Monday, September 18, 2017

Dialysis Patient Thought For Today

Dialysis Corporations Are Bullish On Patients.

If the staff at your dialysis center is more upset about your labs and your health than you are, then you need to know that you life and health is not what they're upset about.

Here's what they are truly upset about:

Medicare's 5 Star Rating System For Dialysis Centers.

This determines how their center is rated on the government's website based on a collection of numbers called "Lab Results".

This system also determines how much each center will be compensated by Medicare based on the numbers and not what is necessarily best for the patient as an individual human being.

So if they seem extremely upset about your health, more so than you, than it is not about you.

It about this:$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Once again I say, you cannot put your total trust and life in the hands of people who Profit from the Fact that you are sick.

And that the sicker you get, the more money they make until you are DEAD.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy