Friday, March 29, 2013

Do Not Let The Dialysis Industry Become "Too Big To Fail"

The Dialysis Industry needs to fail as it currently exist, just like any other industry that does not meet the needs of its customers to the fullest extent, or who does not have the customer's best interest at heart.

Now is the time to STRIKE! and STOP Corporate Greed in its tracks.

There is a Resurgence of Activism in this country that has not been evident since the Great Generation of the 60's that created many of the Positive Social Changes that we are now the Fortunate Benefactors of.

As I write this to you, the Generation that is now taking the lead in this country has the potential to be even more powerful and create far more Positive Changes that will minimize and or eliminate much of the evil that we as a country are experiencing due to the Hatred, Greed and Dishonesty that many of us experience at the hands of Major Corporate and Political Entities; like the Dialysis Industry.

In the next 4 years, The Affordable Care Act; (Unaffectionately Known and Referred to by many whose job it is to protect these Evil Corporations as): "OBABACARE", President Obama's Signature Legislation, will begin to take hold and eliminate some of the Fraud, Greed and Dishonesty that is now practiced with Impunity on a daily basis by the Dialysis Industry and far too many other Medical Corporations.

One of the main complaints that I and other Pro-Active Dialysis Patients who are suffering as a result of End Stage Renal Failure have with the Dialysis Industry is their propensity towards practicing Dishonesty In Medical Treatments by creating or escalating pain, fear and suffering to facilitate the Very Profitable, Unnecessary Excesses In Medical Treatments for "Our Benefit", which in reality only serve to unnecessarily destroy the Quality and Quantity of thousands of patient's lives in the U.S. and around the globe for the purpose of Maximimizing Profits.

One way to verify and validate these charges of FRAUD against this industry will come from the Activism of Pro-Active Dialysis Patients such as the ones that I am trying to reach with these writings.

In addition-President Obama's Affordable Care Act in conjunction with the Activism of Pro-Active Dialysis Patients will force this industry to reduce the frequency and severity of these incidents of MEDICAL FRAUD that unnecessarily destroy patient's lives and freedoms.

You see! If you've ever been held on a machine against your will When you are severely sick to your stomach, cramping or passing out, and you were told that "We cannot stop your treatment until it is done", or if you have been forced to take drugs that create negative side effects that are worse than the conditions that they are supposed to correct, and you were told by diaysis staff that "you Must continue to take these drugs anyway", then you know that these are the dangerous and painful excesses that I am talking about.

I'll share with you an Industry Secret that you may not know: If you want to see all of these Inhumane Excesses that the Dialysis Industry Inflicts upon its patients "For Their Own Good", (because they love us all so much) STOP!-Watch how quick these Unnecessary Excesses stop when they stop getting paid to impose them on people who are already sick, fearful and suffering as a result of the disease itself.

Because, all of the Unnecessary Excesses that this industry inflicts upon its patients that do not contribute to their Quality or Quantity of life has nothing to do with their Quality or Quantity of Life.

But they do have everything to do with "Padding The Bill" to your insurance company for the purpose of squeezing every penny out of your disease possible to your detriment, under the guise of "Required Medical Treatments".

Now I know what the "Compliant/Submissive Patients" may think about the idea of destroying the Dialysis Industry-"If we destoy the Dialysis Industry, we will die because no one will be left to treat us."

Not So!

What will happen is that the Dialysis Corporations who fail to "Change" with the new demands of Honesty, Fairness and Consideration for patients in treatment will go out of business; to be replaced by those who will.

Not only that, if you destroy some of the Dishonest Corporate Giants who are currently practicing the brand of "Medicine" that completely ignores the Hypocratic Oath whose first tenent of Medical Treatment is to "First Do No Harm";then this will leave room for many of the Indepnedent Dialysis Companies who offer more Individualized, Patient Oriented, rather than Profit Oriented approaches to Dialysis Treatments; who are now being crushed by these Evil Corporate Giants.

But trust me, the Major Corporations will never let that happen, because their Profits are more important to them than life itself.

Certainly there profits are more important to them than our lives.

So when, (Not If), we as Pro-Active Dialysis Patients start caring enough for ourselves and for one another, that we are driven to unite and let the world know about the fact that thousands of our Fellow Dialysis Patients are suffering in silence everyday needlessly, because of Greed, Hatred, Contempt and a total lack of concern for the people whose blood earns them millions; then and only then, will the Dialysis Industry be forced to treat their patients with genuine respect and concern as opposed to just a Human Profit Center, under the guise of "Good Medicine".

Let's not make the mistake of letting the Dialysis Industry become "TOO BIG TO FAIL".

They are already close to this point. This is why they are able to unnecessarily Poison, Mutulate and Kill Sick People by the thousands with Impunity; for Profit......

DaVita retreats after fiscal cliff deal cuts dialysis payments

If your wondering what YOU Alone can do to make things better for yourself and millions of other Dialysis Patients-The answer is NOTHING!

However! Together we can achieve this and more, including putting a stop to the suppression of cures by Greedy Medical Corporations who would rather Profit from people's Pain, Suffering and Sickness, rather than people's Wellness.

You Can Start Right Here-Right Now!

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