Thursday, December 17, 2015

How Much You Wanna Bet This Prick Avoids Jail Time?

You remember the guy who raised the price of the very important life saving drug Daraprim by 5000% overnight from $13.50 per pill to $750.00 per pill,(basically, because he said that he could)?.


Martin Shkreli Arrested for Securities Fraud

Conspiracy is not a Theory.

It is a Fact!

It affects all of our lives rather we are aware of it or not, or rather we participate in our own survival and protection from it or not; (especially for those of us who are at the Mercy of Massive Medical Corporations that have our Health and Lives in their hands.

Join the movement to Monitor, Reform and Control the Dialysis Industry, and to force the release of all Currently Suppressed Potential Cures for Human Clinical Trials.

Its the only way to end your pain and suffering as a Dialysis Patient.

Martin Shkreli

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks for everybody and everything good that you have been blessed to have in your life.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Conspiracy Is Not A Theory

Jared Fogle sentenced to 15+years for Sex Crimes and ordered to pay restitution to each one of his 14 victims at $100,000 each.

Proving once again that Conspiracy is not a theory.

It is a fact due to the Evil Nature of the Human Species.

So if you think something is wrong with your daily dealings with people in life,there's a very good chance that your fears or concerns are not unfounded.

Dialysis Patients: Pay attention to your treatments and the people who conduct them at all times.

Your life really does depend on it.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dialysis Patients: There's A Reason For Hope!

If you have been following this blog for more than a year or two, you know that my mission is to create and sustain the movement to create Cures for Kidney Failure to put an end to all of the Pain and Suffering that Dialysis Patients, (as well as Kidney Transplant Patients), are forced to live with as a result of their illnesses and even more, as a result of the Greedy and Careless Medical Corporations that are responsible for treating people with Kidney Failure.

Yes! They will argue that we should not attack the Kidney Failure Industry because without them we would be dead.

Just let me inform you of the fact that when you hear people in this industry speaking like this, they are not speaking from a place of love and concern for you and other patients as Human Beings.

They are speaking from a Position of Control, Dominance and Power in order to induce Fear that is designed to make you feel Helpless, Hopeless and Doomed to be Submissive to and Dependent upon them for the rest of your life.

So even though, (at the present time), this Paradigm is true.

That is the problem.

It is because we are sick and dependent upon their Toxic, Painful and Debilitating Treatments, that they wheel so much power over us as Objects of Profits instead of Human Beings who are Sick.

This blog is, has been and will continue to be, (until I take my very last breath), a place where DIALYSIS PATIENTS WHO WANT A CURE, can come together and share our sadness, pain, stories of struggles with these Mega Corporations and also our Hopes, Dreams and Plans to put an end to all of this once and for all.

The Dialysis Industry trains all of their employees to take away all of our Hope and Power so that our Excitement, Hope and Activism for Reforming the Dialysis Industry from the way that they currently operate,( which is only for the PROFITS), and not for Patients, so that our Positive Thoughts and Vibrations and Hopes will not become Infectious and be transferred to other patients.

This is why patients such as myself and others like me, are under Constant Attacks, Threats of Treatment Terminations and in some cases, actually made to pay by someone deliberately making us sick and in some cases, patients have actually died as a result of speaking up and speaking out.

So to counteract all of that Negativity, this blog was designed to give you the Strength and the Fight and Belief that is required to change this Negative and Destructive Paradigm of the "Incurable Disease), into the Fight For A Cure.

Listen Folks! Technology has the potential to cure anything these days, (with the exception of DEATH).

And believe it or not! There are people who are actually working on that everyday as well.

The problem is not a lack of technology. The problem is Politics, Greed and Corruption that allows those with Vested Interests in us Remaining Sick to use their power, force and Political Connections to Suppress Potentially Effective Cures from reaching the Human Clinical Trials Stage.

Drugs like BMP-7-Google it!

To that end, I hope you will read the article by clinking the link below.

And I hope that it will lift your spirits and give you hope for a future without Kidney Failure.

I also hope that it will motivate you to become a member of this Blog Community by commenting on the article and then keeping in touch and spreading the word with others who are suffering, but who believe, (like you do), that one day that suffering will come to an end as a result of a CURE.

A Reason For Hope For Those Seeking A Cure For End Stage Renal Failure

Source: CNBC

Thank you for your Time, Energy and Interest in Creating a Movement with others who want the same thing that you do-A CURE.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Reprogramming The Mind For The Fight Of Your Life Pt. 2

Greg Coleman speaks out on the Kidney Success Show with Charlie Wachtel and Carl Goldstein with a message for all patients who are fighting for their lives by actively advocating and searching for cures that will end the pain and suffering caused by End Stage Renal Failure, and the necessary Paradigm changes that must take place in the minds of millions of Dialysis Patients before these goals can become a Physical Reality.

Reprogramming Your Mind For The Fight Of Your Life Pt.2

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Together we can create the Positive Changes that we seek.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

We Can Win Against Rich And Powerful Corporations And People

One of the most used excuses or reasons, (in the case of those who have been successfully indoctrinated with the belief that people in mass do not have the power to change things for the better in this country and the world); is that we can't possibly fight against them because they are too big.

Do you think that Walmart is now running commercials about better pay for their employees out of the goodness of their hearts?

Absolutely not! Thousands of Walmart Employees got raises as a result of the Grass Roots Political Activism that has been in full swing for several years now.

And if a Film Maker by the name of Robert Greenwald had not made such a Powerful Documentary informing and inspiring and pissing people off about the evil deeds of Walmart, (the Largest Retail Corporation in America), then these people who became their own advocates would have continued to suffer in silence while Walmart continued to oppress and enslave them with poor working conditions and non living wages.

Walmart-The High Cost Of Low Prices 2010

They may not have gotten everything they wanted, but I can guarantee you this: If they had continued to do nothing about their working conditions and pay; they would not have made any progress to any degree.

The Warm and Fuzzy Commercials you see from Seaworld now, and the changes that they were forced to make in the way they treat their Whales and other Marine Wildlife, did not just happen because the Board of Directors and the Stock Holders suddenly felt guilty about their evil deeds.

It was because of another documentary that raised Public Awareness and created Public Outrage and Activism that forced Seaworld, to modify the way they do business. Blackfish 2013

It's just like Eddie Murphy said in the movie Trading Places: In order to hurt rich people you have to hit them where it hurts the most-in their pockets.

We are now entering into the Frenzied 2016 Political Season now, and their are some Idiots who are running for President, not because they love and care about all of the people in this country; and want to see these people Grow, Prosper and Thrive like they have, but they are running just because they can and for purposes of Power, Greed, Selfishness, Hatred and Racism.

But even though many of these candidates are Rich, Powerful and Well Connected, they too can be brought under control-not by any one single individual, but by Massive Numbers of People uniting and fighting to do so.

Here is a prime example of what I am talking about: Here's Donald, (Racist/Birther), Trump on 06/16/2015

Here's what Univision the Biggest Spanish Language Broadcaster in the U.S., in response to the outrage from the Spanish Speaking Community Said on 06/25/2015

Here's Donald Trump On 06/25/2015

There are many forces that are deliberately lulling the masses into a Deep Hypnotic Trance and implanting the Post Hypnotic Suggestion that "You the people cannot defeat us, because we are too powerful".

In spite of all the evidence around us throughout history to the contrary.

Somebody needs to make a Documentary about the Evil Deeds of the Dialysis Industry real soon.

It's time to wake up Kidney Failure Patients and Fight for your Rights.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Reprogramming Your Mind For The Fight Of Your Life Pt. 1

Greg Coleman speaks out on the Kidney Success Show with Charlie Wachtel and Carl Goldstein with a message for all patients who are fighting for their lives by actively advocating and searching for cures that will end the pain and suffering caused by End Stage Renal Failure, and the necessary Paradigm changes that must take place in the minds of millions of Dialysis Patients before these goals can become a Physical Reality.

Reprogramming Your Mind For The Fight Of Your Life Pt. 1

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Together we can create the Positive Changes that we seek.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What The #$%^!

Imagine you had a serious Parasitic Infection that could kill you if you did not have access to a certain drug?

And now imagine that the price of that drug increased over 5000% over night.

A drug that you need to save your life went from $13.50 per pill to $750.00 per pill.

The drug is called Deraprin and is manufactured by Turing pharmaceuticals.

A serious price increase initiated by Martin Shkreli, the CEO of the company that was done simply because it could be done without impunity.

You really don't have to imagine anymore, because it really did just happen.

And you know what?

If the people who need this drug and the people who love the people who need this drug just sits back quietly and accepts it, then this situation will be just like the Silent Atrocities inflicted upon dialysis patients which continues to escalate. As does the cost of treating dialysis patients, which will continue to be Artificially Inflated by unnecessary prescriptions, access surgeries, expert consultation referrals and other such deplorable medical orders that will continue to occur even if they do not add to the patient's quality of life.

As a matter of fact, many of these unnecessary excesses actually causes a decrease in the patient's quality of life.

So why do they do these things?

Because they can.

And its not just this one particular company or just the dialysis industry. These miscarriages of justice involving human lives are now an accepted practice in the entire Mainstream Medical Community in America.

So when does it stop?

When the massive number of people who are being adversely affected by these conditions and the people who care about them stand up, and make so much GOD Dammned noise until it will be impossible for these Mega Medical Corporate Conglomerates to ignore our outrage.

I've pretty much been speaking alone since 2003 about these issues and it seems as if nobody else really cares to stop it.

But of course my voice alone and the few other people who are standing up and fighting back are not enough to be heard or counted.

We need millions of people to speak up and speak out so this Murder For Profit Scheme in America can be eliminated.

So I am appealing to anyone who is involved in a situation like this or knows and loves someone who is; to please organize and unite to take this power over human life away from these Greedy Corporate Entities.

You can start right here, right now by joining in the conversation and offering your comments, suggestions or complaints about yours or someone else s Traumatic Experiences as a result of these Corrupt Corporate Medical Practices.

Unless and until you do; not only will these injustices continue to occur, but they will become more frequent and more debilitating for the patients. And these corporations will become more powerful.

At this point I believe they can still be stopped. However, we have to do it before they become unstoppable.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

As A Person Suffering From End Stage Renal Failure-Always Remember!

Evil as well as Conspiracy is not a Theory.

They are facts.

And I say all of that to say this: As a Dialysis Patient, you are at the Mercy of the Dialysis Industry and all of the people whom they employ. And most of these people have one thing in common, they will do whatever they are told to do, rather it is Right or Wrong, Illegal or Not, or to your Benefit or Detriment to keep their jobs.


Because they are Human Beings just like all of us, with faults- some insignificant and some that could cost you your life if you blindly put your trust in them and don't ask questions, do research on your illness, and think for yourself, by following your Gut Instincts.

If you think something is not right, then it probably is not.

And what does that have to do with the Subway Guy you ask?

It is just me reiterating the point that Conspiracy is not A Theory.

It is a fact.

And people whose primary purpose in life is Selfishness, Greed and Hate, will use you to accomplish their goals.

So keep your Eyes, Ears, Hearts and Minds open at all times.

If you have a Dialysis Patient Horror Story, that you would like to share in the hopes that it might educate or help someone, please contact Charlie Wachtel; Host of the Kidney Success Podcast

Do not continue to suffer in silence.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Black Ops For Pharmaceutical Corporations?

As I always say here at Cures Blog Spot, the masses have been trained by the Education System and the Media to believe that which is false and to not believe that which is true, (if that truth happens to be an ugly one), that the Elite does not want The Masses to know.

They have also trained the masses to believe that those who try to tell these ugly truths are "Conspiracy Theorists", or "Loonie Birds".

And that those who go with the flow and readily accept their Psychological Lobotomies are Sane, Healthy, Truthful individuals that you can trust and believe in.

Well here is another one of those Ugly Truths about the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Black Ops For Pharmaceutical Corporations

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

PNC Bank Caught In Funeral Scam-$391 Million In Damages

These people are so evil and greedy that they are willing to scam people out of money to be used for one of the most difficult and painful times in a human being's life.

Bullish On Human Beings

Read The Story

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Corruption,Greed & Dialysis Fit Together Like Hand In Glove

DaVita's Massive Medicare Fraud

DaVita Fined Again!-No one has been put in jail

And do you know what's so sad about this victory for the Doctor and Nurse who exposed this fraud to the Government and the Public?

Its that the Department of Justice of the United States of America refused to Prosecute this case in spite of all the evidence and proof that was available along with 2 living witnesses to these crimes.

However, the same Government that refused to Prosecute this case, is now going to reclaim the money they lost as a result of these thefts that the American People had to pay for; from the settlement that was won by the Claimants in the case, (the Doctor and Nurse who had enough respect, dignity and honesty to not want to see this crime continue at the Tax Payer's Expense.

But no one has gone to jail.

Proving once again that Conspiracy is not a Theory.

It is a fact.

And if you are currently on dialysis you need to know that you are not considered to be a Human Being.

You are inventory.

And this Corruption, Greed and Deception are endangering your Quality and Quantity of Life.

They are more concerned with how long you live, (as long as they are making money off of you), but they have very little concern for all of the excesses and sometimes unnecessary extremes that they will go to to Maximize their Profits to the Detriment of Patients.

This cannot be allowed to continue in the United States of America.

Please do your part to STOP it.

You Can Start By Signing The Petition At The Link Below.

Stop Dialysis Patient Death And Mutilation For Profits.

Due to circumstance beyond my control; please note the time changes.

Tomorrow's Podcast will began at: 6:00 PM and end at 7:00 PM EST.

The listener call in number is: (646) 668-2721.

