Tuesday, December 13, 2016

President Obama Signs The 21St. Century Cures Act-The Final Bill Signing Of His Adminsitration

President Obama has just signed into law his final bill of his Administration.

And it is a bill that oddly enough is relative to what I have been talking about and advocating for and trying to inspire Dialysis Patients to fight for in this blog since day one.

And that is increasing the U.S. Government's Investment and Participation in working on 21st. Century Effective, Humane and Expedient Cures for people who are suffering as a result of Chronic Diseases such as End Stage Renal Failure.

This bill provides 6.3 Billion in funding for Medical Research for the purpose of decreasing human suffering by developing cures for some of the most painful and debilitating diseases that we as human beings suffer and or watch our loved ones suffer through.

Now that's the good news.

But here's the bad news.

I listened as the Vice President and President ran down the list of illnesses that these funds will be used to research cures for.

They include the following:

1. Cancer

2. Brain Diseases such as Alzheimer's and Epilepsy

3. Opioid Addiction and more

Did you detect anything that is important to you that is missing?

If not!

Then there is no need for you to read any further.

But if the obvious; (which has been a constant for far too long), jumped out at you; then please read on and then take action.

The fact that these lists of diseases to target for cures constantly leave Kidney Failure out is bad news and has been a major concern for me as a dialysis patient,(and I hope that there are enough of you reading this who feel the same way) as well.

The other bad news is the fact that Trump may try to destroy this bill if he succeeds in making it to Inauguration Day without being Disqualified for the Office of the Presidency or convicted of some major civil or even criminal act.

But this doesn't have to remain bad news.

But that is up to us as Dialysis Patients.

The bill has been signed.

But we as Dialysis Patients will still go unnoticed, ignored and neglected, and left to suffer for the rest of our lives as a result of our very painful and deadly disease, and all the pain, suffering and Industry Abuse that goes with it.

What can you do?

Keep the conversation going by commenting and sharing your interests, opinions and suggestions at this blog; and talking and networking with other dialysis patients who want to be free from this disease and the Oppressive Industry that Profits from it as a result of a cure.

Sign the petition, that has been out here for over 4 years and help get it to over a thousand and possibly even more.

And you don't have to be a dialysis patient to take action.

You might just be a family member or someone who loves a dialysis patient and who wants to see them stop suffering as a result of the disease and the industry that treats it.

So, I have been working on this since my diagnosis in December, 2002.

I can't make it happen alone.

And neither can anyone of us make any positive change that alleviates or eliminates our pain and suffering alone.

In order to bring much needed reforms to the Dialysis Industry and to have all Currently Suppressed Potential Cures released for Human Clinical Trials has always required teamwork.

Unity and Teamwork is now far more crucial than ever before for Dialysis Patients and the People who love them in view of a Trump Administration in the White House.

The choice is simple: Do nothing and keep suffering until Death sets you free. Or take action and create an opportunity to be cured and to be treated with dignity, respect, and consideration as a Human Being instead of as an Inventory Item by a Greedy and Corrupt Industry that takes advantage of the fact that we are sick; while we fight for a cure.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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