Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday’s (Pro-Active Dialysis Patient’s) Food For Thought

Walmart Learns A Tough Lesson!|mod&par=xfinity

It doesn't matter how big or powerful the corporation is, when "The People" speak up and speak out in mass, they have no other choice but to listen.

Their profits, (which is as precious as life itself to them), depends on it.

Watch the Current TV Documentary: Walmart-The High Cost of Low Prices.......

This is the message that we; the dialysis patients who are considered non-compliant by a corrupt and greedy industry, are trying to impart to our other brothers and sisters who are suffering with us as a result of Kidney Failure and the Thoughtless and Greed Centered Way that it is treated by the Dialysis Industry.

Together we can bring about a change in this industry while we Pro-Actively Advocate for Currently Suppressed Cures to be released from the Lab Trials Stage to the Human Clinical Trials Stage where they are killed to Protect Industry Profits.

We invite all Serious Minded Dialysis Patients who are willing to fight for cures and justice for all dialysis patients to join us, and we respectfully request that those who do not move aside and let those who do fight for Freedom, Justice and Cures.

Thank you,

Greg Coleman The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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