Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sanbernardino Police Nearly Beats Man To Death

Well! The Police State of America's Para Military Soldiers have once again violated the Constitutional Rights of a suspect; (after he is in custody).

Francis Pusok, 30, a suspect in an identity theft case, in Sanbernardino, CA, who also abandoned his car during the pursuit and stole a horse to continue the pursuit, was obviously breaking the law.

However, like so many other suspects before him-breaking the law is not a simple justification for Law Enforcement Officers with a Gang Mentality to appoint themselves Judge, Jury and Executioner once a suspect is apprehended and clearly no longer a threat to anyone including the policeman who are beating their asses.

Like all other American Ideals, the right to a speedy and fair trial is not really a right.

Just like "Justice, Freedom and Equality for All"; our rights under what is supposed to be a System of Justice as a suspect or prisoner are just words on a piece of paper that we as a country are still struggling, (against some very dark and evil forces), to make a reality.

This, and all other Video Evidence prior to this incident has clearly demonstrated the fact that Justice is no where to be found when these people, (who are basically just Murderers with a badge), are just that-Murders with a badge caught on tape being themselves.

The things that are now a matter of public record, because of Civic Minded Individuals with the Latest Technological Gadgets who are willing to put themselves at risk to document these incidents are just documenting facts that people in African American Communities and in other Minority Communities have been trying to tell the American People for far too long; while other Americans who have not and are not likely to experience this type of violence at that hands of what they refer to as "Officers of the Law", could not, or would not comprehend these reports as being true.

And what is so frightening about these incidents is that they will continue to escalate in frequency and degree until we as a nation decide that we have had enough. And also, the fact that the Police Departments involved in these Violent Incidents that are captured by devices capable of producing Very High Definition Video and Audio Recordings, are telling us that we do not see what we saw. And they are also telling the (Non Independent Prosecutors) in these cases that what they are seeing is not real and that their are incidents and circumstances prior to the start of the recordings that justifies beating someone to death who is either already in custody and under control or in the process of surrendering.

As a result, far too many of these Murder Cases are being dismissed.

And another "New Phenomenon", which is nothing new to many of us who are Minorities in America is the fact that its not just "Officers of the Law" who are getting away with Murder, but also Vigilante Hunters who just want to kill someone whom they deem to be an animal whose life does not matter; are also killing people unnecessarily and getting away with it.

We all know Instinctively or Intellectually or both, that these incidents have got to stop because, as long as they continue, none of us are safe.

And this includes not only the people who have broken the law and are entitled to a Fair Trial; but also innocent people who are just going about their daily lives trying to survive and take care of their families. This dark reality is also dangerous for the many Officers of the Law who are Good, Decent and Honest Men and Woman who go out in the streets everyday across America who put their lives on the line to Protect and Serve.

But we also know Instinctively or Intellectually or both, that nothing bad stops or changes for the better without us united in the fight to do so.

So with that in mind, what are WE going to do?

I hope the answer is: everything that we can safely and effectively do together as a nation.

Because WE must stop it, before it stops us.


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