Saturday, January 30, 2016

How Can Dialysis Patients Participate In A Democracy When Dialysis Is A Dictatorship

If the Dialysis Industry was truly designed primarily to save our lives and to make our quality of life better, then why in the hell do they Bitch about a clearance rate of 1.98 because its not 2, if you're still alive?

Especially if I've you've been alive for the most part, at 1.98 or lower for over 14 years?

Why is a Phosphorus level of 5.3, (if you're still living), so bad, if the primary goal is to keep you alive, and you are?

And even though Potassium is a very dangerous level for cardiovascular function if it gets extremely high or low, why in the hell do they Bitch about 5.2 instead of 5, if your still alive and well?

Especially if you are active, healthy, happy and satisfied with Your Quality of Life as it currently exists?

Why can't they let the patient decide the quality and level of life they want to have before their chronic illness takes them away from this world?

Its because keeping you alive is secondary to them.

Keeping a Greedy, Corrupt Industry alive and well is the real reason behind the excesses, abuses, harassment and threats against our lives that we as Dialysis Patients have to endure just so they can bill insurance companies even more for shit that sometimes is not even required to sustain life.

And the reason that the Federal Government is complicit in this Conspiracy and will only pay the dialysis centers for certain numbers based on their standards for the patients, is because they are doing Human Experiments on Poor, (Mostly Minority), Sick People.

And they do this shit because they can.

Yes Dialysis does Save Lives.

And that's a good thing.

But that's also the problem.

You see! Just because we need a certain amount of their products and services to survive,(not all of their damn products and services); many of the things that they do or demand of us as patients have nothing to do with surviving Kidney Failure.

They use the fact that if we don't do dialysis we will die, to sort of say, "Well! unless you blindly and slavishly accept each and every surgery, drug, consultation or referral to a specialist, (even to a specialist who addresses issues that the patient chooses not to address), because doing so may severely decrease their Quality of Life, (which is already Piss Poor), and Short, they will insist that you do accept the appointments that they set up for you or threaten to stop treating you which will result in your death, which the last time I looked, was considered to be MURDER in this country.

Why do you think they roll Half Dead People on Stretchers from Ambulances who really don't have much life left in their bodies at all into Dialysis Centers for treatment?

Because the God Damn Machine is just like the Meter in a cab.

As long as it is running, they are earning big bucks.

So most sensible dialysis patients appreciate the fact that dialysis does exists, and that there are a few people in the industry that actually give a damn about the sick human beings that they are charged with treating.

But far too many people in this industry use our illness and dependency on this industry's machines and other products and services to force us to accept all of their products and services rather we want or need them or not-that's Pure Evil and yet Perfectly Legal in the United States of America.

And that SHIT needs to stop one way or another.

They are using every little fraction of a lab report as an excuse to do more surgeries, prescribe more Powerful Toxic Pharmaceuticals that often times have Side Effects that are more severe than the condition that the drug is supposedly designed to correct, unnecessary consultations and a whole lot of other Bullshit that cannot and does not contribute to the Quality or Quantity of our lives.

I've watched several political cycles over the past 20 years and I have either never heard; or maybe heard briefly about the Greed and Corruption of the Dialysis Industry, and the Unnecessary Pain, Suffering and Death that it causes.

And it's time for these Politicians to hear about this from the people who it affects the most and the worst-the patients.

Please do your part to make the following hashtag go viral during this election cycle.


It is important that you know that the reason you don't hear about these Silent Atrocities here in the United States of America and around the world is because several of the Politicians that we are targeting are in the Dialysis Industry's Pockets, and have been bought and paid for by them.

You will know who they are by the fact that they won't mention the problems contained in this blog.

Those are the Bastards we need to get rid of ASAP.

But no one person can do it alone.

It going to take a coalition of patients.

And that is what this blog is all about.

So if you've read this far, I am very pleased that I've found other people who want their health and lives back from the dialysis industry by Reformation through Legislation and Research and Development of Cures to Permanently End the Pain and Suffering once and for all, then please participate in this project.

The amount of money that this country spends on Research and Development of a cure for End Stage Renal Failure is Deplorable.

And the Deliberate Suppression of already existing Potential Cures is even more Evil And Deplorable.

Let's put a permanent end to our Pain, Suffering and Prostitution by the Dialysis Industry aided by the United States Government Now!


Thank you,

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why None Of Them Mention You

If you are a Dialysis Patient and you feel that you have the best possible quality of life now, which would not, and could not, ever be improved by the release of currently suppressed cures; then you probably will not comprehend one thing that is being said here.

And if you believe that all of the Share Holders and Corporate CEO's that profit from our pain and suffering only want the best for you, and that they are on your side, then you obviously have not done any research what so ever, into your illness and the industry that is responsible for "Treating" it.

And if you think that the Dialysis Industry is not a Greedy, Corrupt, Inhumane Industry whose Primary Goal Is to make money-not make you well, then please don't read this.

Because, that probably also means that you have been Completely Indoctrinated by the Masterful Programs that these Corporate Medical Plantations have in place explicitly for just that purpose, which is carried out by people who have been Highly Trained to do so.

Then that probably means that you also don't understand or see the connection between your U.S. Government, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, (CMMS), and their complicity in connection with these Mega Corporate Concentration Camps for Profit Conspiracies either.

So if all that is written above about you is true, then you probably have not made it this far.

But thank you for however many words, sentences or paragraphs you have read; and good luck with these people and their motives behind seeing that you remain SICK for the rest of your life, because that means Lifetime Profits for them.

Your Freedom from Dialysis would be Certain Death for their very Successful and Organized Cash Cow-YOU.

If there is anyone reading this blog, who has recognized very suspicious occurrences and have had very uncomfortable or threatening encounters with anyone from this industry and can clearly see that something is wrong, I want to ask you a very important question.

There is a picture of some people who are asking the people of the united States to hire them for the Most Powerful Position in the world: President of the United States of America.

Now some of these people have already been removed from the competition, and some of them are still competing for the job, (far too many), who are competing for the wrong reasons.

There is only one legitimate reason why anyone should run for President of the United States of America. And that is to help as many people in this country and around the world as possible. And that includes Dialysis Patients who have their fair share of pain and suffering at the hands of Greedy and Corrupt Corporations, because we were unfortunate enough to have lost our kidney function.

So my question to you is: Why is it that not one candidate who is gone, or who is still in the race mentioned you-The Dialysis Patient?

The shortest answer is because you won't mention you and the pain and suffering that you experience as a result of Corporate Greed and taking Excessive Advantage of Sick People; just because their sick and just because they can.

They mention, Veterans, Black People,(Democrats Do);Religious People, Poor People, Immigrants, LGBT People, Latinos,Latina's, Big Businesses, Wars, the Economy, Wall street,Climate Change and so forth and so on.

But out of thousands of feet of video, and thousands of interviews, and thousands of pages of transcripts of speeches, I challenge you to find me just one mention of the Greed and Corruption of the Dialysis Industry and the Pain, Suffering and Unnecessary Death that it causes thousands of patients every year.

And when they do Murder or Defraud the Government, nobody goes to jail.

They say "I'm Sorry", pay a fine and get back to abusing more Dialysis Patients for Profits.

So, the reason that they don't say anything about these Medical Atrocities occurring in the United State of America, (Land of the Free, Home of the Brave), kind of shit, is because you won't speak up and speak out about your negative experiences and force their hands and make them address our concerns like they address all those other people's concerns.

So, if you find what I've just said to be an Eye Opener or Motivational for you; please let these people know that we will not be taken for-granted.

Please show them that, by pasting the following hashtag on every piece of social media that you can.


This is such a small and relatively safe thing for all of us to do, to let these candidates know that we are a group of people who are suffering because of the top 1/10 of 1%, also, and that we are called Dialysis Patients.

Demand that our candidates direct more money and public attention to our plight as human beings and start implementing legislation that will increase funding to the National Institutes of Health, (NIH), for research for a cure for End Stage Renal Disease; and to reform the Dialysis Industry as it currently operates fueled by Greed, Corruption, Hatred and a Lack of Concern for patients as Human Beings instead of Cattle.

I hope each one of you who don't want to continue to suffer for the rest of your life will do this one small thing; (everyday if you have the time), to give us all a chance at having our lives back, which is being taken twice-once by the disease itself,(which is bad enough), and then again by these Greedy and Corrupt Corporations.

Please let these Presidential Candidates feel your pain.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy