Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Predicted This

I have always said to patient who were uninformed about the true nature of the dialysis industry that the multitude of things that are done for them, or should I say, (to them), is not because the love and care about the patients as Human Beings rather than just Profit Centers or Inventory.

I also have warned patients and anyone who would listen, about the connections between the so called "Dialysis Patient Advocacy Groups" whose profits are tied directly to the profits of the dialysis industry.

I have said time and time again, that people on dialysis will see just how much the dialysis industry loves them when "Obamacare" kicks in and starts trimming the fat from the excesses that do not help patients but that severely damages them for profit-Not just in the dialysis industry but in the new Profit Driven Medical Industry Period!

Well now the time has come and the National Kidney Foundation is looking at the possibility of a sharp drop in profits as a result of a sharp drop of profits of the dialysis industry.

And as a Smoke Screen to get patients upset, afraid and under control, they want patients to partition congress to not cut the Medicare Allocations to the Dialysis Industry.

Please read this "Dialysis Patient Advocacy Group's" Fear Mongering at the prospect of the U.S. Government's reductions in waste and fraud in an industry that is already imposing excesses on patients, not for their wellbeing, Quality of Life and Quantity of Life; but instead, only for the Maximization of Profits for the industry.

And their outrage is simply because as I have said a thousand times before, all of these companies and organizations profits are tied to the profits made by the dialysis industry.

Reduction in profits in the dialysis industry creates a Domino Effect for all of the related industries that profit as a result of our pain and suffering.

National Kidney Foundation Trying To Protect The Profits Of The Dialysis Industry, Instead of Protecting Patients....

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

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