Thursday, November 2, 2017

Dialysis Patient Thought For The Day,.........Reminder For Independent Thinking Patients Fighting For A CURE.....

Dialysis Center Staff Friends

You don't have any!

Are their staff members at your current dialysis center loving, appreciating, respecting you and leading you to believe that their your friends now; and that they will be your friends for life, and that they always have your best interest at heart?

When you leave them, you will find out just how much Bullshit that really was.

At a dialysis center, your care and treatment is heavily incentivized by staff members who receive bonuses, trips, promotions and other rewards for making you believe that all of the pharmaceuticals, surgeries and consults with other specialist, (which they receive a referral fee for),is only for your benefit.

Trust me-It's not........

It's for the purpose of furthering their careers and padding their pockets with more cash, trips and promotions for making you do things that you may be opposed to, because you realize and demand that your body be treated the way that you want it to be treated,(Which this industry cleverly labels "Non-Compliant"), which creates just cause for them to terminate your treatments and let you die if you refuse to become their slave.


Because they want to do whatever they want to do to your body with no questions, objections or thought on your part.

"Just Obey Us Because We're Your God"

How do I know these tactics so well?

Because after 16 years years of dealing with the people in this industry, (out of the hundreds and maybe thousands that I met who claimed to love me, guess how many of those friends I still have?


And if you poll other patients who have equal or more time as a dialysis patient as you have, you will hear similar stories like this.

Don't be anybody's fool.

You will not find very many friends in this Toxic Environment unless you cross souls with some of the other patients there.

Now that's possible, because you both have something in common-you are both suffering from the disease and the greedy, evil, deceptive and hateful industry that is treating you.

Until you meet that person, never forget that your only friend at a dialysis center or the company if you are a home patient is you.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy