Saturday, October 4, 2014

Starting Dialysis Is Dangerous

That's why we need to fight for a cure.

Dialysis Is Dangerous

That's why were are advocating for the release of all Potential Cures that are Currently being Suppressed for Profit's Sake, be released for Human Clinical Trials for those who are willing to take a chance at Freedom Through A Cure rather than staying on Dialysis for the rest of their lives or getting a Kidney Transplant-A procedure that, (in spite of what your Kidney Professionals tell you), has not been perfected.

In addition, the last time I checked, those Anti Rejection Drugs that a Transplant Patient needs for their entire life is only covered by Medicare for only 3 years.

So if you do manage to have a Successful Transplant, it is important to note that most transplant patients do experience some level of pain and suffering as a result, because a Kidney Transplant, just like Dialysis is not a CURE.

It's just another for of Lifetime Treatment.

So if you are fortunate enough to remain healthy enough to work for the rest of your life to pay for a lifetime supply of these Anti Rejection Drugs, then you are truly in the minority.

Because most people who have a Kidney Transplant usually get just as sick as, (if not more so), then people on Dialysis.

Are willing to temp fate?

I'm still convinced that a CURE is the best way to go and the best way to spend your energy and time working for .

My message and this blog is directed at those who have not been Programmed by the Dialysis Industry to give up all Hope of a Cure.

This blog is dedicated to those who dare to dream and work towards forming a movement to find a cure for End Stage Renal Failure.

If you look around you, you will see and hear people talking about cures for cancer, cures for AIDS, cures for Heart Disease and cures for many other diseases that were once considered to be incurable.

At the same time, you never, ever, ever hear about any Organized Efforts in play to end the pain and suffering of millions of patients who suffer daily as a result of End Stage Renal Failure and the Industry that Magnifies that Pain and Suffering with Austere, Antiquated and Outdated Polices, Practices and Procedures which they impose upon their Captive Audiences who are SICK.

They do this dirt because they can.

And I call on all people who have experienced this abuse personally or witnessed other patients being abused unnecessarily, to come and join this movement knowing that, (the only way to put an end to these Silent Atrocities and the Pain and Suffering that it causes is to Advocate, Research and do the necessary work to make a cure for End Stage Renal Failure a Reality).

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy