Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Are You Being Accessed To Death?

This is a warning to all Dialysis Patients who may not be aware of the fact that sometimes, in their haste to boost profits, some dialysis centers,(especially as a result of the Nephrologist), who is the highest earning staff member at a center with the authority to order these surgeries), sometimes will overload the bodies of dialysis patients with unnecessary accesses.

Even in my early years as a dialysis patient, I was instinctively aware of this practice when the Nephrologist at my first dialysis center tried to convince me to get as many accesses put in while I had an appointment with an Access Surgeon. He told me to ask the surgeon to examine my body in preparation for installing as many accesses as possible for future use so that I'd be sure that I had them in place if and when I needed them.

There are several reasons why this occurs.

The most obvious of course is the more products and services that they can convince you or scare you into believing that you need; the more money they make.

So as I've said many times before, dialysis patients must be acutely aware of the fact that the sicker you are or become, the more money they can make off of you.

Sometimes, in order to boost profits when there are too many patients who they cannot intimidate or harass in to accepting unnecessary surgeries, pharmaceuticals consultations and other Dialysis Products and Services, they will look for the uninformed and vulnerable patients who either through a lack of knowledge about their disease and its treatment or through inexperience don't know any better.

The other reason is that this Unnecessary Mutilation of your body not only creates Severe Physical Trauma to the body, but it also leaves many Severe Emotional Scars that take away any hope of a patient being healthy again as the result of a cure. And to break you down and diminish your will so that you feel so helpless and hopeless that they can accomplish total control over you, which allows them to order things for you that may not be necessary to sustain your life.

They also try and convince you that the things that they order for you are designed to make you feel better- It's "The More Is Better Hypnotic Trance", that they try to put you in by saying a better access or more and more dialysis will make you feel better, (which is funny, because the people who order all of these things that make you feel better have no idea of how you feel in your body), because they are not and never have been on dialysis.

So my questions in response are: How in the hell do you know how I feel, and how do you know that I don't already feel as good as I want to feel without all of the Excessive Drugs, Surgeries, Procedures, Consultations and Pharmaceuticals that you claim I need to feel better, (which you who are not in my body), or you who do not have my disease is supposed to be able to tell me?

Here is the truth about how you are going to feel most of the time as a Dialysis Patient: "Like Shit!".

And all of the Unnecessary Excesses that they order for you are not going to make you feel much better.

Of course, sometimes you are going to get really sick; (and as a result), if they apply some of the necessary treatments with the intention of helping you to feel better and get better, you will feel better and get better.

But far too many times Dialysis Center Employees are trained to create problems where there are none for the purpose of increasing the Corporation's Bottom Line.

But the ugly truth that you need to know, (which many Dialysis Centers won't tell you), is that the amount of accesses that the body can accommodate is very limited-And you should know this so that you can stop them from "Accessing You To Death".

How do you know if you are being accessed to death?

Well! if every time you turn around, you are being told that you can't have a catheter because it it too dangerous, or that whatever your access is, it needs to be changed often so that you can feel better, and you are down to catheters in your Thighs, Calves, Groin, Legs, Ankles etc; then you are being or have been, accessed to death.

The ugly truth is that the Dialysis Industry will use Fear, Intimidation, Pain, Threats and Lies to get you to make them the most money possible by telling you that all of the many things that they order for you, will make you feel better and live longer, but I don't know how my entire body being mutilated by Unnecessary Access Surgeries or Poisoned by Unnecessary Pharmaceuticals and other Excessive Products and Services is going to increase the quality and quantity of my life.

If you have any doubts about this, just take a look at the Average Dialysis Patient who has allowed them to do anything to their bodies without question-you can definitely identify these patients immediately.

The bottom line is that most of what this industry does, it does to benefit itself in the form of more and more profits, which is what they have to do because, these centers are run by Large Corporations whose job is to make the Most Money Possible for their Stock Holders, and to do this, they really don't give a damn how bad you suffer or how much pain you go through or how quickly you die, because dialysis is becoming an epidemic which means once they are through with you, they will just replenish their stock with more patients who have had the unfortunate experience of having their kidneys fail.

Safer, Faster, Better?

There is nothing that is SAFE after your kidneys fail.

Everything that you choose is going to involve risks.

But I believe since it is the patient's life who we are talking about, the patient should have more authority when it comes to choosing any option that has to do with their treatment.

This is not the way that the Dialysis Industry currently operates.

The Dialysis Industry currently operates more like a Plantation or Concentration Camp where patients either accept Everything that they offer them, or they have the right to Cherry Pick those who do, and let those who don't die as a result of no treatment at all, because they want the Freedom to decide what they want and do not want done to their bodies.

This is not something that I have just heard talk of or that I just dreamed up.

I am that kind of Proactive Patient and have been for over 13 years now, and I have actually experienced the things I am speaking about here, and I have experienced these things at between 8 to 10 dialysis center.

This means that this Industry is in serious need of Reform and more Regulation than they currently are operating under.

The Dialysis Industry Is The Ultimate Death Panel! So do your homework so that no one can fool you into believing that the "Product of the Month" is going to work magic in your life in spite of the fact that you have End Stage Renal Failure.

Fact is: The only thing that can work "Real Magic" in your life as a person who has Kidney Failure is a CURE.

That is what this Blog is all about: "Creating The Movement To Cure Kidney Failure".

I hope that all of you who are looking for Magic in your lives that will eliminate the Pain, Suffering, Threats, Unnecessary Surgeries, Pharmaceuticals,lies, Doctors, Nurses, Dialysis Techs, Blood Pressure Crashes, Cramps and Premature Sudden Death and all of the other Devastating and Catastrophic Effects of Dialysis and Kidney Transplants; will come and join the movement so that we will find a cure for End Stage Renal Failure together and make those who are in positions of power become a voice for the millions of dialysis patients who are forced to suffer in silence on a daily basis just to survive.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Monday, September 22, 2014

Over-Medicated, Immuno Suppressed Americans Likely To Suffer High Fatality Rate If Ebola Sweeps Across USA

If you are a Dialysis Patient or a Kidney Transplant Patient then this story is very important for you to read.

I keep in touch via email subscriptions, with all kinds of information relative to Kidney Failure Patient Risks as well as Risks to the American Public in general.

This article is written by a guy by the name of Mike Adams,AKA, The Health Ranger.

He has categorized this as a Major Threat to the General Public because of this country's insistence on Over Prescribing Pharmaceuticals-not for "Health Sake" But for "Profits Sake".

This is particularly true for patients who are trapped inside the nightmare of requiring Dialysis and other Kidney Failure Related Treatments such as Kidney Transplants.

I just want to say that I have been following this guy and his reports for over 6 months now, and I just want to tell you that he has said many astonishing things that would lead the Average Brainwashed American to dismiss them as BS.

But I tell you!-Several months ago, the Government said that we did not have to concern ourselves with an Ebola Outbreak here in the U.S..

But Mike Adams said that this was a lie and that they were secretly preparing for the worse while they told us not to worry.

Well! I don't know if you noticed that in the last few weeks, the President has visited the CDC for a very long meeting and he has also came out publicly stating that there is now a danger of Ebola hitting the U.S.

This is one of many things that Mike Adams has gotten right since I have been reading his newsletters.

So please read the following article on Ebola by Mike Adams, AKA, The Health Ranger,keeping in mind that Conspiracy is not a Theory-It is a Fact.

Read Article By Clicking Here

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy