Saturday, April 20, 2013

There’s A Thin Line Between The Truth And A Lie

But the best lies are the ones that combine some truth with the lies, especially if you’ve made the formulas for analysis so complicated and variable that you are the only ones who can understand the formulas.

If we as dialysis patients are going to have any chance of being cured, then we must shift from their Negative Paradigms to our Positive Paradigms.

If you need a dramatic example of this; consider the following statement:

“Man will never walk on the moon.”

Case in point:

We as Kidney Failure Patients have a Chronic Disease for which there is “No Cure”, according to the Dialysis Industry and the Mainstream Medical Community.

However, if you are a Pro-Active Dialysis Patient who believes that a cure is possible, or if you at least have a strong internalized desire to be cured, then you need to decode this “Half Truth” from a Statement of Hopelessness into a Statement of Hope, by changing this Profitable Industry Paradigm by looking at it this way:

We as Kidney Failure Patients have a Chronic Disease for which there is “No Known Cure”, or “Acceptable Cure”, as far as the Dialysis Industry and the Mainstream Medical Community is concerned.

This viewpoint gives you options that extend far beyond the limited parameters of the dialysis industry, and eases at least some of the burden of being dependent upon strangers who obtain their Bread & Butter from the fact that you are sick as opposed to you being well.

You see this is a statement of hope.

And if you do not have hope, life is very difficult if not impossible to keep doing-especially with a chronic illness like kidney failure.

However, this industry does not want us to have the God Given Right to not just HOPE, but to Seek, Advocate and Fight for a cure to save our lives, because there is no profit in our wellness, only in our sickness. We as Kidney Failure Patients have a Chronic Disease that requires the Medical Expertise of this Specialized Medical Industry to sustain life.

It is true, that we need (SOME) of their products and services to sustain life.

However, to what degree?

Are you absolutely sure that each and every painful and debilitating act that they carry out against your body is being done for your benefit?

Or are they just repeating the same Antiquated Practices, Procedures and Polices from the Dark Ages because they are profitable and because no one is challenging them?

I assure you that the latter is the truth.

It’s the same old adage that states” “If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”.

However, the dialysis industry is broke and in need of serious repair.

Oh it’s working just fine for them.

But as a Pro-Active Dialysis Patient focusing on a cure and life beyond dialysis; do you think this industry is serving your personalized and individual needs?

If you answered yes, then this message is not for you.

If you are a “Compliant” patient who has given into their hopelessness, which allows them to do whatever they want to do to your body whenever they want to do it without question, causing Severe Irreparable Damage, then the answer is yes.

But if you are not, and you find that you are having excessive problems with your dialysis center because you can see, hear, smell and taste a cure on the horizon; (which would result in a Permanent Solution to your Excessive Pain and Suffering) ; and you are trying to Protect and Preserve your body to the Fullest Extent Possible until that day arrives, then you have got to understand that the reason for your troubles is that the Dialysis Industry is Diametrically Opposed to your Hopes, Dreams, Goals, Freedom of Choice and your Desires for your life.

They would like nothing more than for you to sit quietly while they Poison, Mutilate and Slowly Kill you so they can continue to PROFIT as a result of your Pain and Suffering.

The only people who can do this are the people who have allowed them to take complete control of their Bodies, Minds and Souls because they feel Helpless and Hopeless; which is what their Indoctrination Process is designed to do.

How do you feel about your future?

If you see a future beyond endless dialysis treatments and a lifetime of anti-rejection transplant drugs, then do one small thing to contribute to the Movement to Cure Kidney Failure.

Please do your part to put an end to the pain and suffering of yourself and others by signing this petition…....

Thank you,

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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