Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mind Over Medicine-Please Check Your Local Listings.....

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably notice that I always speak of "Paradigm Changes".

The reason that I do so, is because I am a dialysis patient who has suffered for 11 years now with this very painful and debilitating disease known as "End Stage Renal Failure".

The very first word in the name of this disease is very disempowering and discouraging for anyone who is suffering from this disease or anyone who loves someone who is suffering from this disease.

This is one of many devices used by the industry that profits from our pain; and they have absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose by not continuing the paradigm of the "Incurable Disease".

You see! The only reason that these people will continue to insist that their is no cure for End Stage Renal Failure is because of the fact that if a cure becomes available, then they would be "Out Of Business".

However, I refuse to accept this hyperbolized claim because I want my life back.

And I hope that the people that I am currently reaching out to want the same things: freedom from drugs, no more repetitive access surgeries, no more passing out due to overtreatment, no more pain and no more premature death, along with what seems like millions of other adverse affects as a result of not just the disease, but because of the way that this industry views and treats it's patients and the treachery, deceit and greed that is prevalent throughout it.

So once again, I am asking all dialysis patients who want a cure who are currently reading this blog, to consider a "Paradigm Shift", that benefits them as patients and human beings and not for the Corporations who are getting extremely rich as a result of our pain and suffering by not just treating the disease with that which is require to sustain life, but also with uniformity and systematic processes that create significant profits at the expense of human beings who are already afraid, already in pain and already living in a very real nightmare as a result of it all.

To inspire you to dare to dream of the day that you are cured through the collective efforts of all dialysis patients who want a cure and who are willing to work, fight and advocate for one.

I ask that you tune in to the PBS Special entitled "Mind Over Medicine", which offers powerful scientific evidence that humans can indeed heal themselves.

This PBS Special is based on the book by NY Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Lissa Rankin, "Mind Over Medicine".

This is indeed a very important and much needed Paradigm Shift for Dialysis Patients and anyone else suffering from an "Incurable Disease".

So please tune in for knowledge, hope and inspiration for a brighter day for your life and the lives of millions of other who are suffering as a result of End Stage Renal Failure.

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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