Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5 Steps To Finding A CURE For End Stage Renal Failure

1. Unite with others who are seeking and working for the same things that you are.

2. Sign the petition below so that we can get attention of the people who have the power to help facilitate CURES for this very painful and deadly disease.

Because after all, if you as a Dialysis Patient do not care about yourself, then why should anybody else who is not sick care about you unless you demand their attention and make it important that they respond?


3. Commit to Your Health and Success as opposed to Your Sickness and Failure.

4. Sign Up to this blog by commenting on this or other posts so that we can stay in touch and share anything that we may discover that will increase the possibility of our CURES becoming a reality.

5. Work like your life depends on it! Because it really does.......

Will this CURE be found quickly?

No! I'm not promising that it will be quick.

Will this CURE be found easily?

No! Anything worth having in life usually does not come easy.

Will these 5 steps guarantee that you will experience a CURE in your lifetime?

No they won't!

But I guarantee you this:

If you do nothing, the Dialysis Industry will be more than happy to have you as a customer for life and you will have absolutely no chance what so ever, of regaining your Health, Happiness and Freedom as a result of finding a CURE for End Stage Renal Failure.

It may not be quick or easy, but a life without pain and suffering is surely worth it!

Don't you think?

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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