Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dear Mr. Surgeon General

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Stop Giving Dialysis Corporations Unlimited Powers Over Sick People.

When is someone with authority going to do something about the Dialysis Industry?

This industry is heavily regulated when it comes to Technical Issues but is totally unregulated when it comes to the Humanity and the Individual Needs of patients.

This industry and too many people who control it and work in it are not focused on the Quality of Life or the Quantity of Life of patients. Instead, they use numbers against the patients with the blessings of the Federal Government in order to Maximize Profits for the Corporations as opposed to balancing this Greed with a Genuine Concern for Patients and not just Profits.

The Dialysis Industry is in need of some Serious Reforms that will stop it from treating patients like Numbers, Statistics and Human Cattle instead of people who are suffering from a very painful and deadly disease.

End Stage Renal Failure is not a SPORT to see who can Maintain Perfect Body Chemistry that even Normal Healthy People who are not sick are not able to do.

And then being Tormented, Punished and Threatened with Complete Termination of Life Sustaining Treatments because they don't measure up and therefore do not generate Massive Profits for the Centers and the Corporations that owns and operates them.

We are Human Beings that are forced to suffer in silence every day, because the industry that is responsible for treating us is more interested in Stats than the Human Beings who are ill.

These Deplorable Conditions within this industry must be changed and changed real soon.

In addition, all Currently Suppressed Potential Cures that are being suppressed to Protect Profits need to be released immediately for Human Clinical Trials; to give those of us who suffer from End Stage Renal Failure a decent chance of getting back our lives and finally ending the Vicious Cycle of Pain,Fear, Suffering and Abuse.

When is someone with authority going to take the cover off of the Deplorable Conditions that exist within the Dialysis Industry?

That is my question.

Let's see if we can get some answers from "America's Top Doctor".

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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