Friday, April 12, 2013

Who’s Watching Out For The Dialysis Patient?

If you or someone you love has been on dialysis for more than a year and you have not asked yourself this question; then you have been Successfully Indoctrinated by the Dialysis Industry without even being aware of it.

And get this!

This industry’s Indoctrination Process is so Systematized, Devious and Inconspicuous , that only a few who either naturally think “Outside The Box” or those who have trained themselves to do so, would recognize its existence.

The ever increasing “Need For Greed” inside this industry is cleverly hidden behind smiles, handshakes and sometimes hugs-As well as Deceptive Practices designed to Indoctrinate your family members as well, so that if any type of dispute should occur where the patient finds it necessary to challenge center staff or the dialysis company itself, they can effectively convince the patient’s family members that the problem is the patient’s fault instead of the center’s or the particular staff member or members that the patient is having a problem with.

The Predesigned End Result of this Tactic is to turn your own family against you for their benefit, by using lies to convince your family that everything they are trying to do for you is to get and keep you healthy and to save your life, and that they must help to control you so that they can effectively do their jobs.

Now this is not to say that there are not sincere, genuine people who truly do care about their patients while also caring about their jobs and the company that employs them.

To imply that this is the case would not be fair or true.

But I can honestly tell you this:

I’ve been on dialysis for 11 years now, and I have been blessed to have come into contact with about 8 such people employed by this industry.

However, most of these employees are usually harassed, disrespected threatened and told that they must change who they are and start putting the company and its oppressive rules first or risk being forced out as a result of a Hostile Work Environment, (which is illegal in America and has been for quite some time now).

Hostile Work Environments Are "Illegal" In America.

So I ask again: Who is taking care of the dialysis patient from the beginning to the middle and at the end?

Is it the nephrologist that first informed you of the fact that your kidneys are failing or have failed, and that you need to go on dialysis? Maybe! But the number of incidents where nephrologist hae been caught rushing patients on dialysis before they actually needed to be has been increasing.

Furthermore, consider this: The doctors who are “Practicing Nephrology” in the hospital are also the doctors who own the dialysis centers.

This allowable arrangement is a built in incentive to feed patients into the system as much as and as soon as possible.

Do you trust this?

What about the people who drive you to the center?

Of course there are some good conscientious people who do transport patients to the center and treat them with dignity, courtesy and self-respect as a human being; (one of them happens to be my nephew), and we as a family would not have it any other way.

However, I have seen far too many incidents where the drivers were yelling and screaming at patients because they were too sick to get on or off the van and needed help.

There has been far too many times when I myself were sick before or after a treatment, and I and other patients had to help these sick and elderly patients on or off the van because the drivers would not.

And these type of people in this industry, never seem to lose their jobs.

What about Clinical Staff?

I think I adequately addressed them above.

What about all of the “Patient Advocacy Groups”?

They all serve a legitimate purpose for patients who have been successfully indoctrinated and graciously labeled by this industry as “Compliant”.

But these so called “Advocacy Groups are actually Co-Conspirators with the mission of the dialysis industry which is to keep you sick and in need of their services, and to indoctrinate you to the point where you cannot even think, dream or work towards a cure for End Stage Renal Disease.<> How about lawyers?

If you die in one of these Corporate Prisons of negligence that can be legally proven-Leave your family a note to call them after your dead.

And by the way, there is no such thing in America as a Civil Rights Attorney who will defend the rights of dialysis patients whose rights have been violated, which is something that happens to thousands if not millions of patients on a daily basis.

What about the President?

Where do you think dialysis patients rank on his to do list?

If you will just tune into the evening news, you will see and hear all of the things that he has on his plate.

And nowhere on that list will you find a CURE for Kidney Failure Patients or Reforming the dialysis industry to stop it from Legally Enslaving Human Beings on a Massive Scale for PROFITS, even if it kills, mutilates or renders them useless to anyone including themselves, because of the Unnecessary Excesses that they are legally allowed to inflict upon them in the United States of America-A Free Country.

To make a long story short:

Everybody in the dialysis industry and its related industries are in the business of keeping you sick so that you will keep the Cycle of Profits going until the day that you die; by maximizing profits with unnecessary excesses of pharmaceuticals, surgeries and consultations that may not be necessary for your quantity or quality of life, but which they inflict upon patients for profits.

And since it has worked so well for the last 40 years, they have perfected these Evil Tactics and now call them a SYSTEM.

However, This "SYSTEM'S" Primary Objective is not the dialysis patient's quality and quantity of life-It is for the Maximization of Profits, or as I refer to it: GREED.......

So Who’s Watching Out For The Dialysis Patient?

If you are not looking out for you-


If you are wondering what YOU Alone can do to make things better for yourself and millions of other Dialysis Patients-The answer is NOTHING!

However! Together we can achieve this and more, including putting a stop to the suppression of cures by Greedy Medical Corporations who would rather Profit from people's Pain, Suffering and Sickness, rather than people's Wellness.

You Can Start Right Here-Right Now!

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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