Click the link below for the original announcement.

The Dangerous Flaws Of The Dialysis Industry

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Thursday, July 30, 2015

U.S. Representatives Vote For A Bill To Prevent You From Knowing What's In Your Food

Do you think that the U.S. Government really cares about your health and safety, Dialysis Patient or not?

Check this out:

U.S. Representatives Vote Against GMO Food Labeling

In other words, they are saying that Food Corporations have the power to prevent you from knowing what is in the food that you and your family eat on a daily basis.

No one knows the Long Term Effects of GMO Foods, because they are so new.

However, do you think that you should have a right to know what is in the food that you and your family eat, or should the Corporations have the right to keep that information from you?

As millions of Americans make a Conscious Decision to Sleep while they are Awake;(either because they buy into the lie that "The People" do not have the power to change things), or because they just don't Give A Damn until Tragedy hits them or someone important to them; our government of the people, by the people, for the people has become, government of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations.

If you think your Rights are being violated, and you want to wake up and participate in our Democratic Process for the good of the country, you've got the list above.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Dangerous Flaws Of The Dialysis Industry

Due to circumstance beyond my control; please note the time changes.

To All Dialysis Patients who are interested in fighting to reform the Dialysis Industry so that it is more Patient Friendly as opposed to Just Greedy, and who want to expedite the Research and Development of Currently Suppressed Cures; please call in to talk with me and my friend and Dialysis Patient Advocate, Charlie Wachtel by calling into Kidney Success every Wednesday from 7:00 PM to 7:15 PM EST, starting Wednesday, June 17, 2015.

Please note the Time Changes for the Podcast; due to circumstances beyond my control.

The Listener Call In Line can be reached by dialing: 1-646-668-2721

Since this is a Podcast, you will have to call into the show to participate.

You will be able to hear the show in its entirety, (including your call), on the Archived Shows.

You can visit the Archives by clicking the link below:

Kidney Success Here.

Choose an episode and click the Play Button to listen.

I hope that All Dialysis Patients who are serious about stopping the pain and suffering that this illness and the corrupt industry that has a monopoly on its treatment causes for you, and for millions of others on a Global Scale, will tune in and connect with us and other patients who want to be Free from this Endless Pain and Suffering.

Thank you,

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Big Business and others Oppose Cloned Kidney

This is a must read for any patient who is working for and looking forward to a cure so that they can have their Health, Happiness and Life back.

Instead of discouraging you, I hope the fact that there are so many entities and obstacles deliberately standing in your way, that it will make you mad enough to fight even harder, instead of giving in and giving up.

Source: Project Censored.Org

Click The Link For This Story

Friday, May 29, 2015

The UglyTruth About The Kidney Failure Industry

If you are suffering from End Stage Renal Disease, (or any other "Incurable Disease"), for that matter; you really need to hear the things that Charlie and the host of this show have to say.

Not only do they uncover the deep dark evil secrets of the Dialysis Industry, but also the entire Mainstream Medical Industry, Politics, Law, Military and the Extremely Wealthy.

It's a long program but well worth the listen.

If you can't listen to it all in one setting, then listen in chunks.

One more thing: if you are the type of person who believes that if a ton of bricks is about to fall on you, it will hurt much less and do less damage if you do not know that its coming-then don't listen.

However, if you are the type of person who craves uncommon knowledge about things that the General Public has been taught to not even consider as being possible, then:

Listen Closely!

And always remember that, Conspiracy is not a Theory-It is a Fact!

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nine FIFA Officials and Five Corporate Executives Indicted for Racketeering Conspiracy and Corruption

Perhaps you are thinking this is not about Dialysis.

This is about Soccer.

However it is about dialysis.

Not directly, but it is about the same Hatred, Evil, Greed and Deception that is worse than this sporting event, because the Dialysis Industry does it at the expense of, and many times to the destruction of Human Lives.

So the fact of the matter is, the Dialysis Industry's Corruption is worse.

Its all about Lies, Deceit, Betrayal, Hatred, Greed and an Unhealthy Desire for Power and Control.

If you are so inclined, you can read the full Justice Department Release by clicking the link below; keeping in mind that Conspiracy is not a theory-It is a fact!:

One day when we as patients finally unite and make our voices heard-We too may see a Justice Department Report on the Dialysis Industry that finally makes things better for us as patients, instead of just the corporations that profit from our pain and suffering.

Its long overdue.

The Justice Department Report

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Attention: Dialysis Patients Who Want To Be Cured.

If you have drank the Koolaid of the Dialysis Industry that teaches you to accept and find joy in being sick,in pain or that your life will never be as it was again because "There is no Cure for End Stage Renal Disease", then obviously this article is not for you.

Continue to buy into this philosophy which is very Creatively Crafted by the End Stage Renal Failure Industry to make sure that this Paradigm remains unchanged in patient's minds.


Because their is strength in numbers when people want, believe and are willing to Work Hard for something that they want so bad that they are willing to die for it.

It's Like Magic!

But scientifically speaking it is called"Synergy".

That is why patients such as myself who display a Ray of Hope for a Cure are repeatedly harassed, attacked, ridiculed or worse; to discourage such Positive Thinking; because it strikes fear in the hearts and minds of those who would not, and could not, continue to profit from our pain and suffering if Millions of us no longer needed them.

Because if you get well, then this would minimize or eliminate the Massive Profits that this industry collects on every product or service that YOU as a patient needs to remain alive, (or what they make you think you need to stay alive), that helps them to increases their bottom lines.

This is why if you pay attention to what is going on around you and within your bodies; sometimes you might sense that the people who are responsible for treating you are not being completely honest with you about the things that you need and don't need to stay alive; and that your Quality of Life and Quantity of Life may not be their Primary Concern.

If you sense this, then it is probably true.

However, once you share these feelings with the staff at your center; they are trained to convince you that you cannot trust your own eyes, ears or the signals that your body sends you, which were programmed in you by the Creator.

You are taught that you should accept and find joy in being sick, in pain and accept the fact that they are your only Sanctuary or to put it bluntly, (your Lord and Savior)-GOD.

But for those of you who are like me, who realize that death is imminent rather we had been cursed with this illness or not, (and even more so since we are), and that we are going to die rather we try to be cured or not-then I say: "Since we are going to die anyway, then shouldn't we die trying?"

I don't know many patients who have been able to shake off the Negative Programming that is part of every Dialysis Employee's Training, but the few who I have met, are refusing to let these people instill a total sense of Helplessness, Hopelessness and Dependency until death, upon people that we know we cannot trust.

So if you are of like mind and you dare to dream and work for the day that you will no longer need another human being's organ, (usually dead), or to be connected to a machine for the rest of your natural life not to live, (but just to survive), I offer this invitation to you to come and join the movement to bring much needed Reforms to the Dialysis Industry and to Advocate for the Release of all Potential Currently Suppressed Kidney Failure Cures for Human Clinical Trials-to give those who are willing to take a chance to be Free-to be Free from the Pain, Suffering and Fear that is End Stage Renal Disease.

There are some exciting things on the horizon and I hope that you will become a follower of this blog so that when these New Medical Technologies and Advancements become reality, you will be right here.

To all who have accepted this Industry Induced Coma; I hope one day you will wake up too, and realize that the sicker you get, the more money they make.

I don't know about you, but I refuse to put 100% Blind Faith and Trust in people who only benefit if I am sick, and who make more, the more sicker I get.

To all those who already have overcome this Corporate Induced Coma, please join us today.

It takes more than a few people to fight and win against Corporate America.

Because the Victories belong to "The People" who Stand Together.

Thank you,

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The "Mainstream Medical Community" Will Attempt To Destroy Anyone Who Thinks Outside The Box

The Mainstream Medical Community Attacks

I've said time and time again on this blog, that if you are a Dialysis Patient who wants a cure, you are going to have to take some kind of definitive actions to do your part to contribute to making that cure a reality.

Because, those who Profit from our pain and suffering will never ever do anything to put an end to it, because it would mean an end to, or a sharp decrease in their profits.

Now I am not a very big Dr. Oz fan anymore, because he has repeatedly failed to respond to my request and several other patient's request to do a show featuring Dialysis Patients talking about their negative experiences while being treated by this industry.

It could be that just the few of us making the request was not sufficient.

But based on the number of negative experiences that I have had personally, and the many negative experiences that I witnessed other patients having, and the many that I read about all the time, I just have to assume that their are not enough patients who are not okay with these deplorable conditions to add their voices with the others who are also not okay with it.

But be that as it may, I still appreciate the Alternative Medicinal Information that he shares with the country on Diet, Exercise and Nutrition as well as the Effective Management of Chronic Diseases like Cancer, Heart Disease, Aids, etc, (everything except Kidney Failure), which I believe cannot be a Coincidence.

There are some Dark Forces somewhere who are Fighting to prevent Kidney Failure Patients from changing the Paradigm of Kidney Failure being an "Incurable Disease", to fighting and advocating for all Potential Currently Suppressed Cures being released IMMEDIATELY for Human Trials.

And maybe the information in the video above is the reason why his producers repeatedly deny our request for a show featuring Dialysis Patients.

But I posted this here, just to give you an example of how far this Fraternity of Medical Practitioners will go to protect their Profits and Egos with their God Complexes and their "I am the only way attitudes".

And to also warn you of the fact that if you do practice anything in the Alternative Medicine Realm, like taking Supplements, Meditating or any other "Out of the box" Preventive Medicine or Cures-they are out to get you too.

Congress is actually working on a bill that will take away our FREEDOM to take Nutritional Supplements and to Utilize other Natural Health Remedies to keep ourselves healthy, prevent illness or to treat currently existing ailments in this manner.

If you want to know who the Dark Forces are behind these Assaults on American Liberty are, start with the doctors who are attacking Dr. Oz, and then follow the money right back to the Mainstream Medical Industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry, and you will find the source.

It's also worth mentioning the Corrupt and Greedy Politicians who they have bought and paid for.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Monday, April 13, 2015

Conspiracy Theorist-Definition

No That's Not It!

This is it!

Its what Conspirators call people who are on to them to make those who are uninformed and who only accept the Common Knowledge that is Implanted in their minds by the "Powers That Be", which includes the Filtered Information given by the Government, Mainstream Media, Corporations, the Law Profession, Pharmaceutical Corporations, the Banking Industry, Wall street, Crooked Politicians, etc, etc, etc.

If you are a Dialysis Patient who wants and or needs to be cured-you can't listen to all of the information that that they place at your fingertips for Immediate and Effortless Consumption.

You are going to have to think for yourself by digging deep beneath the surface for the information that they will never allow you to easily obtain.

In other words, "You're gonna have to do some work".

Keeping in mind, that nothing worth having has and never will come without the Sustained Efforts of Individuals and Groups who work hard to get what they want.

Is making your life as a Dialysis Patient more bearable through much needed Reforms of the Dialysis Industry to your advantage instead of the Corporation's Advantage, leading to the release of Currently Suppressed Potential Cures for Human Trials worth fighting for?

Only You! as an individual can answer that question.

And if your answer is yes, and you combine your efforts with people who want the same thing, than there is a real possibility that together, we can have our lives back by putting an end to all of the Pain, Suffering and Premature Death that End Stage Renal Failure and the "Treatment" of it causes; as a result of a CURE.

If that's what you want-Start Here.......

And Here........

Tell your Representatives what you want to see in HR 4814

Please contact your Senators and Congressman in support of H.R.4814 - Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement in Research and Treatment Act of 2014 113th Congress (2013-2014).

You pay their salaries of $170.000 + per year.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sanbernardino Police Nearly Beats Man To Death

Well! The Police State of America's Para Military Soldiers have once again violated the Constitutional Rights of a suspect; (after he is in custody).

Francis Pusok, 30, a suspect in an identity theft case, in Sanbernardino, CA, who also abandoned his car during the pursuit and stole a horse to continue the pursuit, was obviously breaking the law.

However, like so many other suspects before him-breaking the law is not a simple justification for Law Enforcement Officers with a Gang Mentality to appoint themselves Judge, Jury and Executioner once a suspect is apprehended and clearly no longer a threat to anyone including the policeman who are beating their asses.

Like all other American Ideals, the right to a speedy and fair trial is not really a right.

Just like "Justice, Freedom and Equality for All"; our rights under what is supposed to be a System of Justice as a suspect or prisoner are just words on a piece of paper that we as a country are still struggling, (against some very dark and evil forces), to make a reality.

This, and all other Video Evidence prior to this incident has clearly demonstrated the fact that Justice is no where to be found when these people, (who are basically just Murderers with a badge), are just that-Murders with a badge caught on tape being themselves.

The things that are now a matter of public record, because of Civic Minded Individuals with the Latest Technological Gadgets who are willing to put themselves at risk to document these incidents are just documenting facts that people in African American Communities and in other Minority Communities have been trying to tell the American People for far too long; while other Americans who have not and are not likely to experience this type of violence at that hands of what they refer to as "Officers of the Law", could not, or would not comprehend these reports as being true.

And what is so frightening about these incidents is that they will continue to escalate in frequency and degree until we as a nation decide that we have had enough. And also, the fact that the Police Departments involved in these Violent Incidents that are captured by devices capable of producing Very High Definition Video and Audio Recordings, are telling us that we do not see what we saw. And they are also telling the (Non Independent Prosecutors) in these cases that what they are seeing is not real and that their are incidents and circumstances prior to the start of the recordings that justifies beating someone to death who is either already in custody and under control or in the process of surrendering.

As a result, far too many of these Murder Cases are being dismissed.

And another "New Phenomenon", which is nothing new to many of us who are Minorities in America is the fact that its not just "Officers of the Law" who are getting away with Murder, but also Vigilante Hunters who just want to kill someone whom they deem to be an animal whose life does not matter; are also killing people unnecessarily and getting away with it.

We all know Instinctively or Intellectually or both, that these incidents have got to stop because, as long as they continue, none of us are safe.

And this includes not only the people who have broken the law and are entitled to a Fair Trial; but also innocent people who are just going about their daily lives trying to survive and take care of their families. This dark reality is also dangerous for the many Officers of the Law who are Good, Decent and Honest Men and Woman who go out in the streets everyday across America who put their lives on the line to Protect and Serve.

But we also know Instinctively or Intellectually or both, that nothing bad stops or changes for the better without us united in the fight to do so.

So with that in mind, what are WE going to do?

I hope the answer is: everything that we can safely and effectively do together as a nation.

Because WE must stop it, before it stops us.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dear Mr. Surgeon General

@Surgeon General #AskTheSurgeonGeneral

You have 9 minutes to #AskTheSurgeonGeneral.

Stop Giving Dialysis Corporations Unlimited Powers Over Sick People.

When is someone with authority going to do something about the Dialysis Industry?

This industry is heavily regulated when it comes to Technical Issues but is totally unregulated when it comes to the Humanity and the Individual Needs of patients.

This industry and too many people who control it and work in it are not focused on the Quality of Life or the Quantity of Life of patients. Instead, they use numbers against the patients with the blessings of the Federal Government in order to Maximize Profits for the Corporations as opposed to balancing this Greed with a Genuine Concern for Patients and not just Profits.

The Dialysis Industry is in need of some Serious Reforms that will stop it from treating patients like Numbers, Statistics and Human Cattle instead of people who are suffering from a very painful and deadly disease.

End Stage Renal Failure is not a SPORT to see who can Maintain Perfect Body Chemistry that even Normal Healthy People who are not sick are not able to do.

And then being Tormented, Punished and Threatened with Complete Termination of Life Sustaining Treatments because they don't measure up and therefore do not generate Massive Profits for the Centers and the Corporations that owns and operates them.

We are Human Beings that are forced to suffer in silence every day, because the industry that is responsible for treating us is more interested in Stats than the Human Beings who are ill.

These Deplorable Conditions within this industry must be changed and changed real soon.

In addition, all Currently Suppressed Potential Cures that are being suppressed to Protect Profits need to be released immediately for Human Clinical Trials; to give those of us who suffer from End Stage Renal Failure a decent chance of getting back our lives and finally ending the Vicious Cycle of Pain,Fear, Suffering and Abuse.

When is someone with authority going to take the cover off of the Deplorable Conditions that exist within the Dialysis Industry?

That is my question.

Let's see if we can get some answers from "America's Top Doctor".

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Thursday, March 19, 2015

10 Things Dialysis Patients Don't Know That They Should Know

Actually! This Blog Post is targeting Dialysis Patients who dare to, (not just dream of a cure), but for those who are willing to Advocate, Fight and Seek Out a CURE or Cures that will end their Pain and Suffering for the rest of their lives, thus allowing them to die naturally instead of something as unnatural as having End Stage Renal Failure and needing a machine or a kidney from a cadaver, (not to live); but to just survive.

For everyone else, you can either choose to be educated about the fact surrounding your illness and the industry that is responsible for treating it; or, you can just close your browser and tune this Actual and Factual Information out.

1. The Dialysis Industry does not want you to even think that you can be cured, because if you start doing that and that excitement, enthusiasm and energy is transferred to other patients who never even considered the possibility, this would be disastrous to this industry's Business Model and Profit Structure.

2. The Dialysis Industry is built in such a way that the sicker you are; the more money they make.

3. Instilling in Patients Helplessness, Hopelessness and a Total Unending Dependency on the Dialysis Industry and the Kidney Transplantation Industry is built into the Systematic Training of each and every employee on every level from the Nephrologists down to the Dialysis Technicians who put you on and take you off, (hopefully very carefully and safely); the machine.

4. Dialysis Center Managers, Social Workers, Dietitians and Technicians, receive Company Bonuses including Prizes, Awards, Recognition, Promotions, Trips and Cash for Manipulating Patients into accepting things that they may not want or need to survive-Things like: Unnecessary Access Surgeries, Unnecessary and Toxic Pharmaceuticals whose Side Effects are worse than the conditions that they are supposedly created to correct, Referrals to Specialists (in and out of Nephrology), and other excesses in Dialysis Products and Services,for the primary purpose of generating more Profits for the Center and the Corporation that owns the Center.

5. If you are so inclined to dreaming about the day that you get your life back as the result of a CURE, or you Demand that Nothing Be Done To Your Body Against Your Will- YOU will be labeled as an "Outcast" with Defamatory Titles such as: "Trouble Maker", "Crazy", "Ignorant About The Nature of Your Illness" and most famously: "Non Compliant" or "Disruptive". Note: the latter is reserved for those who Actively Refuse certain Surgeries and Medications or other Procedures that the patient themselves feel is more harmful to their bodies than the conditions that they are told they will correct.

6. Once you are labeled with any of the Character Assassinations above; you are subject to Corporal Punishment up to and including the Discontinuance of Life Sustaining Treatment, (which according to the U.S. Government; these Dialysis Centers and Dialysis Corporations have a Legal Right to do). In other words, if you do not accept every Product, Service or Treatment that they Prescribe for you or agree with EVERYTHING they do or say-They have the Legal Right to (Let You Die), by completely and totally cutting you off from the treatment that assists in your survival. Note: The Government Entity that Approves of and Condones these types of actions against dialysis patients who realize that they still have Legal Rights as Human Beings under the U.S. Constitution is the CMMS. You probably know them as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

7. This Business Model is not based on (Just) keeping you alive. This business is based on Capitalizing, (For Profit); on Our Pain, Our Fear, Our Suffering and Our Natural Fear as Human Beings of Dying-Not on Empathy, Concern or Individualized Treatments that best suit the Individual Characteristics and Lifestyle of its Customers, "Patients".

It's One Size Fits All.

8. There are currently many organizations and people who you will not hear about from the staff at your dialysis center, (because that is not a part of their training), who are Actively Involved in Producing Safe, Effective and Affordable Cures for End Stage Renal Failure but; you will never hear about them unless you join with others to do the work and research necessary to allow the people who are working on these cures to continue without being Bought or Intimidated to the point where the risks outweigh the benefits for those who seriously want to end the pain and suffering that End Stage Renal Failure creates in the lives of millions of people everyday.

9. You need to know that the reason you hear about Human Trials and Potential Cures for Cancer, Aids, Diabetes and other diseases that like Kidney Failure, were once considered "Incurable" is no accident. Its the Corporate Doctors, Lawyers and Lobbyist who Manipulate our Government to do its bidding so they can continue to protect their Power, Greed, and Insatiable Thirst for Constantly Increasing Profits, no matter how many People Suffer for the rest of their lives or Die because of this, and other very Painful and Deadly Diseases.

10. You need to know that unless and until, "We The People", (Because Patients Are People Too), and those of us who are Americans are also Citizens of the United States of America, who have certain unalienable Rights. Until WE, (Not Somebody Else); Stands Up, Speaks Out and Demands that this Industry Implements Reforms that Balance Concern for Patients with Maximizing Profits-These Deplorable and Inhumane Conditions that exist within this industry that allows people to be treated like Cattle instead Thinking, Feeling and Hurting Human beings will remain in place.Because, POWER Concedes Nothing Without A Fight

Well there you have it: 10 Things Dialysis Patients Should Know That They Don't Know.

I hope that if you already know these things that you will act on them to alert The Powers That Be to the fact that this industry is literally "Getting Away With Murder" and that you want it to STOP Immediately, and that you also want all Potential Cures Released for Human Trials Immediately.

Until we get together and Organize, then it will be every Man, Woman and Child for themselves against this industry. And on an Individual Basis, we can't do anything to bring down this GIANT.

But together we can do Anything!

Take One Small Step Right Now.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Friday, March 13, 2015

If Our Government Does Not Take Care Of Our Soldiers-

How do you think you're going to fair as a dialysis patient in America?

The answer is not very well.


Because millions of dialysis patients suffer in silence everyday around the world at the hands of corporations and individuals who are not genuinely passionate or interested in putting patient's safety, health,longevity or quality of life first.

They are only interested in Massive Profits and Paychecks.

And as long as the majority of dialysis patients fail to unite and form alliances for our protection, these terrible conditions will continue to exist and only get worse.

It is also important to note that until these alliances that are formed, Proactively Demand that Potential Cures, (which are currently being suppressed by those who Profit from our Pain and Suffering), be released, these terrible conditions will continue to exist.

Take just one small step towards changing things for the better for Dialysis Patients.

Attention Dialysis Patients: If you don't like what you see, feel or are experiencing at the hands of this Greedy Corporate Entity; please do your part to alert the "Powers That Be" to the fact that there is a problem with this industry and how it treats its Cattle, (Patients). If you are a dialysis patient, you are part of one of the most profitable rackets in the U.S.

Only thing is, you don't profit or benefit.....They do!

Sign The Petition.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy