Thursday, August 28, 2014

You On Dialysis? Who You Vote For Can Be A Matter Of Life & Death

There is an election rapidly approaching.

And even though it is not a Presidential Election, it is just as important, (if not more so, than the Presidential Election).

Because contrary to some people's popular beliefs; we do not have a king and this is not a Monarchy .

So if you will, consider the fact that even the President of the United State of America needs the support of Congress and the other branches of government to effectively and efficiently get productive and positive things done for our nation, then if you are sick and need help, then you need to pay attention to who is doing what in this country politically.

Now I am not going to debate with you about your Political Persuasion, but I am simply going to ask you to pay attention to those who want to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the SNAP Program and other programs that benefit people who may not be able to work, due to the tremendous pain, suffering and side effects that can be caused by the fact that your kidneys are not working, and by the processes that you must endure in order to stay alive.

There are far too many people who want to cut funds for your Treatments, Medications, Supplies, Transportation and all of the other necessities that End Stage Renal Failure Patients need to stay alive.

So please pay attention and vote accordingly.

Because to all of you who are sadly mistaken about how much your Dialysis Center and the Corporation that owns it loves you, (because of all of the things they do to keep you alive out of the goodness of their hearts)-If you want to be shaken awake to the truth about the matter; let the Federal Government Cut the Budget for all of those excessive things that they do to keep you alive.

Many of which are not necessary for your survival, but necessary for them to Maximize their Profits at Your Expense.

And believe me when I say this: When the government stops paying for all of these things, they will not love you enough to keep you alive for FREE.

So please be an activist and advocate for yourselves, because as long as you don't, nobody else will.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

Enjoy your Family, Friends and Loved Ones, but most of all, enjoy the Positive Vision of being FREE as a result of totally removing the need for Dialysis and or Kidney Transplants from your life Forever!

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Technology To Cure Kidney Failure Is Already In Existence

If you don't believe or are not willing to work for Reformation of the Dialysis Industry and Promoting the Research that will set us Free from this Dangerous, Painful and Deadly disease; please stop reading right here.

Don't waste your time or the time of those who are serious about finding a cure for Kidney Failure.

All that is missing is your passion for a cure and your voices being driven by that passion to be heard around the world. And then of course there's the Uniting and Organizing that leads to financing, legal and political protection and the total reform of the Dialysis Industry and the Research Industry which is what this blog is, has been and will always be about.

If you are a Dialysis Patient who is determined not to die being a Dialysis Patient, then please read the story produced by CNN, and then become a part of this blog by leaving a comment which will automatically make you a member of a blog that is trying to make your dream of a cure come true.

Have a great day, and I hope that you will realize that if you truly want to be cured of End Stage Renal Failure, sitting back waiting for someone to do it for you is not an option, and neither is being inactive and silent.

Those who control the resources that we need to be cured must hear our voices loud and clear and feel our passion and our resolve.

So let's give it to them full force.

And remember as you watch this video; that this is just one of many approaches being taken by Serious Members of the Research Community to Cure Kidney Failure and other "Incurable Diseases".

Look at this video from CNN to Ignite your Hope and Passion for a Cure.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Warning: CDC gunning even harder for your girls (and boys)

Article by Jenny Thompson, Health Sciences Institute

Dear Reader,

There's a frightening campaign going on all over the country. It started in 5 states, but the plan is to cover the entire USA. The CDC is leading the pack, and won't be happy until at least 80 percent of our kids and grandkids -- both boys and girls -- get their 3 risky doses of the HPV vaccine. Now, the numbers of children who have been getting either Gardasil or Cervarix shots hasn't really gone up in the past few years. And that's very good news. It's the result of parents sharing their tragic stories, and people like you spreading the word so families learn just how dangerous these HPV vaccines are. But the CDC is out to fix that. They'll will do whatever it takes to get those numbers up. And it's targeting moms and doctors first with a state-by-state plan. So here's what you have to watch out for. Because your state -- and your kid -- could be the next target.


Gardasil nation


It first started out a few months ago with the President's Cancer Panel report. It was an official-looking document from an official-sounding panel. But once you give it a good read, its officialness falls apart fast. It's really nothing more than a sales campaign that goes on and on about ways to increase Gardasil and Cervarix sales.

It even begins with a letter to Obama. It says that the panel "has exciting news to report to you" about how to "eliminate" certain types of cancers. It says that our children's future is at stake. And that's the only part that's true. With what's now going on, our children's future is at stake.

Step two is to get doctors and pharmacists to push the vaccines. And to also track kids through electronic medical records to make sure they get the full three shots -- in either their doctor's office or at places like the Walmart or supermarket pharmacy.

Next comes the countrywide state-by-state plan to hit families with a more local angle. That has started in five states already -- Illinois, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico and South Carolina.

The state plans are sneaking up on moms and kids with things like "peer marketing," reminder calls and parent "outreach." The CDC just held a press conference talking about all these plans. And only one reporter dared to ask the big question. She's with Yahoo Health, and she wanted to know about the safety "concerns." She asked about reports saying that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has already awarded $6 million dollars to families because of death and injuries from these HPV vaccines.

And the answer she got from the CDC sounded like it came straight from Big Pharma. It came from Dr. Anne Schuchat, an assistant surgeon general and head of the National Center of Immunization. Dr. Schuchat said that there are no "serious" adverse events that "have been considered causally linked" with the HPV vaccine."

Then she says...

"While there have been some individuals who unfortunately have died in the period after getting an HPV vaccine, there's not considered to be an association between that."

Please, Dr. Schuchat, give me a break! These "individuals" we're talking about are just kids!

So why is the "vaccine court" paying out millions of dollars to families? Believe me, the government wouldn't be shelling out one cent if there was no "association" with the tragedies this vaccine has caused.

What about more than 31,000 reports of adverse reactions to these HPV vaccines. Or the reports of scores of deaths linked to these shots.

And, Dr. Schuchat, what about this frightening fact: A review article published in the Annals of Medicine about Gardasil and Cervarix states that among their many side effects are "cervical cancers."

I've been saying it for years and nothing has changed. There is simply no reason to get your child a Gardasil vaccine. None.

Conspiracy Is Not A Theory It Is A Fact.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy