Saturday, April 6, 2013

Do Not Blindly Trust Those Who Have Your Lives In Their Hands

Do you blindly trust all of the Medical Professionals who you rely on to provide you with safe, adequate and effective medical care?

Think Again!

The people who provide your Medical Care are just Human Beings.

Some of them make Honest Mistakes.

Some of them, dishonestly Violate Patient's Trust by knowingly placing the lives of their patients in danger, due to greed or any other number of evil reasons.

So by all means, do not blindly trust any medical professional-especially those who do not want to listen to your concerns or answer your questions.

The example in this article is about a Dentist that is now making national news for the evil that he committed against thousands of his patients.

However, these types of illegal, fraudulent and criminal acts are not strictly limited to the Dental Industry.

Conspiracy Is Not A Theory.......It Is A Fact Of Life for millions of people who need medical attention.

These dangerous and fraudulent practices are becoming prevalent across all of the Medical Disciplines in America, and are being driven by the ever increasing obsession towards Highly Incentivized Medicine, which makes excessive profits more important than quality treatments or the wellbeing and lives of the patients.

And if you happen to be one of the millions of sick people in America who have a Chronic Illness, who is constantly exposed to the American Medical System due to the chronic nature of your illness, you should be asking yourself the following question: What kind of “Regulatory System” would continue to allow these types of violations of Human Rights, Civil Rights, Patient’s Rights and Constitutional Rights to occur against millions of patients on a daily basis?

One that is weak and ineffective and probably paid for by the industries that are guilty of committing these heinous acts against human beings.

This Dark Reality makes it necessary for people who are seeking medical attention to become their own advocates through education, communication and constant vigilance.

I know that this is a lot to ask of most people, but consider the alternative-once you are dead-you are dead.

If a little extra effort can save your life, then it is worth it-If you value your life.

The other reason we need to do these things is because, this trend in American Medicine will continue to escalate to dangerous and deadly levels until the American People stand up and say “NO” to Murder for Profit……

Okalahoma Dentist Charged With Infecting Thousands of Patients with Infectious Diseases.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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