Friday, May 24, 2013

The Evil Nature Of The Dialysis Industry

What view of the dialysis industry do you hold?

Do you think that this industry’s Primary Purpose for existing is to provide “Compassionate Individualized Medical Treatments” to people who have kidney failure?

If so, then you are wrong.

Just because you may not reach into your pockets and pay these centers directly for the products and services that you need to keep you alive, trust me!

Every time you receive a treatment, a surgery, a pharmaceutical or a consultation, or even if you wind up in the hospital and you contact your dialysis center to let them know that you are there; money changes hands mostly electronically, and less frequently as hard currencies.

This is the reason that they are so insistent, (with the assistance and blessings of your government)-CMMS; or your private insurer (if you are fortunate enough to have those kinds of resources), that you contact them immediately upon entering the hospital, a dentist’s office or even if you are having a surgery or procedure that has absolutely nothing to do with dialysis. It’s because once you contact them the meter starts running.

The dialysis industry is comprised of corporations with board members and stock holders whose Primary Purpose for being involved in this business, (yes this is a business-A BIG BUSINESS),is to create profits and distribute the dividends to the shareholders.

So in essence, the primary purpose of a dialysis company is to “Maximize” its Profits.

Since profit is the main purpose for the dialysis industry’s existence, sometimes Patient Safety, Patient Comfort and Patient Quality Of Life are just not that important in the scheme of things; which in far too many cases leads to detrimental or tragic results for patients.

Your illness is just a means to an end, (that end being profit).

And your health safety, comfort and victory over End Stage Renal Failure as a result of a cure, is not the reason these people do what they do.

Later in part 3, I will prove this point to you.

Another fallacy that many patients believe-is the fallacy that this industry is generally kind in nature. Once again, this fallacy is generated as a result of MASSIVE PR Campaigns, Fear, and Ignorance or of being hyper sensitive to this industry’s Indoctrination Process.

Yes! There are some very nice people who work in this industry; (I’ve met about 8 in a span of 11 years), but many of them get terminated for not keeping within the spirit of the corporation that runs the dialysis center where they work.

In other words, they are just not greedy or heartless enough to keep the profits up at any and all costs to the patients.

And due to Compartmentalization and Intensive Training by the Corporations that own these centers, some very nice people falsely believe that everything that their superiors tell them to do to their patients is what is absolutely best for them.

Those of us who are involved in the fight to reform the dialysis industry know that this is not true.

The dialysis industry uses certain formulas to Maximize Profits-sometimes to the detriment of their patients.

You see!

The bottom line for this industry is PROFIT.

Your health and wellbeing are just a small part of the Big Picture.

And because there are very few, (if any), Political, Social or Legal Organizations advocating for Stricter Regulations and Penalties for this industry’s abuses of patient’s rights; the dialysis industry is free to continue to put profits before patients.

In addition to Excessive Profits; this industry is also fueled by a deep dark intense desire for control and dominance over human beings who are already being controlled and dominated by their illness.

And they take full advantage of us because we are sick and because “There is no cure for kidney failure”, which gives them the leverage they need to mistreat, abuse, mutilate and kill people who they cannot control, (Non-Compliant), with impunity.

This Dark Reality within the dialysis industry makes it a breeding ground for Sick, Sadistic and Power Hungry Individuals who take pleasure in abusing human beings who are already sick just because they can.

Of course there is also an element of GREED at play here, which contributes to the sadistic behaviors of far too many people who own control and work in this industry, since very little of what this industry does is about what is best for the patient based on his own personal standards preferences and needs.

Their actions are based on their own set of rules, regulations policies and procedures that have nothing to do with your quantity, (and more importantly), your quality of life.

And with this industry enticing its employees with vacations, gifts and other incentives for forcing or manipulating patients into doing what the corporation wants them to do, (many times against the patient’s will), in addition to the incentives that the Centers For Medicare and Medicaid offers these companies for obtaining Unobtainable Perfect Lab Numbers all the time by any means necessary, even if it hurts the patient or makes them sick, then you may be beginning to see what you are up against if you are a dialysis patient who refuses to blindly accept any and everything that the people who control this industry wants to impose upon you.

Not because it is what you want or do not want for your body, or because it is better for you, but because it generates bigger profits for them.

This is not Compassionate, Individualized Medical Treatment…….

This is Evil!

In the next installment we will discuss the definition of “Non-Compliance” from a Clinical Perspective and then from a Human Patient’s perspective.

Attention Dialysis Patients: If you don't like what you see, feel or are experiencing at the hands of this Greedy Corporate Entity, please do your part to alert the "Powers That Be" to the fact that there is a serious problem with this industry, and how it treats its Cattle, (Patients). If you are a dialysis patient or the loved one of a dialysis patient, you are part of one of the most profitable rackets in the U.S. Only thing is, you don't profit or benefit.....They do!

Please Sign The Petition So We Can Start To Make Things Better For Dialysis Patients.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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