Sunday, May 12, 2013

Are You Non-Compliant Or Disruptive? Part 1 Of 4



These are 2 words that are highly popular within the dialysis industry, because it’s these 2 words that they use as Methods of Enslavement and the basis for the Death Panels formed against patients who can think for themselves, make decisions for themselves and demand that the people who work in this industry respect the very personal decisions that they make regarding what they want and do not want done to their bodies; in other words: They listen for the “Dialysis Industry Experts” to give their opinions, analysis and suggestions, and then these patients demand that they be given the final word on how they want to deal with their health, life and their death.

These 2 very vague and very broad terms are used to justify harassment, threats, abuse, (sometimes physical), using the very apparatus that they are supposed to be using to help people)-yes! the dialysis machine; against the people who refuse to allow this industry to assume total control over their bodies, minds and spirits.

These desires to control one’s own destiny as far as their life and health is concerned is also used by an industry that claims it is in business to save lives, to terminate those lifesaving treatments because a patient does not fully agree with everything that the doctor orders for their body.

Now the reason that I am so passionate about the way this industry classifies and treats these patients, (who are usually the ones who refuse to be brainwashed into total helplessness, hopelessness and who refuse to give up the faith that one day soon, they will be free from this Corporatized Medical Plantation as a result of a cure, is exactly the type of patient that I can relate to.

But before you can clearly understand how these 2 words are used and why they are used, you must first understand the “True Nature of the Dialysis Industry”.

But first you must forget the handshakes.

Forget the smiles.

Forget the hugs. And forget all the advertisements that are constantly thrown at your Unconscious Mind, featuring dialysis patients who are smiling so brightly that they appear as if they are so very thankful that their kidneys failed and that they are now forced into a position that requires a machine to keep them alive-within and industry whose Principles and Practices are suspicious to say the least.

As a matter of fact, forget everything that you have been or are being told about the virtues of the dialysis industry. If you are a member of the audience that I am attempting to reach; (Pro-Active Dialysis Patients), who believe so strongly that a cure for End Stage Renal Failure is possible that they are willing to search, work, fight and advocate for it, then you have already forgotten everything that you have been told or are being told by this industry.

Because after all! They spend millions of dollars to take this hope, dream and inspiration away from you-Not because they are fearful that this is a false hope that will lead you down a path of death and destruction, (they know that a cure is Technologically, Scientifically and Medically Possible); this is why they fight so hard to keep you from thinking, hoping and dreaming about the fact that it is.

They do this so you won’t look for one or expect it, thereby forcing you to look to them as your only options-your Lord and Savior.

But the fact of the matter is: there are people who are working on cracking the code to this disease as we speak. But there is a Constant, Vigorous, and Systematic Propaganda Campaign always in effect that keeps these efforts from reaching the General Public where they may give patients like us hope.

Only those who have enough motivation drive and ambition to do research on their own instead of listening to the people whose greatest fear is that one day you may not need them anymore.

Very little, (if any), of these efforts to find a cure for Kidney Failure can be found in the Mainstream Medical Community.

Most Mainstream Kidney Research is designed to keep people on dialysis by making easier for them to be on it-Not to get them off.


Because everybody in the Mainstream Medical Community PROFITS from our pain and suffering.

So where’s the motivation to see you get better?

There is none!

So how can we harness the power of the research that is going on in the Research Communities around the world?

By calling attention to the Deplorable Conditions that exist within the Dialysis Industry and their constant efforts to suppress the work of those who are trying to produce a cure to put an end to our pain and suffering.

And the key to doing this is knowledge that you, yourself find on your own and internalize.

But as I said in the beginning, in order to do these things, one must know the “True Nature of the Dialysis Industry”, which is what we will discuss in the next installment.

Attention Dialysis Patients: If you don't like what you see, feel or are experiencing at the hands of this Greedy Corporate Entity, please do your part to alert the "Powers That Be" to the fact that there is a problem with this industry, and how it treats its Cattle, (Patients). If you are a dialysis patient, you are part of one of the most profitable rackets in the U.S. Only thing is, you don't profit or benefit.....They do!

Stop The Madness!

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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