Wednesday, November 30, 2016

If You Believe The Dialysis Industry's Primary Purpose For Existing Is To Save Your Life-Then Don't Read This..........Read A Comic Book. Its More Factual Than This False Point Of View

The fact of the matter is, that your life is just a By Product of what the Dialysis Industry really exists to accomplish .

To the Dialysis Industry, your life is only important to the degree that it makes them profits to distribute to their Share Holders.

Most Dialysis Centers are run by Mega Global Corporations whose job is to Maximize Profits at any cost to be distributed to those who own stock in the company.

Even if doing so is detrimental to your Health and Well being.

People like the World Renowned Billionaire who will not Invest in Corporations that sell Tobacco Products for Profits because of Personal Moral or Ethics Codes,but readily invest in a Dialysis Corporation for Profit.

His Berkshire Corporation is one of the Largest Investors in a Dialysis Corporation that Forces Excesses of Pharmaceuticals, Surgeries and other Additional Products and Services on Patients,(Rather they are necessary to sustain life or not), Defrauds the Federal Government by committing repeated incidents of Medicare Fraud, and who also is one of many companies that will terminate patient's treatments who are alive, who refuse to submit to all of the excessive demands that these companies place on dialysis patient's bodies, which results in the Certain Death of a patient who was alive previously, but refused to be made into a slave simply because they are the victim of an illness and need SOME of the products and services that these companies provide to sustain their lives.

That Billionaire is Warren Buffet and the Corporation is DaVita.

Warren Buffet is one of the richest men in the world and he knows a good thing when he sees it.

That is how he became rich.

And you know what the good thing is that he sees in a Dialysis Corporation Investment?

If you are a Dialysis Patient-It's YOU.

So never let anyone deceive you into thinking that a Dialysis Center is a Charitable Humanitarian Organization.

Dialysis is a Business.

A Big and Very Profitable Business.

Now DaVita is not alone in committing these Evil Acts.

However, DaVita is the largest and most Profitable Example. But they are also the company that many of the other dialysis companies want to be.

As a result, there are many companies, (including some of the Smaller Independent Companies) that duplicate some or all of these attacks against Dialysis Patient's Human and Constitutional Rights.

And guess what?

Its all Perfectly Legal and Sanctioned by the U.S. Government.

And you will find very few agencies, individuals or even legal professionals who will protect and defend your right to choose what you want or do not want to be done to your body while you are alive.

This industry will continue to force excesses on patients for profits unless and until we as patients band together and put a stop to it once and for all.

You see! Nobody cares about people who do not care about themselves.

This is particularly true for Dialysis Patients who are usually POOR and People of Color.

So your life is really not the Primary Purpose for the Dialysis Industry's existence.

It is strictly PROFITS.

And because the motives behind what corporations do are important to the people who are at their mercy - it is important that you know the truth about those motives so that you can protect yourself.

Because, there are far too many powerful entities involved who are controlling and profiting from our pain and suffering; and they will fight to keep every cent, even if that means killing us

Want to do your part to bring about Positive Changes for Dialysis Patients?

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Please Join Us.

Thank you!

And I hope that you are willing to fight for your rights so that you will live to see the day that you are FREE as a result of a CURE for End Stage Renal Disease.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy