Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Corruption,Greed & Dialysis Fit Together Like Hand In Glove

DaVita's Massive Medicare Fraud

DaVita Fined Again!-No one has been put in jail

And do you know what's so sad about this victory for the Doctor and Nurse who exposed this fraud to the Government and the Public?

Its that the Department of Justice of the United States of America refused to Prosecute this case in spite of all the evidence and proof that was available along with 2 living witnesses to these crimes.

However, the same Government that refused to Prosecute this case, is now going to reclaim the money they lost as a result of these thefts that the American People had to pay for; from the settlement that was won by the Claimants in the case, (the Doctor and Nurse who had enough respect, dignity and honesty to not want to see this crime continue at the Tax Payer's Expense.

But no one has gone to jail.

Proving once again that Conspiracy is not a Theory.

It is a fact.

And if you are currently on dialysis you need to know that you are not considered to be a Human Being.

You are inventory.

And this Corruption, Greed and Deception are endangering your Quality and Quantity of Life.

They are more concerned with how long you live, (as long as they are making money off of you), but they have very little concern for all of the excesses and sometimes unnecessary extremes that they will go to to Maximize their Profits to the Detriment of Patients.

This cannot be allowed to continue in the United States of America.

Please do your part to STOP it.

You Can Start By Signing The Petition At The Link Below.

Stop Dialysis Patient Death And Mutilation For Profits.

Due to circumstance beyond my control; please note the time changes.

Tomorrow's Podcast will began at: 6:00 PM and end at 7:00 PM EST.

The listener call in number is: (646) 668-2721.

Click the link below for the original announcement.

The Dangerous Flaws Of The Dialysis Industry

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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