Tuesday, December 13, 2016

President Obama Signs The 21St. Century Cures Act-The Final Bill Signing Of His Adminsitration

President Obama has just signed into law his final bill of his Administration.

And it is a bill that oddly enough is relative to what I have been talking about and advocating for and trying to inspire Dialysis Patients to fight for in this blog since day one.

And that is increasing the U.S. Government's Investment and Participation in working on 21st. Century Effective, Humane and Expedient Cures for people who are suffering as a result of Chronic Diseases such as End Stage Renal Failure.

This bill provides 6.3 Billion in funding for Medical Research for the purpose of decreasing human suffering by developing cures for some of the most painful and debilitating diseases that we as human beings suffer and or watch our loved ones suffer through.

Now that's the good news.

But here's the bad news.

I listened as the Vice President and President ran down the list of illnesses that these funds will be used to research cures for.

They include the following:

1. Cancer

2. Brain Diseases such as Alzheimer's and Epilepsy

3. Opioid Addiction and more

Did you detect anything that is important to you that is missing?

If not!

Then there is no need for you to read any further.

But if the obvious; (which has been a constant for far too long), jumped out at you; then please read on and then take action.

The fact that these lists of diseases to target for cures constantly leave Kidney Failure out is bad news and has been a major concern for me as a dialysis patient,(and I hope that there are enough of you reading this who feel the same way) as well.

The other bad news is the fact that Trump may try to destroy this bill if he succeeds in making it to Inauguration Day without being Disqualified for the Office of the Presidency or convicted of some major civil or even criminal act.

But this doesn't have to remain bad news.

But that is up to us as Dialysis Patients.

The bill has been signed.

But we as Dialysis Patients will still go unnoticed, ignored and neglected, and left to suffer for the rest of our lives as a result of our very painful and deadly disease, and all the pain, suffering and Industry Abuse that goes with it.

What can you do?

Keep the conversation going by commenting and sharing your interests, opinions and suggestions at this blog; and talking and networking with other dialysis patients who want to be free from this disease and the Oppressive Industry that Profits from it as a result of a cure.

Sign the petition, that has been out here for over 4 years and help get it to over a thousand and possibly even more.

And you don't have to be a dialysis patient to take action.

You might just be a family member or someone who loves a dialysis patient and who wants to see them stop suffering as a result of the disease and the industry that treats it.

So, I have been working on this since my diagnosis in December, 2002.

I can't make it happen alone.

And neither can anyone of us make any positive change that alleviates or eliminates our pain and suffering alone.

In order to bring much needed reforms to the Dialysis Industry and to have all Currently Suppressed Potential Cures released for Human Clinical Trials has always required teamwork.

Unity and Teamwork is now far more crucial than ever before for Dialysis Patients and the People who love them in view of a Trump Administration in the White House.

The choice is simple: Do nothing and keep suffering until Death sets you free. Or take action and create an opportunity to be cured and to be treated with dignity, respect, and consideration as a Human Being instead of as an Inventory Item by a Greedy and Corrupt Industry that takes advantage of the fact that we are sick; while we fight for a cure.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Where, Who And How Do You File A Complaint About Dialysis Patient Problems?

The fact of the matter is, that there are not enough Agencies, Politicians, Attorneys or Government Officials who will give an ear to a single dialysis patient's complaints about their Treatments, Unnecessary Risks Taken By Dialysis Staff Members, Gross Disrespect or Abuse as Personal Vendettas - conditions that are far more common than those living on the outside of this illness would ever believe.

Here Are Some Resources For You.

Try them keeping in mind that they are all in it together, because they are all profiting from our pain and suffering together.

And as I have said previously; (and as I will continue to say like a broken record, until enough of us learn this lesson) - the reason that these people don't care about your Issues, Problems or Concerns is that they don't have to; because enough of us don't get together, Organize and Unite to fight this Greedy, Corrupt, Hateful and Inhumane (For Profit Industry).

But the Ugly Reality of this industry and how it operates and what drives it, and the lack of people who are willing to step in and help us should not be an excuse for us to just sit back on our assess and be led like Sheeps to the slaughter. Neither should we sit back and watch these Horrible Atrocities happen to our fellow patients either.

And if you are of the state of mind that allows you to say, "I've never had any of these things happen to me". And if you don't give a damn about the fact that it happens to others on a daily basis, then I am definitely not talking to you.

What happens in Dialysis Centers across this country and around the world are not just Isolated Incidents. There is a definite Systemic Problem with the way that these companies are allowed to conduct themselves and the way that people who are supposed to protect us as Human Beings and American Citizens turn a Deaf Ear and Blind Eyes to their commitments and responsibilities

Because just like every damn thing else in this world, how you are treated as a dialysis patient depends on many factors such as,Your Neighborhood, Center Staff, Center Management, Center Culture, (which is Dialysis Industry Culture for the most part), how Greedy or not Greedy Center Management is, your Economic Status, Color of your Skin, Level of Intelligence and quite frankly your Ability or Inability to Kick Ass when it becomes necessary to do so to protect yourself from Unwanted Violations of your Human Rights, Constitutional Rights, Patient's Rights and forced attacks against your body.

You see! in the Dialysis Industry, there are far too many people telling you what they are going to do to your body as opposed to asking for your opinion and consent.

Now there are many who work in this industry; (who are not dialysis Patients, and have no idea about what it means to be one), who would say, "well if you don't want us to treat you, then why are you here?".

Trust me!

What I say is not something that I studied in a bunch of books to get a bunch of letters placed after my name, nor is it something that I've only heard about and not seen, witnessed or experienced during my time as a dialysis patient; No! This is shit that I actually had to live through and that to one degree or another still have to go through.

So that statement about "Why are you here?", is something that I have heard time and time again; because I refused to accept their "Total Package", because I did not feel that everything included in that package was right for my Lifestyle, Freedom or my Body. And did I mention just because I am sick, does not mean that I don't still live in America?

What's left of it.

Let me tell you a very well kept secret about the Dialysis Industry, (in case you don't already know as a patient).

Not everything that they do, sell or recommend is necessary for your quality of quantity of life.

Far too many times I have witnessed and experienced the hard sell for Pharmaceuticals, Unnecessary Surgeries and Numerous Consultations with "Experts" that have nothing to do with Kidney Failure.

A lot of these excesses are forced upon patients mostly because of a lack of knowledge, human pain and suffering and fear; for the purposes of Maximizing Profits.

And they do these Dirty Evil Deeds to Patients because they can.

And the reason they can is because too many of the people in this country whose job it is supposed to be to protect us are on their payroll.

So combine that with Patient Apathy and Patient's Family's Ignorance and Apathy and what you have is a Racket that can be scaled up to ridiculously high levels of profits to the detriment of thousands if not millions of patients around the globe, even causing death in some situations because of an imbalanced focus on Profits instead of Patients.

Don't forget that many of these local dialysis centers are run by Mega Corporations with Billionaire Investors like Warren Buffet whose reach is not only in the USA, but Global.

And they continue to commit crimes against humanity in the name of "Saving Lives".

And this attitude towards other Human Beings as Inventory who have already been attacked once by a very painful, deadly and life shortening disease is being attacked again by the industry whose responsibility it is to treat it.

So we're being punished twice for being sick?

If you don't care about these deplorable conditions that we as dialysis patients by the thousands have to face in this country and around the world at the hands of Greedy, Evil, Vicious, Treacherous and Deceitful People; then you probably didn't read this far anyway.

But if you did read this far, and you want to fight for much needed reforms to this industry, and you want to stop the Deliberate Suppression of Potential Cures from making it to market, then you need to be here working together with us.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

If You Believe The Dialysis Industry's Primary Purpose For Existing Is To Save Your Life-Then Don't Read This..........Read A Comic Book. Its More Factual Than This False Point Of View

The fact of the matter is, that your life is just a By Product of what the Dialysis Industry really exists to accomplish .

To the Dialysis Industry, your life is only important to the degree that it makes them profits to distribute to their Share Holders.

Most Dialysis Centers are run by Mega Global Corporations whose job is to Maximize Profits at any cost to be distributed to those who own stock in the company.

Even if doing so is detrimental to your Health and Well being.

People like the World Renowned Billionaire who will not Invest in Corporations that sell Tobacco Products for Profits because of Personal Moral or Ethics Codes,but readily invest in a Dialysis Corporation for Profit.

His Berkshire Corporation is one of the Largest Investors in a Dialysis Corporation that Forces Excesses of Pharmaceuticals, Surgeries and other Additional Products and Services on Patients,(Rather they are necessary to sustain life or not), Defrauds the Federal Government by committing repeated incidents of Medicare Fraud, and who also is one of many companies that will terminate patient's treatments who are alive, who refuse to submit to all of the excessive demands that these companies place on dialysis patient's bodies, which results in the Certain Death of a patient who was alive previously, but refused to be made into a slave simply because they are the victim of an illness and need SOME of the products and services that these companies provide to sustain their lives.

That Billionaire is Warren Buffet and the Corporation is DaVita.

Warren Buffet is one of the richest men in the world and he knows a good thing when he sees it.

That is how he became rich.

And you know what the good thing is that he sees in a Dialysis Corporation Investment?

If you are a Dialysis Patient-It's YOU.

So never let anyone deceive you into thinking that a Dialysis Center is a Charitable Humanitarian Organization.

Dialysis is a Business.

A Big and Very Profitable Business.

Now DaVita is not alone in committing these Evil Acts.

However, DaVita is the largest and most Profitable Example. But they are also the company that many of the other dialysis companies want to be.

As a result, there are many companies, (including some of the Smaller Independent Companies) that duplicate some or all of these attacks against Dialysis Patient's Human and Constitutional Rights.

And guess what?

Its all Perfectly Legal and Sanctioned by the U.S. Government.

And you will find very few agencies, individuals or even legal professionals who will protect and defend your right to choose what you want or do not want to be done to your body while you are alive.

This industry will continue to force excesses on patients for profits unless and until we as patients band together and put a stop to it once and for all.

You see! Nobody cares about people who do not care about themselves.

This is particularly true for Dialysis Patients who are usually POOR and People of Color.

So your life is really not the Primary Purpose for the Dialysis Industry's existence.

It is strictly PROFITS.

And because the motives behind what corporations do are important to the people who are at their mercy - it is important that you know the truth about those motives so that you can protect yourself.

Because, there are far too many powerful entities involved who are controlling and profiting from our pain and suffering; and they will fight to keep every cent, even if that means killing us

Want to do your part to bring about Positive Changes for Dialysis Patients?

Sign the petition.......

Please Join Us.

Thank you!

And I hope that you are willing to fight for your rights so that you will live to see the day that you are FREE as a result of a CURE for End Stage Renal Disease.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Attn: Dialysis Patients. Share Your Nightmares To Help Other Dialysis Patients..........

If you have a story or multiple stories about something negative that has happened to you. Or, you have witnessed other patients disrespected, threatened or abused physically, mentally or emotionally as a result of having a disease that must be treated by a Greedy, Corrupt and Careless Industry, please don't just suffer in silence.

Share your stories with others who may be Informed, Helped or Inspired by them, to put forth efforts to make the much needed Changes that this industry must be forced to make, so that Patients will be the #1 Priority instead of Profits.

If your spirit moves you to do so, please share your stories here on this blog and add your name to a growing list of patients and loved ones of patients who are sick and tired of being or seeing their loved ones lied to, mistreated and abused all in the name of PROFITS.

Please Join Us Here Today.

We are working to change "Kidney Failure" into "Kidney Success" through Legal Reforms, Industry Watchdogs and finally through fighting to have (Currently Suppressed Potential Kidney Failure Cures), Released Immediately for Human Clinical Trials, so that Patients can regain control of their Health, Happiness and Lives.

If you have a story to tell-tell it!.

You can remain anonymous if you feel that your life may be endangered for speaking out.

We are patients too and fully understand your fears.

We live with them everyday.

That's why we are fighting for Change and Cures that benefit patients.

Please Join Us.

Thank you!

And I hope that you will live to see the day that you are FREE as a result of a CURE.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Why Politicians Allow Deplorable Abuses Of Dialysis Patients In America.

Note: The following information is not to discourage a revolution against the Dialysis Industry.

It is to encourage those who are already fighting this fight to continue to fight, and those who have not already began to get started.

It's because they are bought and paid for by them.

So why in the hell should they care about how we are being treated if we don't?

See whose on the take by this Greedy and Corrupt Industry.

You just might be surprised by this list.

Oh by the way, the reason I wrote this blog was to motivate you to take action to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm from this industry by speaking up and out about any negative experiences that you've had or witnessed.

If we don't make enough noise; those who are being bribed will never hear us.

So please become educated, informed, energized and united to stop the Unnecessary Abuse of sick people for Profit.

And expose those who allow it to continue.

DaVita Political Contributions

Fresenius Political Contributions

RAI Political Contributions

ARA Political Contributions

Not many candidates, but a considerable number of Lobbyists.

Please sign the petition to stop letting these crooks use our illnesses and bodies to abuse us for profits by doing things even if they are not necessary to sustain life.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Saturday, January 30, 2016

How Can Dialysis Patients Participate In A Democracy When Dialysis Is A Dictatorship

If the Dialysis Industry was truly designed primarily to save our lives and to make our quality of life better, then why in the hell do they Bitch about a clearance rate of 1.98 because its not 2, if you're still alive?

Especially if I've you've been alive for the most part, at 1.98 or lower for over 14 years?

Why is a Phosphorus level of 5.3, (if you're still living), so bad, if the primary goal is to keep you alive, and you are?

And even though Potassium is a very dangerous level for cardiovascular function if it gets extremely high or low, why in the hell do they Bitch about 5.2 instead of 5, if your still alive and well?

Especially if you are active, healthy, happy and satisfied with Your Quality of Life as it currently exists?

Why can't they let the patient decide the quality and level of life they want to have before their chronic illness takes them away from this world?

Its because keeping you alive is secondary to them.

Keeping a Greedy, Corrupt Industry alive and well is the real reason behind the excesses, abuses, harassment and threats against our lives that we as Dialysis Patients have to endure just so they can bill insurance companies even more for shit that sometimes is not even required to sustain life.

And the reason that the Federal Government is complicit in this Conspiracy and will only pay the dialysis centers for certain numbers based on their standards for the patients, is because they are doing Human Experiments on Poor, (Mostly Minority), Sick People.

And they do this shit because they can.

Yes Dialysis does Save Lives.

And that's a good thing.

But that's also the problem.

You see! Just because we need a certain amount of their products and services to survive,(not all of their damn products and services); many of the things that they do or demand of us as patients have nothing to do with surviving Kidney Failure.

They use the fact that if we don't do dialysis we will die, to sort of say, "Well! unless you blindly and slavishly accept each and every surgery, drug, consultation or referral to a specialist, (even to a specialist who addresses issues that the patient chooses not to address), because doing so may severely decrease their Quality of Life, (which is already Piss Poor), and Short, they will insist that you do accept the appointments that they set up for you or threaten to stop treating you which will result in your death, which the last time I looked, was considered to be MURDER in this country.

Why do you think they roll Half Dead People on Stretchers from Ambulances who really don't have much life left in their bodies at all into Dialysis Centers for treatment?

Because the God Damn Machine is just like the Meter in a cab.

As long as it is running, they are earning big bucks.

So most sensible dialysis patients appreciate the fact that dialysis does exists, and that there are a few people in the industry that actually give a damn about the sick human beings that they are charged with treating.

But far too many people in this industry use our illness and dependency on this industry's machines and other products and services to force us to accept all of their products and services rather we want or need them or not-that's Pure Evil and yet Perfectly Legal in the United States of America.

And that SHIT needs to stop one way or another.

They are using every little fraction of a lab report as an excuse to do more surgeries, prescribe more Powerful Toxic Pharmaceuticals that often times have Side Effects that are more severe than the condition that the drug is supposedly designed to correct, unnecessary consultations and a whole lot of other Bullshit that cannot and does not contribute to the Quality or Quantity of our lives.

I've watched several political cycles over the past 20 years and I have either never heard; or maybe heard briefly about the Greed and Corruption of the Dialysis Industry, and the Unnecessary Pain, Suffering and Death that it causes.

And it's time for these Politicians to hear about this from the people who it affects the most and the worst-the patients.

Please do your part to make the following hashtag go viral during this election cycle.


It is important that you know that the reason you don't hear about these Silent Atrocities here in the United States of America and around the world is because several of the Politicians that we are targeting are in the Dialysis Industry's Pockets, and have been bought and paid for by them.

You will know who they are by the fact that they won't mention the problems contained in this blog.

Those are the Bastards we need to get rid of ASAP.

But no one person can do it alone.

It going to take a coalition of patients.

And that is what this blog is all about.

So if you've read this far, I am very pleased that I've found other people who want their health and lives back from the dialysis industry by Reformation through Legislation and Research and Development of Cures to Permanently End the Pain and Suffering once and for all, then please participate in this project.

The amount of money that this country spends on Research and Development of a cure for End Stage Renal Failure is Deplorable.

And the Deliberate Suppression of already existing Potential Cures is even more Evil And Deplorable.

Let's put a permanent end to our Pain, Suffering and Prostitution by the Dialysis Industry aided by the United States Government Now!


Thank you,

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why None Of Them Mention You

If you are a Dialysis Patient and you feel that you have the best possible quality of life now, which would not, and could not, ever be improved by the release of currently suppressed cures; then you probably will not comprehend one thing that is being said here.

And if you believe that all of the Share Holders and Corporate CEO's that profit from our pain and suffering only want the best for you, and that they are on your side, then you obviously have not done any research what so ever, into your illness and the industry that is responsible for "Treating" it.

And if you think that the Dialysis Industry is not a Greedy, Corrupt, Inhumane Industry whose Primary Goal Is to make money-not make you well, then please don't read this.

Because, that probably also means that you have been Completely Indoctrinated by the Masterful Programs that these Corporate Medical Plantations have in place explicitly for just that purpose, which is carried out by people who have been Highly Trained to do so.

Then that probably means that you also don't understand or see the connection between your U.S. Government, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, (CMMS), and their complicity in connection with these Mega Corporate Concentration Camps for Profit Conspiracies either.

So if all that is written above about you is true, then you probably have not made it this far.

But thank you for however many words, sentences or paragraphs you have read; and good luck with these people and their motives behind seeing that you remain SICK for the rest of your life, because that means Lifetime Profits for them.

Your Freedom from Dialysis would be Certain Death for their very Successful and Organized Cash Cow-YOU.

If there is anyone reading this blog, who has recognized very suspicious occurrences and have had very uncomfortable or threatening encounters with anyone from this industry and can clearly see that something is wrong, I want to ask you a very important question.

There is a picture of some people who are asking the people of the united States to hire them for the Most Powerful Position in the world: President of the United States of America.

Now some of these people have already been removed from the competition, and some of them are still competing for the job, (far too many), who are competing for the wrong reasons.

There is only one legitimate reason why anyone should run for President of the United States of America. And that is to help as many people in this country and around the world as possible. And that includes Dialysis Patients who have their fair share of pain and suffering at the hands of Greedy and Corrupt Corporations, because we were unfortunate enough to have lost our kidney function.

So my question to you is: Why is it that not one candidate who is gone, or who is still in the race mentioned you-The Dialysis Patient?

The shortest answer is because you won't mention you and the pain and suffering that you experience as a result of Corporate Greed and taking Excessive Advantage of Sick People; just because their sick and just because they can.

They mention, Veterans, Black People,(Democrats Do);Religious People, Poor People, Immigrants, LGBT People, Latinos,Latina's, Big Businesses, Wars, the Economy, Wall street,Climate Change and so forth and so on.

But out of thousands of feet of video, and thousands of interviews, and thousands of pages of transcripts of speeches, I challenge you to find me just one mention of the Greed and Corruption of the Dialysis Industry and the Pain, Suffering and Unnecessary Death that it causes thousands of patients every year.

And when they do Murder or Defraud the Government, nobody goes to jail.

They say "I'm Sorry", pay a fine and get back to abusing more Dialysis Patients for Profits.

So, the reason that they don't say anything about these Medical Atrocities occurring in the United State of America, (Land of the Free, Home of the Brave), kind of shit, is because you won't speak up and speak out about your negative experiences and force their hands and make them address our concerns like they address all those other people's concerns.

So, if you find what I've just said to be an Eye Opener or Motivational for you; please let these people know that we will not be taken for-granted.

Please show them that, by pasting the following hashtag on every piece of social media that you can.


This is such a small and relatively safe thing for all of us to do, to let these candidates know that we are a group of people who are suffering because of the top 1/10 of 1%, also, and that we are called Dialysis Patients.

Demand that our candidates direct more money and public attention to our plight as human beings and start implementing legislation that will increase funding to the National Institutes of Health, (NIH), for research for a cure for End Stage Renal Disease; and to reform the Dialysis Industry as it currently operates fueled by Greed, Corruption, Hatred and a Lack of Concern for patients as Human Beings instead of Cattle.

I hope each one of you who don't want to continue to suffer for the rest of your life will do this one small thing; (everyday if you have the time), to give us all a chance at having our lives back, which is being taken twice-once by the disease itself,(which is bad enough), and then again by these Greedy and Corrupt Corporations.

Please let these Presidential Candidates feel your pain.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy