Monday, January 22, 2018

Dialysis Patient Thought For The Day........

The Dialysis Industry Is Not Your Friend.........

As you know, these Dialysis Patient Thoughts For The Day are mainly directed towards dialysis patients who believe in and are actively advocating and fighting for a Cure for End Stage Renal Failure so that our pain and suffering does not continue to be someone else's profits.

They are also for people who refuse to allow this industry and its Hired Goons to destroy their hopes, dreams and desires for a cure.

Why are these thoughts for the day for patients who meet the above criteria.

Because unless you do, these thoughts will not register, motivate or educate you, because you have probably been to deeply indoctrinated by the Dialysis Industry to look beyond your present situation, (Your Illness), and look forward to the day when your efforts result in a cure that will set you free from their Corporate Plantation Forever.

Please Watch John Oliver Explain The Situation Far Better Than I Can.

He uses satire to explain this Ugly Truth to you.

However. it's a very serious issue if you are a dialysis Patient or a loved one of a dialysis Patient.

These people are Evil.

They don't care about you.

They don't love you.

They only care about you to the degree that they can use your body for profits, (even if you are opposed to what they want to do to you), or if what they want to do to you is not necessary to increase your quality of life and your quantity of life.

And, even if what they want to do causesSevere Pain and Irreversible Damage to your body up to and including DEATH.


Because the Dialysis Industry does not care about you.

They only care about the Profits they make off of sick people like you and me, who need (some), of their products and services to sustain life.

And if and when there comes a time, when you are no longer profitable to them, they will lie on you, call the police on you for no reason and use these lies as Justification to Terminate your Life Sustaining Treatments, resulting in Certain Death.

Beware!The Dialysis Industry Is Not Your Friend.

Watch For The Signs..............

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy