Saturday, June 8, 2013


We interrupt this program to bring you an Earth Shattering Revelation that only serves to prove just how asleep at the wheel American Society truly is when it comes to things that should be common knowledge to them because of their importance, and the dramatic impact that these events in the U.S and around the world can have on their lives, their family’s lives and the conditions of their communities.


Where you been?

This is something that so called “Crazy Conspiracy Theorists” like me and others, (who those in power want the General Population to believe are crazy), because we report on things that the Government Controlled Media does not); have been trying to tell you this and other things for a very long time.

But because you didn’t see it on the evening news; you refused to believe that it was true-And now that you have, you are outraged.

Massive Outrage of the kind that is being witnessed around the U.S. now in reference to this “Earth Shattering Revelation” is Proof Positive that the majority of Americans are asleep at the wheel.

You See! A major portion of the Government’s Job is to protect itself from being overthrown by Domestic or Foreign Enemies.

As a natural result of this Self-Protection; it is necessary that the Government keep files, records, photos, recordings and journals on you, me, each other and everybody else.

This is a fact of life for anyone living under the rule of a Technically Proficient Government, which is pretty much most of the world now.

Note: And let’s not pretend that “The Black Guy” started it all, and is the only one who is doing this.

At least; the “Black Guy” got a Court Order to continue these Standard Government Practices.

But of course, there are those who have been completely aware of these practices all the while, but they are now going to make pretend, (for Political Showmanship), to be shocked and appalled by these new revelations.

It’s been a fact of life in this country ever since the Technology has been available to the Government.

Wake Up America!

Our survival depend on it……..

The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Conspiracy Is Not A Theory-It Is A Fact......

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