Saturday, May 21, 2016

Attn: Dialysis Patients. Share Your Nightmares To Help Other Dialysis Patients..........

If you have a story or multiple stories about something negative that has happened to you. Or, you have witnessed other patients disrespected, threatened or abused physically, mentally or emotionally as a result of having a disease that must be treated by a Greedy, Corrupt and Careless Industry, please don't just suffer in silence.

Share your stories with others who may be Informed, Helped or Inspired by them, to put forth efforts to make the much needed Changes that this industry must be forced to make, so that Patients will be the #1 Priority instead of Profits.

If your spirit moves you to do so, please share your stories here on this blog and add your name to a growing list of patients and loved ones of patients who are sick and tired of being or seeing their loved ones lied to, mistreated and abused all in the name of PROFITS.

Please Join Us Here Today.

We are working to change "Kidney Failure" into "Kidney Success" through Legal Reforms, Industry Watchdogs and finally through fighting to have (Currently Suppressed Potential Kidney Failure Cures), Released Immediately for Human Clinical Trials, so that Patients can regain control of their Health, Happiness and Lives.

If you have a story to tell-tell it!.

You can remain anonymous if you feel that your life may be endangered for speaking out.

We are patients too and fully understand your fears.

We live with them everyday.

That's why we are fighting for Change and Cures that benefit patients.

Please Join Us.

Thank you!

And I hope that you will live to see the day that you are FREE as a result of a CURE.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy