Sunday, December 4, 2016

Where, Who And How Do You File A Complaint About Dialysis Patient Problems?

The fact of the matter is, that there are not enough Agencies, Politicians, Attorneys or Government Officials who will give an ear to a single dialysis patient's complaints about their Treatments, Unnecessary Risks Taken By Dialysis Staff Members, Gross Disrespect or Abuse as Personal Vendettas - conditions that are far more common than those living on the outside of this illness would ever believe.

Here Are Some Resources For You.

Try them keeping in mind that they are all in it together, because they are all profiting from our pain and suffering together.

And as I have said previously; (and as I will continue to say like a broken record, until enough of us learn this lesson) - the reason that these people don't care about your Issues, Problems or Concerns is that they don't have to; because enough of us don't get together, Organize and Unite to fight this Greedy, Corrupt, Hateful and Inhumane (For Profit Industry).

But the Ugly Reality of this industry and how it operates and what drives it, and the lack of people who are willing to step in and help us should not be an excuse for us to just sit back on our assess and be led like Sheeps to the slaughter. Neither should we sit back and watch these Horrible Atrocities happen to our fellow patients either.

And if you are of the state of mind that allows you to say, "I've never had any of these things happen to me". And if you don't give a damn about the fact that it happens to others on a daily basis, then I am definitely not talking to you.

What happens in Dialysis Centers across this country and around the world are not just Isolated Incidents. There is a definite Systemic Problem with the way that these companies are allowed to conduct themselves and the way that people who are supposed to protect us as Human Beings and American Citizens turn a Deaf Ear and Blind Eyes to their commitments and responsibilities

Because just like every damn thing else in this world, how you are treated as a dialysis patient depends on many factors such as,Your Neighborhood, Center Staff, Center Management, Center Culture, (which is Dialysis Industry Culture for the most part), how Greedy or not Greedy Center Management is, your Economic Status, Color of your Skin, Level of Intelligence and quite frankly your Ability or Inability to Kick Ass when it becomes necessary to do so to protect yourself from Unwanted Violations of your Human Rights, Constitutional Rights, Patient's Rights and forced attacks against your body.

You see! in the Dialysis Industry, there are far too many people telling you what they are going to do to your body as opposed to asking for your opinion and consent.

Now there are many who work in this industry; (who are not dialysis Patients, and have no idea about what it means to be one), who would say, "well if you don't want us to treat you, then why are you here?".

Trust me!

What I say is not something that I studied in a bunch of books to get a bunch of letters placed after my name, nor is it something that I've only heard about and not seen, witnessed or experienced during my time as a dialysis patient; No! This is shit that I actually had to live through and that to one degree or another still have to go through.

So that statement about "Why are you here?", is something that I have heard time and time again; because I refused to accept their "Total Package", because I did not feel that everything included in that package was right for my Lifestyle, Freedom or my Body. And did I mention just because I am sick, does not mean that I don't still live in America?

What's left of it.

Let me tell you a very well kept secret about the Dialysis Industry, (in case you don't already know as a patient).

Not everything that they do, sell or recommend is necessary for your quality of quantity of life.

Far too many times I have witnessed and experienced the hard sell for Pharmaceuticals, Unnecessary Surgeries and Numerous Consultations with "Experts" that have nothing to do with Kidney Failure.

A lot of these excesses are forced upon patients mostly because of a lack of knowledge, human pain and suffering and fear; for the purposes of Maximizing Profits.

And they do these Dirty Evil Deeds to Patients because they can.

And the reason they can is because too many of the people in this country whose job it is supposed to be to protect us are on their payroll.

So combine that with Patient Apathy and Patient's Family's Ignorance and Apathy and what you have is a Racket that can be scaled up to ridiculously high levels of profits to the detriment of thousands if not millions of patients around the globe, even causing death in some situations because of an imbalanced focus on Profits instead of Patients.

Don't forget that many of these local dialysis centers are run by Mega Corporations with Billionaire Investors like Warren Buffet whose reach is not only in the USA, but Global.

And they continue to commit crimes against humanity in the name of "Saving Lives".

And this attitude towards other Human Beings as Inventory who have already been attacked once by a very painful, deadly and life shortening disease is being attacked again by the industry whose responsibility it is to treat it.

So we're being punished twice for being sick?

If you don't care about these deplorable conditions that we as dialysis patients by the thousands have to face in this country and around the world at the hands of Greedy, Evil, Vicious, Treacherous and Deceitful People; then you probably didn't read this far anyway.

But if you did read this far, and you want to fight for much needed reforms to this industry, and you want to stop the Deliberate Suppression of Potential Cures from making it to market, then you need to be here working together with us.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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