Saturday, March 1, 2014

Attention: All Dialysis Patients Who Have Decided To Suffer In Silence Out Of Fear


I realize what's at stake here.

It's your life!

I also understand that instilling intense fear is part of everyone's training who works for the Dialysis Industry and their primary function is to instill that deep fear in you so that they can keep you in check and under control as to prevent patients from steering up any trouble at your center or when you meet with you Care Plan Team once a month if you are on Home Dialysis.

It is also designed to prevent you from infecting other dialysis patients with hope of a cure

Because they know that hope can be infectious.

They also rely on the fact that pain, fear, helplessness and hopelessness is infectious also, and more supportive of their profit motives.

If one million dialysis patients all got together and began to organize, advocate and develop a system of faith that puts excessive pressure on the research community and the mainstream medical community to stop suppressing cures for profits and to release potential cures for End Stage Renal Failure for Human Clinical Trials-What would that do to their business?

It would reduce or eliminate the need for their products and services which means that they would most likely go out of business.

So keeping you helpless, hopeless, in pain and sick is definitely advantageous to their cause, which is to maximize profits by making sure that you remain on Dialysis or on Anti Rejection Drugs for the rest of your natural life. But here's the thing: Is this how you really want to live whatever life that you have left-in pain, fear and silence?

I am not asking any one of you to do anything that I have not done myself, and I learned very quickly that when you start to ask questions and debate and question the lack of answers that most of these people offer to us as patients, (because they view us as stupid and unimportant beyond the amount of profits that they make off our sickness), they tend to get quite pissed.

I and many of the Pro-Active Dialysis Patients that I was associated with in those first 2 years of dialysis, were all ridiculed, attacked and even had their treatments sabotaged by the staff who did not like the fact that we were willing to speak up for ourselves by not letting an industry restrict this Constitutional Right just because we were sick.

I have even been told that if I spoke out against these people that they would set the machine on purpose, to make me and other patients who do so sick.

I have even been made sick after a debate with my dialysis staff before, as well as witnessing and documenting the many times when I saw my friends almost die as they were rushed out of the center 911, because they were sick and tired of people ordering drugs, surgeries and other things without explanation for their bodies against their will.

So no one knows better than me about the amount of fear for one's life that Pro-Active Dialysis Patients face by trying to fight against oppression before, after or during treatment.

However, I am also aware of the fact that until this group of Pro-Active Dialysis Patient began to speak out against the major injustices that they were facing as patients, nothing changed.

As a matter of fact, if it were not for this Activism on our parts we would not have gotten a law written in the State's Health Commission's policy and procedures manual that gave patients the right to stop their treatments early,

Prior to this new law being enacted in Maryland, these staff members were allowed to keep patients on the machine against their will, no matter how sick they were becoming as a result.

Before this law was enacted, I saw far too many patients passing out, vomiting, going to the bathroom on themselves, convulsing and in several cases, taken out in ambulances. And 2 that were taken out by ambulance after they begged the staff to take them off of the machine because they were getting severely ill, died: Janice and Mr. Monroe.

I have not, and never will forget witnessing this.

And I will never forget how immediately upon these 2 human beings death, the entire staff began a program of disinformation to try and tell us what we seen and did not see in order to make sure that they did not have to be held accountable for the negligence, that caused these people's deaths.

What I saw and experienced in my first 2 years of dialysis is what shaped me into being the person that I am today.

This industry is dangerous, greedy and corrupt and it is also very under-regulated, because of their ability to buy lawyers, judges, politicians and corporations.

So many of you who are reading this blog may be in fear of your life, and may not want to participate in this journey towards a cure that will set you free from this Corporate Concentration Camp as well as end your Pain, Suffering and Early Death.

So we are not asking you to risk your life by pitching a bitch at your center or with your dialysis staff, unless you know that they are trying to kill you which is a case where you should immediately demand that law enforcement report to the facility immediately.

After my 1st. year of dialysis, I kept a Cellphone on me when I went to treatment and used it several times when I was being held against my will on the machine or when I saw that they were deliberately putting my life in danger because they were made at me.

So this is why I set up this blog, so that people who want what I want, (Reform of the Dialysis Industry in favor of patients as opposed to just profits and to have all potential cures released for Human Trials).

That is what this blog is all about.

And if this is what you want too, then I urge you to start participating in the dialogue and adding your comments, opinions and suggestions here on this blog.

You don't even have to use your real name or location to participate,

You can just use an alias,

But of course, if you have bought into this industry's Systematic Programming, designed to make you a sacrificial lamb through helplessness, hopelessness and divine worship of the people who own and work in this industry, then unless and until your change these negative thought patterns that they are deliberately programming you to believe, then none of what I have been trying to say will make sense to you anyway.

But if you want a cure,and believe that their is strength in numbers, come join in the discussion and offer your comments, suggestions and activism toward the ultimate goal of having the cures that are currently being suppressed released,Please come and join us now by leaving your comments in response to these posts.

It would also be helpful if you simply sign the petition below so that it can be presented to those who have the power to change these deplorable conditions.

Attention Dialysis Patients: If you don't like what you see, feel or are experiencing at the hands of this Greedy Corporate Entity, please do your part to alert the "Powers That Be" to the fact that there is a serious problem with this industry, and how it treats its Cattle, (Patients).

If you are a dialysis patient or the loved one of a dialysis patient, you are part of one of the most profitable rackets in the U.S. Only thing is, you don't profit or benefit.....They do!

Click Here To Sign Our Petition.......

Thank you,

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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