Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What The #$%^!

Imagine you had a serious Parasitic Infection that could kill you if you did not have access to a certain drug?

And now imagine that the price of that drug increased over 5000% over night.

A drug that you need to save your life went from $13.50 per pill to $750.00 per pill.

The drug is called Deraprin and is manufactured by Turing pharmaceuticals.

A serious price increase initiated by Martin Shkreli, the CEO of the company that was done simply because it could be done without impunity.

You really don't have to imagine anymore, because it really did just happen.

And you know what?

If the people who need this drug and the people who love the people who need this drug just sits back quietly and accepts it, then this situation will be just like the Silent Atrocities inflicted upon dialysis patients which continues to escalate. As does the cost of treating dialysis patients, which will continue to be Artificially Inflated by unnecessary prescriptions, access surgeries, expert consultation referrals and other such deplorable medical orders that will continue to occur even if they do not add to the patient's quality of life.

As a matter of fact, many of these unnecessary excesses actually causes a decrease in the patient's quality of life.

So why do they do these things?

Because they can.

And its not just this one particular company or just the dialysis industry. These miscarriages of justice involving human lives are now an accepted practice in the entire Mainstream Medical Community in America.

So when does it stop?

When the massive number of people who are being adversely affected by these conditions and the people who care about them stand up, and make so much GOD Dammned noise until it will be impossible for these Mega Medical Corporate Conglomerates to ignore our outrage.

I've pretty much been speaking alone since 2003 about these issues and it seems as if nobody else really cares to stop it.

But of course my voice alone and the few other people who are standing up and fighting back are not enough to be heard or counted.

We need millions of people to speak up and speak out so this Murder For Profit Scheme in America can be eliminated.

So I am appealing to anyone who is involved in a situation like this or knows and loves someone who is; to please organize and unite to take this power over human life away from these Greedy Corporate Entities.

You can start right here, right now by joining in the conversation and offering your comments, suggestions or complaints about yours or someone else s Traumatic Experiences as a result of these Corrupt Corporate Medical Practices.

Unless and until you do; not only will these injustices continue to occur, but they will become more frequent and more debilitating for the patients. And these corporations will become more powerful.

At this point I believe they can still be stopped. However, we have to do it before they become unstoppable.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy