient does not fully agree with everything that the doctor orders for their body.

Now the reason that I am so passionate about the way this industry classifies and treats these patients, (who are usually the ones who refuse to be brainwashed into total helplessness, hopelessness and who refuse to give up the faith that one day soon, they will be free from this Corporatized Medical Plantation as a result of a cure, is exactly the type of patient that I can relate to.

But before you can clearly understand how these 2 words are used and why they are used, you must first understand the “True Nature of the Dialysis Industry”.

But first you must forget the handshakes.

Forget the smiles.

Forget the hugs. And forget all the advertisements that are constantly thrown at your Unconscious Mind, featuring dialysis patients who are smiling so brightly that they appear as if they are so very thankful that their kidneys failed and that they are now forced into a position that requires a machine to keep them alive-within and industry whose Principles and Practices are suspicious to say the least.

As a matter of fact, forget everything that you have been or are being told about the virtues of the dialysis industry. If you are a member of the audience that I am attempting to reach; (Pro-Active Dialysis Patients), who believe so strongly that a cure for End Stage Renal Failure is possible that they are willing to search, work, fight and advocate for it, then you have already forgotten everything that you have been told or are being told by this industry.

Because after all! They spend millions of dollars to take this hope, dream and inspiration away from you-Not because they are fearful that this is a false hope that will lead you down a path of death and destruction, (they know that a cure is Technologically, Scientifically and Medically Possible); this is why they fight so hard to keep you from thinking, hoping and dreaming about the fact that it is.

They do this so you won’t look for one or expect it, thereby forcing you to look to them as your only options-your Lord and Savior.

But the fact of the matter is: there are people who are working on cracking the code to this disease as we speak. But there is a Constant, Vigorous, and Systematic Propaganda Campaign always in effect that keeps these efforts from reaching the General Public where they may give patients like us hope.

Only those who have enough motivation drive and ambition to do research on their own instead of listening to the people whose greatest fear is that one day you may not need them anymore.

Very little, (if any), of these efforts to find a cure for Kidney Failure can be found in the Mainstream Medical Community.

Most Mainstream Kidney Research is designed to keep people on dialysis by making easier for them to be on it-Not to get them off.


Because everybody in the Mainstream Medical Community PROFITS from our pain and suffering.

So where’s the motivation to see you get better?

There is none!

So how can we harness the power of the research that is going on in the Research Communities around the world?

By calling attention to the Deplorable Conditions that exist within the Dialysis Industry and their constant efforts to suppress the work of those who are trying to produce a cure to put an end to our pain and suffering.

And the key to doing this is knowledge that you, yourself find on your own and internalize.

But as I said in the beginning, in order to do these things, one must know the “True Nature of the Dialysis Industry”, which is what we will discuss in the next installment.

Attention Dialysis Patients: If you don't like what you see, feel or are experiencing at the hands of this Greedy Corporate Entity, please do your part to alert the "Powers That Be" to the fact that there is a problem with this industry, and how it treats its Cattle, (Patients). If you are a dialysis patient, you are part of one of the most profitable rackets in the U.S. Only thing is, you don't profit or benefit.....They do!

Stop The Madness!

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Expendables

The reason that the Dialysis Industry is allowed to continue to exist with so many deplorable conditions that go unchecked, unreported and unregulated is based on the perceived value of the Human Inventory that they hold.

You see! You don’t find too many Wall Street Executives, Bankers, Prominent Politicians or even Upper Middle Class people on dialysis.

Most of these people do not go months or years unable to obtain Healthcare that allows them to have a Primary Care Physician that constantly monitors the status of their bodies and minds.

Most of these people are not trapped in abject poverty with no, apparent end in sight or way out.

Most of these people are not driven to substance abuse, subjected to violent crimes or forced, (due to their circumstance and Generational Conditioning), to a way of life that is not enhanced by Higher Learning, exposure to the Fine Arts or Refined Culture.

Most of these people are not un- or underrepresented by the Justice, Political and Economic Systems that exist in our country which affords its Citizens Equal Protection and Opportunity under the law.

And most of these people have no comprehension of the Vicious Cycle of Helplessness and Hopelessness that leads these people into a life of Perpetual Poverty, Prison; Early Death or into a Dialysis Center.

And unfortunately-not too many of the people in the list above care, understand or give a damn about the people that are “Beneath Them”-And I don’t say that as if they are obligated to do so; because this is America-and they have the right to think, feel and behave in the manner that they desire so long as it does not violate Local, State or Federal Law.

I say this just to illustrate the Gap In Equality and Worth between these people and the people who typically wind up as Dialysis Patients.

Most of the people who wind up in the dialysis center have a completely different lifestyle, income level, level of education and chances and opportunities for advancement up the Social Ladder.

Now this is not to say that everybody who winds up on dialysis is poor, uneducated or impoverished- Were just talking about averages here, not the exceptions to the rule.

I have known and know, some very Intelligent and Highly Motivated and Accomplished Individuals on dialysis.

However, the vast majority of people who are on dialysis are (Perceived by those who aren’t), as Stupid, Uneducated, Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, Criminals, Poor People, Thugs, Gangbangers and any other category of Subhuman Being that an Elitist could imagine.

In other words, these are the kinds of people that this world would be better off without-“The Expendables”. Evidence of the Typical Demographic of dialysis patients in America can be found below in this report entitled: 2011 USRDS Annual Data Report.

The Racial Demographics in this report matches the perceptions of far too many of the people who own this industry, work in this industry and provide support services to this industry; as well as far too many of the people who are responsible for “regulating” this industry.

By race, rates for African Americans and Native Americans in 2009 were 976 and 523 per million population, respectively — 3.5 and 1.9 times greater than the rate of 277 found among whites. Since 2000, the rate of new ESRD cases has grown 7.2 percent among whites and 6.4 percent among Asians, while remaining stable in the African American population.

As in the previous two years, 13 percent of new ESRD patients in 2009 were Hispanic. The incident rate in this population continues to fall — 1.5 percent in 2009, to 501 per million population — yet remains 1.5 times greater than that seen among non-Hispanics.

With the exception of an uptick in 2006, the rate of new ESRD cases caused by diabetes has remained quite stable since 2000, and was 154 per million population in 2009. The rate of ESRD due to hypertension, in contrast, has grown 8.7 percent since 2000, to 101, while that of ESRD due to glomerulonephritis has fallen 23 percent, to 23.8.

U.S. Renal Data System, USRDS 2011 Annual Data Report: Atlas of Chronic Kidney Disease and End-Stage Renal Disease in the United States, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, Bethesda, MD, 2011. Publications based upon USRDS data reported here or supplied upon request must include this citation and the following notice: The data reported here have been supplied by the United States Renal Data System (USRDS). The interpretation and reporting of these data are the responsibility of the author(s) and in no way should be seen as an official policy or interpretation of the U.S. government.


The fact of the matter is:

There are many fine human beings who are being subjected to Cruel and Unusual Punishment and Systematic Murder under the Guise of “Good Medicine” as a result of the Dialysis Industry and the failure of the Legal Profession, the Justice System and the Political System in America to put an end to it once and for all.

And the reason that these atrocities are allowed to continue on a daily basis with millions of dialysis patients is because; if you are a dialysis patient, you are expendable.

And if we as dialysis patients continue to be silent while a Greedy, Hateful and Corrupt Industry such as the Dialysis Industry continues to murder us for profits simply because we have an illness that requires their services, then that will validate what those who are not dialysis patients think of us.

In this world, no one is willing to help those who are not willing to help themselves!

This is especially true when it comes to dialysis patients.

If you want the dialysis industry to be reformed for the benefit of the patients and not just the profits-

If you want the dialysis industry and the pharmaceutical industries that support it to stop suppressing cures-

If you want to realize a CURE for End Stage Renal Disease in your lifetime-

Then you have got to do something to bring these things into being; because “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will".

Frederick Douglass, 1857

If you are a Dialysis Patient or a Family Member or Friend of one, and this does not feel right to you; please sign the petition and help us get the ball rolling to have this industry “Thoroughly Investigated” Again!

So that we as Dialysis Patients can have Compassionate, Individualized Medical Treatment, instead of being “Herded off to Slaughter” like Cattle, for Profit.

Please Help Us Stop The Dialysis Industry From Legally Mutilating and Murdering Sick People......

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Saturday, April 20, 2013

There’s A Thin Line Between The Truth And A Lie

But the best lies are the ones that combine some truth with the lies, especially if you’ve made the formulas for analysis so complicated and variable that you are the only ones who can understand the formulas.

If we as dialysis patients are going to have any chance of being cured, then we must shift from their Negative Paradigms to our Positive Paradigms.

If you need a dramatic example of this; consider the following statement:

“Man will never walk on the moon.”

Case in point:

We as Kidney Failure Patients have a Chronic Disease for which there is “No Cure”, according to the Dialysis Industry and the Mainstream Medical Community.

However, if you are a Pro-Active Dialysis Patient who believes that a cure is possible, or if you at least have a strong internalized desire to be cured, then you need to decode this “Half Truth” from a Statement of Hopelessness into a Statement of Hope, by changing this Profitable Industry Paradigm by looking at it this way:

We as Kidney Failure Patients have a Chronic Disease for which there is “No Known Cure”, or “Acceptable Cure”, as far as the Dialysis Industry and the Mainstream Medical Community is concerned.

This viewpoint gives you options that extend far beyond the limited parameters of the dialysis industry, and eases at least some of the burden of being dependent upon strangers who obtain their Bread & Butter from the fact that you are sick as opposed to you being well.

You see this is a statement of hope.

And if you do not have hope, life is very difficult if not impossible to keep doing-especially with a chronic illness like kidney failure.

However, this industry does not want us to have the God Given Right to not just HOPE, but to Seek, Advocate and Fight for a cure to save our lives, because there is no profit in our wellness, only in our sickness. We as Kidney Failure Patients have a Chronic Disease that requires the Medical Expertise of this Specialized Medical Industry to sustain life.

It is true, that we need (SOME) of their products and services to sustain life.

However, to what degree?

Are you absolutely sure that each and every painful and debilitating act that they carry out against your body is being done for your benefit?

Or are they just repeating the same Antiquated Practices, Procedures and Polices from the Dark Ages because they are profitable and because no one is challenging them?

I assure you that the latter is the truth.

It’s the same old adage that states” “If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”.

However, the dialysis industry is broke and in need of serious repair.

Oh it’s working just fine for them.

But as a Pro-Active Dialysis Patient focusing on a cure and life beyond dialysis; do you think this industry is serving your personalized and individual needs?

If you answered yes, then this message is not for you.

If you are a “Compliant” patient who has given into their hopelessness, which allows them to do whatever they want to do to your body whenever they want to do it without question, causing Severe Irreparable Damage, then the answer is yes.

But if you are not, and you find that you are having excessive problems with your dialysis center because you can see, hear, smell and taste a cure on the horizon; (which would result in a Permanent Solution to your Excessive Pain and Suffering) ; and you are trying to Protect and Preserve your body to the Fullest Extent Possible until that day arrives, then you have got to understand that the reason for your troubles is that the Dialysis Industry is Diametrically Opposed to your Hopes, Dreams, Goals, Freedom of Choice and your Desires for your life.

They would like nothing more than for you to sit quietly while they Poison, Mutilate and Slowly Kill you so they can continue to PROFIT as a result of your Pain and Suffering.

The only people who can do this are the people who have allowed them to take complete control of their Bodies, Minds and Souls because they feel Helpless and Hopeless; which is what their Indoctrination Process is designed to do.

How do you feel about your future?

If you see a future beyond endless dialysis treatments and a lifetime of anti-rejection transplant drugs, then do one small thing to contribute to the Movement to Cure Kidney Failure.

Please do your part to put an end to the pain and suffering of yourself and others by signing this petition…....

Thank you,

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Thursday, April 18, 2013

In Honor Of The People Of Boston

Martin Richards, 8 Years Old

Krystle Campbell, 29 Years Old

Lu Lingzi, 23 Years Old

We offer our prayers and condolences.

Please Love, Respect, Protect and Cherish the people who love you and those whom you love-Always!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Attention Dialysis Patients:

If you don't like what you see, feel or are experiencing at your Dialysis Center, please do your part to alert the "Powers That Be" to the fact that there is a problem with this industry and how it treats its Cattle, (Patients).

If you are a dialysis patient, you are part of one of the most profitable Privatized Prisons in the U.S.simply because you are sick.

You see! They profit while you suffer, and they feel entitled to do this because you are sick, and they have been given the power to choose who they will and will not treat.

In other words, if they don't like you or can't completely control you, then they have the right to deny you treatment all together without Legitmate Justification or Intensive Investigation by their so called "Regulatory Agencies", sentencing you to Certain Death.

Dialysis Coporations are truly the Ultimate Death Panels In America! ......

If you continue to suffer in silence they will let you, because it is profitable for them to do so.

This is why they have no desire or intentions on making things better for their patients through research, more humane and less painful treatment methods, advanced technology or supporting cures.

Make Your Voices Heard Now!

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Friday, April 12, 2013

Who’s Watching Out For The Dialysis Patient?

If you or someone you love has been on dialysis for more than a year and you have not asked yourself this question; then you have been Successfully Indoctrinated by the Dialysis Industry without even being aware of it.

And get this!

This industry’s Indoctrination Process is so Systematized, Devious and Inconspicuous , that only a few who either naturally think “Outside The Box” or those who have trained themselves to do so, would recognize its existence.

The ever increasing “Need For Greed” inside this industry is cleverly hidden behind smiles, handshakes and sometimes hugs-As well as Deceptive Practices designed to Indoctrinate your family members as well, so that if any type of dispute should occur where the patient finds it necessary to challenge center staff or the dialysis company itself, they can effectively convince the patient’s family members that the problem is the patient’s fault instead of the center’s or the particular staff member or members that the patient is having a problem with.

The Predesigned End Result of this Tactic is to turn your own family against you for their benefit, by using lies to convince your family that everything they are trying to do for you is to get and keep you healthy and to save your life, and that they must help to control you so that they can effectively do their jobs.

Now this is not to say that there are not sincere, genuine people who truly do care about their patients while also caring about their jobs and the company that employs them.

To imply that this is the case would not be fair or true.

But I can honestly tell you this:

I’ve been on dialysis for 11 years now, and I have been blessed to have come into contact with about 8 such people employed by this industry.

However, most of these employees are usually harassed, disrespected threatened and told that they must change who they are and start putting the company and its oppressive rules first or risk being forced out as a result of a Hostile Work Environment, (which is illegal in America and has been for quite some time now).

Hostile Work Environments Are "Illegal" In America.

So I ask again: Who is taking care of the dialysis patient from the beginning to the middle and at the end?

Is it the nephrologist that first informed you of the fact that your kidneys are failing or have failed, and that you need to go on dialysis? Maybe! But the number of incidents where nephrologist hae been caught rushing patients on dialysis before they actually needed to be has been increasing.

Furthermore, consider this: The doctors who are “Practicing Nephrology” in the hospital are also the doctors who own the dialysis centers.

This allowable arrangement is a built in incentive to feed patients into the system as much as and as soon as possible.

Do you trust this?

What about the people who drive you to the center?

Of course there are some good conscientious people who do transport patients to the center and treat them with dignity, courtesy and self-respect as a human being; (one of them happens to be my nephew), and we as a family would not have it any other way.

However, I have seen far too many incidents where the drivers were yelling and screaming at patients because they were too sick to get on or off the van and needed help.

There has been far too many times when I myself were sick before or after a treatment, and I and other patients had to help these sick and elderly patients on or off the van because the drivers would not.

And these type of people in this industry, never seem to lose their jobs.

What about Clinical Staff?

I think I adequately addressed them above.

What about all of the “Patient Advocacy Groups”?

They all serve a legitimate purpose for patients who have been successfully indoctrinated and graciously labeled by this industry as “Compliant”.

But these so called “Advocacy Groups are actually Co-Conspirators with the mission of the dialysis industry which is to keep you sick and in need of their services, and to indoctrinate you to the point where you cannot even think, dream or work towards a cure for End Stage Renal Disease.<> How about lawyers?

If you die in one of these Corporate Prisons of negligence that can be legally proven-Leave your family a note to call them after your dead.

And by the way, there is no such thing in America as a Civil Rights Attorney who will defend the rights of dialysis patients whose rights have been violated, which is something that happens to thousands if not millions of patients on a daily basis.

What about the President?

Where do you think dialysis patients rank on his to do list?

If you will just tune into the evening news, you will see and hear all of the things that he has on his plate.

And nowhere on that list will you find a CURE for Kidney Failure Patients or Reforming the dialysis industry to stop it from Legally Enslaving Human Beings on a Massive Scale for PROFITS, even if it kills, mutilates or renders them useless to anyone including themselves, because of the Unnecessary Excesses that they are legally allowed to inflict upon them in the United States of America-A Free Country.

To make a long story short:

Everybody in the dialysis industry and its related industries are in the business of keeping you sick so that you will keep the Cycle of Profits going until the day that you die; by maximizing profits with unnecessary excesses of pharmaceuticals, surgeries and consultations that may not be necessary for your quantity or quality of life, but which they inflict upon patients for profits.

And since it has worked so well for the last 40 years, they have perfected these Evil Tactics and now call them a SYSTEM.

However, This "SYSTEM'S" Primary Objective is not the dialysis patient's quality and quantity of life-It is for the Maximization of Profits, or as I refer to it: GREED.......

So Who’s Watching Out For The Dialysis Patient?

If you are not looking out for you-


If you are wondering what YOU Alone can do to make things better for yourself and millions of other Dialysis Patients-The answer is NOTHING!

However! Together we can achieve this and more, including putting a stop to the suppression of cures by Greedy Medical Corporations who would rather Profit from people's Pain, Suffering and Sickness, rather than people's Wellness.

You Can Start Right Here-Right Now!

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where Are The Cops On The Wall Street Beat?

Read the story below, and you will see how the Dialysis Industry and other Public Traded Corporations get away with what they get away with, up to and including murder.

It's because they have been given the right to choose between their Greed and Your Life.....

You Lose!

And the guilty parties are protected from prosecution and escape justice, because they are literally "Above The Law", which is a reality that "We The People" allowed to grow and fester into the monster that it has become today.

Note: This condition will not reverse itself in the near future without Strong Opposition from The American People.

This article is from The National Memo.......

Where Are The Cops On The Wallstreet Beat?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Do Not Blindly Trust Those Who Have Your Lives In Their Hands

Do you blindly trust all of the Medical Professionals who you rely on to provide you with safe, adequate and effective medical care?

Think Again!

The people who provide your Medical Care are just Human Beings.

Some of them make Honest Mistakes.

Some of them, dishonestly Violate Patient's Trust by knowingly placing the lives of their patients in danger, due to greed or any other number of evil reasons.

So by all means, do not blindly trust any medical professional-especially those who do not want to listen to your concerns or answer your questions.

The example in this article is about a Dentist that is now making national news for the evil that he committed against thousands of his patients.

However, these types of illegal, fraudulent and criminal acts are not strictly limited to the Dental Industry.

Conspiracy Is Not A Theory.......It Is A Fact Of Life for millions of people who need medical attention.

These dangerous and fraudulent practices are becoming prevalent across all of the Medical Disciplines in America, and are being driven by the ever increasing obsession towards Highly Incentivized Medicine, which makes excessive profits more important than quality treatments or the wellbeing and lives of the patients.

And if you happen to be one of the millions of sick people in America who have a Chronic Illness, who is constantly exposed to the American Medical System due to the chronic nature of your illness, you should be asking yourself the following question: What kind of “Regulatory System” would continue to allow these types of violations of Human Rights, Civil Rights, Patient’s Rights and Constitutional Rights to occur against millions of patients on a daily basis?

One that is weak and ineffective and probably paid for by the industries that are guilty of committing these heinous acts against human beings.

This Dark Reality makes it necessary for people who are seeking medical attention to become their own advocates through education, communication and constant vigilance.

I know that this is a lot to ask of most people, but consider the alternative-once you are dead-you are dead.

If a little extra effort can save your life, then it is worth it-If you value your life.

The other reason we need to do these things is because, this trend in American Medicine will continue to escalate to dangerous and deadly levels until the American People stand up and say “NO” to Murder for Profit……

Okalahoma Dentist Charged With Infecting Thousands of Patients with Infectious Diseases.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Friday, March 29, 2013

Do Not Let The Dialysis Industry Become "Too Big To Fail"

The Dialysis Industry needs to fail as it currently exist, just like any other industry that does not meet the needs of its customers to the fullest extent, or who does not have the customer's best interest at heart.

Now is the time to STRIKE! and STOP Corporate Greed in its tracks.

There is a Resurgence of Activism in this country that has not been evident since the Great Generation of the 60's that created many of the Positive Social Changes that we are now the Fortunate Benefactors of.

As I write this to you, the Generation that is now taking the lead in this country has the potential to be even more powerful and create far more Positive Changes that will minimize and or eliminate much of the evil that we as a country are experiencing due to the Hatred, Greed and Dishonesty that many of us experience at the hands of Major Corporate and Political Entities; like the Dialysis Industry.

In the next 4 years, The Affordable Care Act; (Unaffectionately Known and Referred to by many whose job it is to protect these Evil Corporations as): "OBABACARE", President Obama's Signature Legislation, will begin to take hold and eliminate some of the Fraud, Greed and Dishonesty that is now practiced with Impunity on a daily basis by the Dialysis Industry and far too many other Medical Corporations.

One of the main complaints that I and other Pro-Active Dialysis Patients who are suffering as a result of End Stage Renal Failure have with the Dialysis Industry is their propensity towards practicing Dishonesty In Medical Treatments by creating or escalating pain, fear and suffering to facilitate the Very Profitable, Unnecessary Excesses In Medical Treatments for "Our Benefit", which in reality only serve to unnecessarily destroy the Quality and Quantity of thousands of patient's lives in the U.S. and around the globe for the purpose of Maximimizing Profits.

One way to verify and validate these charges of FRAUD against this industry will come from the Activism of Pro-Active Dialysis Patients such as the ones that I am trying to reach with these writings.

In addition-President Obama's Affordable Care Act in conjunction with the Activism of Pro-Active Dialysis Patients will force this industry to reduce the frequency and severity of these incidents of MEDICAL FRAUD that unnecessarily destroy patient's lives and freedoms.

You see! If you've ever been held on a machine against your will When you are severely sick to your stomach, cramping or passing out, and you were told that "We cannot stop your treatment until it is done", or if you have been forced to take drugs that create negative side effects that are worse than the conditions that they are supposed to correct, and you were told by diaysis staff that "you Must continue to take these drugs anyway", then you know that these are the dangerous and painful excesses that I am talking about.

I'll share with you an Industry Secret that you may not know: If you want to see all of these Inhumane Excesses that the Dialysis Industry Inflicts upon its patients "For Their Own Good", (because they love us all so much) STOP!-Watch how quick these Unnecessary Excesses stop when they stop getting paid to impose them on people who are already sick, fearful and suffering as a result of the disease itself.

Because, all of the Unnecessary Excesses that this industry inflicts upon its patients that do not contribute to their Quality or Quantity of life has nothing to do with their Quality or Quantity of Life.

But they do have everything to do with "Padding The Bill" to your insurance company for the purpose of squeezing every penny out of your disease possible to your detriment, under the guise of "Required Medical Treatments".

Now I know what the "Compliant/Submissive Patients" may think about the idea of destroying the Dialysis Industry-"If we destoy the Dialysis Industry, we will die because no one will be left to treat us."

Not So!

What will happen is that the Dialysis Corporations who fail to "Change" with the new demands of Honesty, Fairness and Consideration for patients in treatment will go out of business; to be replaced by those who will.

Not only that, if you destroy some of the Dishonest Corporate Giants who are currently practicing the brand of "Medicine" that completely ignores the Hypocratic Oath whose first tenent of Medical Treatment is to "First Do No Harm";then this will leave room for many of the Indepnedent Dialysis Companies who offer more Individualized, Patient Oriented, rather than Profit Oriented approaches to Dialysis Treatments; who are now being crushed by these Evil Corporate Giants.

But trust me, the Major Corporations will never let that happen, because their Profits are more important to them than life itself.

Certainly there profits are more important to them than our lives.

So when, (Not If), we as Pro-Active Dialysis Patients start caring enough for ourselves and for one another, that we are driven to unite and let the world know about the fact that thousands of our Fellow Dialysis Patients are suffering in silence everyday needlessly, because of Greed, Hatred, Contempt and a total lack of concern for the people whose blood earns them millions; then and only then, will the Dialysis Industry be forced to treat their patients with genuine respect and concern as opposed to just a Human Profit Center, under the guise of "Good Medicine".

Let's not make the mistake of letting the Dialysis Industry become "TOO BIG TO FAIL".

They are already close to this point. This is why they are able to unnecessarily Poison, Mutulate and Kill Sick People by the thousands with Impunity; for Profit......

DaVita retreats after fiscal cliff deal cuts dialysis payments

If your wondering what YOU Alone can do to make things better for yourself and millions of other Dialysis Patients-The answer is NOTHING!

However! Together we can achieve this and more, including putting a stop to the suppression of cures by Greedy Medical Corporations who would rather Profit from people's Pain, Suffering and Sickness, rather than people's Wellness.

You Can Start Right Here-Right Now!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

More Is Not Better!

The following information was taken from today’s Health Science Institute’s eAlert.

Written by Jenny Thompson HSIresearch@newmarkethealth.com

I offer this to you because it relates to the Dialysis Industry in that:The article is talking about EXCESS, which is something that the Dialysis Industry practices to the detriment of thousands of patients daily-And they are getting away with it.

When I was a kid, I convinced my mom to try putting cake frosting on pie.

Genius, right?

No. It was a dud. It wasn't awful. It just wasn't very good. That was the first time I learned that good added to good does not necessarily equal better. And it often equals worse.

I guess we all learn that lesson at some point. But it's so much better to learn it with pie and frosting than by giving hundreds of stroke patients two "good" drugs.

Those are the bare bones of a new study that turned deadly.

Unfortunately, the two drugs are very popular. So there could be many thousands, even millions of people taking both.

They have no idea they're walking a dangerous line.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Déjà vu all over again --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The drugs are two all-time bestsellers -- Plavix and aspirin.

Both of the drugs reduce clotting. Generally, less clotting means lower stroke risk. So it's customary to give this sort of drug to stroke patients.

Canadian researchers hoped that giving both drugs to stroke patients would further reduce risk of a second stroke.

But... no.

The double-treatment created no extra benefits over eight years.

Meanwhile... Big problems. Here's what one of the researchers told HealthDay News... "The two together caused more bleeding and higher mortality. The higher mortality was completely unexpected."

Completely unexpected? Really? Because it should have been COMPLETELY expected.

Six years ago, U.S. researchers tested Plavix combined with aspirin on subjects with cardiovascular risk factors. They hoped that stroke and heart attack risks would be lower than if subjects used either of the drugs alone.

But... no.

There was no benefit in combining the drugs. But the heart-disease death rate almost doubled among subjects who took both drugs.

Apparently, the Canadian researchers were not aware of this 2006 study. So if it didn't show up on THEIR radar, you've got to think there are many doctors and patients who also don't know about the risk either.

This past spring, Plavix went off patent. So sales of this popular drug are probably higher than ever. Many doctors might prescribe it to just about anyone with a heart disease risk factor. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity -- that's just the start of a long list!

And many of those doctors and patients will have this conversation...

"Should I also take a daily aspirin?"

"Sure! Couldn't hurt!"

Unfortunately, that's the general take on aspirin. It's gentle. It's safe. You've heard it all. But here's a note from the FDA that I'm sure most people have never heard...

"The same properties that make aspirin work in stopping blood from clotting may also cause unwanted side effects, such as stomach bleeding, bleeding in the brain, kidney failure, and other kinds of strokes."

Add Plavix and you've got serious trouble.

Please share this with anyone you know who may have heart risk factors. There's a good chance they might be taking this dangerous drug combo.

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